Smart Ways Dads Can Boost Their Workout Motivation

Smart Ways Dads Can Boost Their Workout Motivation

There’s no doubt that committing to a workout program is hard. Staying faithful to your commitment is even harder. Ideally, you shouldn’t say “I’m skipping the gym” merely because you’re not in the mood. However, the truth is that laziness and loss of enthusiasm can easily creep in because you may have long plateaued away from your fitness program’s peak. Perhaps you’re simply bored or you don’t feel that you are getting the results you wish to see quickly.

If this is the case, you should revisit your reasons for exercising in the first place to see if it’s worth your time and effort. Remember – the decision whether you want to become a couch potato or a coach guapito is yours to make. If you’ve decided to persevere despite the challenges and temptations of laziness ahead, here are some strategies that you can adopt to reinforce your motivation and perseverance:


Strategy No. 1: Understand that exercise is not an instant fix

Getting a flat tummy with six-pack abs and buff arms to boot takes time, hard work, and consistency. Thus, your fitness goals should take into account this reality. This does not mean you have the right to slack off. In fact, you should reevaluate and specify your exercise goals. These goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound – “SMART.”


Strategy No. 2: Spell out your fitness goals the SMART way

Instead of having a vague objective like “I don’t want to get fat” or “I want to trim down my weight,” specify what you really want to happen within a reasonable amount of time. For example: “In three months, I aim to trim my waistline by 3 inches” or “I want to keep my weight at 170 pounds for the next six months.”

Your exercise regimen should then revolve around these clearly spelled-out goals. Make sure that you measure the level of success you attained at the end of the time table you specified for each fitness goal. Having a clearer idea of why you do your exercise and how you can see your progress will help incentivize you to keep persevering at the gym.


Strategy No. 3: Make changes in your existing workout program

Once you have SMART goals, review which parts of your workout program need to be changed to align with your objectives. Maybe your program over-emphasizes gym activity at the expense of fun and environmental stimulation, which can cause you to become bored or used to the exercise. It might help to introduce a late afternoon or early evening jog at some points in your fitness program. Alternatively, you could incorporate other interests such as ballroom dancing, fun runs, or even sports such as tennis, basketball, or ping pong.

You might also consider increasing or decreasing the intensity of your workouts, modifying your exercise routines, or even cheating on your current gym membership to try a different gym down the street for free. Similarity and uniformity tend to make people lose interest in what they once liked doing, so adding a little spice through these methods may help you get back on track.


Strategy No. 4: Set rewards for each SMART goal accomplished

You also need to set a reward for every one of the SMART goals you meet at the end of their particular target period. It could be a new motorcycle, a trip to the spa, a new addition to your collection, or anything you find valuable or worth your effort, as long as it is within the bounds of reason and your means. Make sure the reward won’t add pounds to your love handles though!


Strategy No. 5: Bring your buddies on board

Peer pressure and competition can add another incentive for you to get going. Thus, having fitness buddies may help you commit to the SMART goals you identified. You could ask some of your work colleagues or personal friends to join you on your trips to the gym, playing sports, doing fun runs, or joining dance classes. You can also look for groups of like-minded people in your community through Facebook, and you can join their activities as well. After all, exercising with friends is more fun and exciting than exercising alone. We help with fitness for men over 40, get in touch & look at our other posts for more tips. 



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