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Exercises to Build Muscle on Your Upper Body

Who says you can’t build muscle after turning forty? Sure, it’s going to be harder and your body probably won’t respond the way it did twenty years ago. However, with some time and grit, you can definitely put on some mass! If you haven’t got a gym membership, sign up for one. Get yourself into the gym and head for the weights! Here are some exercises that will help you build muscle on your upper body that focuses on fitness for men over 40.


Barbell bench press
The bench press is one of the well-loved classics – and for good reason! This movement will help you put some muscle on your chest. Start by getting on the bench and gripping the bar a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Arch your lower back off the bench, keeping your upper back firmly fixed to the bench. Lift the bar from the bench and move it up into position. Move it down slowly towards your chest, ensuring your elbows don’t flare out. Bring it down to touch your sternum and press it back up.


Dumbbell bench press
To hit those chest muscles from another angle, grab two dumbbells of a moderate weight. Hold one in each hand and lie back on the bench, ensuring that your palms are facing in the direction of your feet. Position your arms slightly wider than shoulder width and press upwards, but don’t lock your elbows. Lower them back down, controlling the movement.


Dumbbell flye
Get in the same position as you would for the dumbbell bench press. Instead of facing your palms to your feet, however, face your palms towards each other. Make sure that your elbows aren’t locked out and spread your arms outwards. You should feel a stretch in your chest. Then, contract your chest, using your pectoral muscles to pull the weights back inwards.


Incline dumbbell flye
To work your upper chest muscles a little bit more, try incline dumbbell flyes. Adjust your bench to a 45-degree angle. Hold your dumbbells, face your palms towards each other, then press your hands upwards. Spread your arms outwards from that position, ensuring that your elbows aren’t locked. Use your pectoral muscles to bring your arms back to the original position.

Incline dumbbell press
The incline dumbbell press is done on a 45-degree bench. It’s done in a similar manner to the normal dumbbell press. You’ll hold your dumbbells at shoulder level. Press them upwards until they are right above your stress. Again, avoid locking out your elbows. Lower them slowly back towards your chest.


Barbell overhead press
Want to build some mass on your shoulders? The overhead press will help you. Load a moderate weight on to a barbell placed on a squat rack. Grip the barbell slightly wider than the width of your shoulders, then lift it off the rack, using your chest for support. Push it up from shoulder level to the top, making sure to hold your core tight. Push your head forward at the top position. Lower the bar slowly, making sure to move your head out of the way.


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