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Country Heat Workout Review

Whip Lash

Whip Lash

Do you love country music? Would you like dance to it and get in a great workout? Of course you would and that is why Country Heat was created!  Please read below to learn what to expect, what is included, and how the workout is structured! You are going to love it!

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  • There is pretty much no chance you will see a video of me doing this workout LOL!! It could be pretty painful to watch me doing any dance moves whatsoever!


  • With that said I am still looking forward to Country Heat and doing a review on it.

This is out of my comfort zone for sure, but all the better to really get my body used to doing things is has not ever done. I think that is really where you change your body, not only physically, but mentally as well.

For me it would be getting lose and nailing some of those dance moves down, and of course mentally because I am sure I would fell a bit more confident knowing I would eventually get the moves down.

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Anyways… so what is Country Heat? A workout set to country music and country dance moves!

Watch the video below to see Autumn Calabrese and crew in action!

Country Heat Released Finally!

  • Country Heat should be release at the Beachbody Coach summit which is held July 28-31 this year. Be sure to sign up below to get a notice as soon as it is released. I might just give you a special bonus if you purchase it through me too 😉

What Is It & My Review

  • Fun, challenging for someone like me who doesn't really have “the moves”, but doable. The great thing is you are going to use all those core muscles that you have never used which really help tighten up and show off those abs! Below are the common questions people have been asking me non stop!
  • I really found myself getting pumped up because of the music and the moves. I have never really been a dancer, but when you feel that groove you know it feels right. So basically when doing this it is not a workout where you are really hurting and just want to get through it. You are having fun, breaking a sweat, burning calories, and bettering your health. It is a win win!

How Long Is The Workout

  • 30 Minutes A Day!

Do I Need To Know How To Dance?

  • It can help, but no you do not. I know I DON'T know how and will still give it a try!

Country-Heat-MusicWhat Type Of Music Do They Use?

  • Glad you asked…. here is a list

How Many Workouts Are Included?

  • As of now it comes with 5 dance workouts, 1 full body dance conditioning workout, quick start guide, calendar, and Autumns awesome fitness guide with her 7 piece portion control containers <<< they are very handy! Oh and a bonus line dance workout.

How Much Will It Cost?

  • As of now it is looking like it is going to be just under $60

Do I Need Equipment for Country Heat?

  • You need Shiny Steel Tipped boots! Ha, no you do not need any equipment for this workout.

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Here are some nice screen shots of the workout


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