What You Need To Do To Effectively Lose Belly Fat - Men's Fitness Over 40

What You Need To Do To Effectively Lose Belly Fat – Men’s Fitness Over 40

While belly fat will make your waist wider, making you feel insecure about how you look, there’s a more serious issue under the surface. That gut fat can also be threatening to your health. Fortunately, you can prevent these potential health risks from happening by making exercise a part of your daily routine. Although there are a variety of choices, you will get the best results from a combination of cardiovascular exercises and resistance training. Doing these two things consistently at the gym will allow you to lose that stubborn belly fat and never get it back! Here are our tips and machine recommendations:


Start out by getting used to cardio

Doing exercises that burn a high amount of calories like pulling on a rowing machine or running on a treadmill is sure to torch that belly fat. When you're first starting out, you might just burn the bad visceral fat, but eventually, you will lose the subcutaneous fat as well. Spending around 30-60 minutes at a steady pace on a cardio machine each day will aid you in your fat loss journey. Cardio machines will help you to burn visceral fat with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) because they involve the changing between difficult moves of physical activity at a medium pace. For example, you could start the exercise on a rowing machine at a beginner’s level. Afterwards, you can choose to increase to higher levels while also interchanging with the lower ones. Repeat this process about ten times before finally cooling down with stretching. This is how to have a successful training session that will certainly burn fat. If you're worried that you will get bored, consider alternating between cardio machines every other day or week. It's good to test your body's abilities with different exercises constantly. Give yourself a little bit of a challenge every time you hit the gym.


Here are some tips that we have with regard to losing belly fat in the gym:


Avoid ab machines

One might think that an ab machine will help you to reduce belly fat, but they are usually made for those who want to produce powerful abdominal muscles. They do not offer the same type of challenge to burn and get rid of the fat stored in your body, not even in your abdomen. What will actually help you burn your body fat is cardio, power training, and limiting yourself when it comes to meals. Investing your time and money on a gym membership for this journey will certainly be worth your while. Say no to investing in ab-focused machines and save your money because according to researchers, doing push-ups and planks in your own home, free of charge, will still be able to yield great results that won’t be any less than you would be able to get by using those expensive ab machines.


Opt for fat-burning resistance machines

Use resistance machines to exercise your core muscles consistently. This will activate hormones that help you burn fat while also aiding you in the progress of growing your lean tissue. An increase in these tissues will also increase your resting metabolic rate, which helps you burn extra calories even while sitting.


Using resistance machines to burn fat

Resistance machines will allow you to regularly train all your major muscles, which will stimulate fat-burning hormones. You will also develop more lean tissue that will burn more calories as well as contribute to a stronger metabolism. This means that you will burn fat more easily – not only in your midsection but everywhere else as well. The best and most highly recommended exercises to hit are the leg press, chest press, leg curls, triceps extension, shoulder press, lat pull down, and bicep curls.

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