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Mens Fitness 101: Tips to Improve Bloating For Men Over 40

When it comes to muscle building, two aspects come into the mind of every fitness enthusiast: bulking and cutting. What’s the difference? To put it simply, bulking entails building muscle and keeping fat gains to a minimum while cutting is losing fat yet maintaining the muscles built. If you wish to achieve the perfect figure — that lean, toned body — then you have to be wary of these two important aspects of working out. Read on to learn more!

Should I build muscle or lose fat?

Before attempting anything, you need to ask yourself whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose fat. At this point, it is safe to assume that you may have body fat to lose and muscles to gain. If you care about building muscle but have a larger figure, the first thing to do is lose fat so that you can see a bit of definition. If you are already skinny or lean, however, then it may be best for you to prioritize building muscles. It would help if you incorporated both bulking and cutting in your workout routine to achieve your desired muscular figure.

Body Fat Percentage and Two Cases

Speaking of bulking and cutting, you need to remember that all boils down to your body fat percentage. Unfortunately, most individuals do not know what their body fat levels are. It is vital to know if you should start bulking or cutting first. Don’t know where to start? Here’s what you need to do: Take off your clothes and look in the mirror. Make an unbiased assessment and ask yourself whether you are lean enough and ready to start building muscle. If you still feel that you’re plump and want to lean down a bit before building, start with that. If you don’t trust yourself to make an unbiased assessment, consider visiting a local gym and asking for a body fat measurement. Once you’ve determined your body fat percentage, then here’s what you need to accomplish:

An Already Fat State – If you consider yourself to be in this state, it’s best to cut first and lose that fat. Cardio exercises will help to lose fat significantly. However, this doesn’t mean that you should hold off on (or stop) weight training until you reach that point of leanness. Weight training is a terrific way to strengthen your body and improve your metabolism. However, make sure that losing fat is still your priority.

At Least Somewhat Lean – In this case, bulking is the first step. You can technically start with whichever phase you want based on what’s most important to you. Of course, it depends on your fitness goals. For instance, if you’re going for a bigger and bulkier figure, then continue bulking by adding more weights which translate into muscle gain. If you’re going for a mean and lean figure with a defined set of six-pack abs, however, build a strong muscle base and then cut!

Start Right, Do It Smartly, Switch, Repeat.

In the end, you’ve got to be smart about it. Switch between bulking, cutting, and maintaining, then repeat. You can play around depending on your fitness goals and what physical stature you’d like to achieve. Cutting and bulking are the secret ingredients to achieve your fitness goals. Please be advised that workout and diet go hand in hand. While you hit the gym consistently, don’t forget to watch your food intake. Good luck with your fitness goals!

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