Keto Diet Journey Week 1 - Down 10LBS - Pretty Awesome

Keto Diet Journey Week 1

Well my first week of starting the KETO diet is over and I have to say I am really happy with the results. Watch the video below for more details, but when I recorded that video I was down 10lbs, now I am down 13lbs.

I will say this for the first week… I was super strict! No cheating at all. At times I wanted to, but just didn't. I was under at least 20/30 grams of carbs as well.

I have also been intermittent fasting as well. My eating windows is 12PM – 9PM

I hope to start adding more details, but I just wanted to get this going! Watch the video and learn some more!

Have you tried Keto? Let me know! I want to hear your experience!

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