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Kegenix Review


Just About An Hour After Using Kegenix Prime

Hey thanks for checking out my review of Kegenix Keto Meal & Kegenix Prime keto supplements!

First I would love for you to watch my video… it is a bit long, but I try to go into doing Keto as a whole and why I am really enjoying the Kegenix products right now.

I decided to do a review of Keto Meal & Prime because out of the handful of keto salts I have tried, I really felt these work for me!

We are all different remember so this is my story etc….

One thing about Kegenix is they have a patented blend dual BHB/MCT formula which I honestly have no clue about ;-), but if it is patented that is usually a good sign the creators have taken time in creating the product.

I don't want to go into all the details, but you can look here to learn more about BHB salts and here to learn more about MCT “Medium Chain Triglycerides”

Again like I say in my video I am not a scientist, not a nutritionist, I am just a guy, a dad, a husband that is trying to stay healthy and in shape not only for myself, but for my family.

So below is a video of my before and after keto test strips using Kegenix prime…

So normally I do intermittent fasting and don't eat my first meal till about 12:00 then I stop eating at about 9PM..

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I will normally use Keto Meal or Prime around 3:00 to give me a boost during the day, but today because I was doing a webinar at 12:30 I was not going to be able to eat till later so I decided to give the Kegenix Prime a try at about 11:30…

I explain this in the video as well FYI…

So You can see in the video the before and after results… I also did not end up eating until about 2:00 and I was completely fine.

In fact I was feeling really good and still am! I might have to switch up my routine a bit and start using the Kegenix prime an hour or two before my first meal.

We shall see!

Like I had said I usually use the products in late afternoon, but I have to say… it is 3PM right now and I took the Prime at 11:30 and I feel great right now!

Being on Keto I do always feel like I have more energy, but I gotta say I am more clear and motivated right now, so maybe taking at different times is worth trying for you as well?

Have you tried Kegenix supplements or other BHB salts? I would love to know more down in the comment section!

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