Health Tips for Men Over 40 - Weight Loss, Staying in Shape

Health Tips for Men Over 40

Turning 40 is usually the time where you put your feet up, and consider your health more carefully compared to past activities. Many problems can arise from being in your 40’s, such as low testosterone levels, diabetes (which becomes pretty common), prostate issues, and the most extreme is cancer related illnesses. It all depends on how dedicated you are to a healthy diet, and to be proactive and your mental wellbeing, and health. We have 5 tips to help you stay healthy.


  • Exercising comes with a multitude of advantages, it gets rid of dangerous chemicals from your body from sweat, and boosts your metabolism which will help you digestive system. Aerobic exercises are great for stretching and keeping the right balance for your body, including weights will improve your muscle strength, and help burn any unwanted fat which is dangerous when you’re over 40. Make sure that you consult with a trainer first to get a schedule in place.


  • Diabetes is one of the most common issues men over 40 have, white flour, sugar, and other processed foods will increase your blood sugar levels, which not only invited diabetes but will also results in extra weight gain, which can result in more health problems.
  • Obesity is one of the main reasons for heart issues, and even strokes as it blacks the flow of blood and increases your sugar levels. Aim to eat food that contains fibre like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.



  • Everyone loves deep fried food, cookies, cake, and many other treats that deliver a great taste, but inside these treats contains extremely dangerous fats that can result to illness. Good sources of fat are found in olive oils, salmon, and cold water fish.


  • When you’re over 40 your body cannot consume as many nutrients as before, adding multivitamins is the best option to ensure a healthy body, consult with your doctor to see what’s best.

Weight Gain

  • Gaining extra weight regardless of your age will cause various health issues and some will be long term. A healthy weight should be maintained in your 40’s as it will help your body maintain a healthy ecosystem for many years to come.


There are various studies that prove that alcohol can help you past many heart diseases and the risk of death at a young age. The consumption of alcohol should be moderate as it can also lead to many health problems, starting from the liver to the kidney .



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