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Why You Should Stay Fit When Over 40

Stay activeAs you might already know, the dad bod is in today. Older men (and even the younger ones) have learned to accept the possibility that they may never be fit again and embrace the round-bellied dad body instead. Sometimes, it's understandable, after all, your metabolism slows down as you age and older people don't always have the time or the energy to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

However, the dad bod isn't healthy and it can only worsen your well being as you grow older. This is the reason why you have to try to stay fit even if you're already over 40. There are plenty of benefits as to why older men should try to stay fit. Here are some of them:


Your health improves

  • Age not only slows your metabolism down but also reduces natural muscle definition and strength. But if you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle even as you age, you are slowing down the effects of the muscle deterioration and can boost your metabolism. Good metabolism and maintained muscle strength are closely associated with better overall health.

Reduces the risk of suffering from diseases

  • There are plenty of age and weight-related diseases that men over 40 years old suffer from. However, there is no reason that you should be one of those guys, you can significantly reduce the risk of suffering from diseases if you stay fit as you grow older. Your heart stays healthy which will result in you not suffering from any heart-related illnesses. You are also less at risk for diabetes and brain-related diseases if you not only maintain an active lifestyle – but a balanced diet as well.

You'll stay mobile

  • As we mentioned, muscle deteriorates as we grow older, your mobility also decreases. However, staying fit and healthy means that you will be able to slow down the deterioration of your muscles and will still be able to do things you used to do when you young. This means you can still play sports, jog with your kids and your dog, fix the pipes, and work in your yard. There are plenty of everyday household activities you can do better if you stay mobile.

You become more confident

Confidence is the key to living a happier life. If you are more confident with how you look on the outside and how you feel inside, you'll be able to live a happier life going into your 40s. Eating healthy and staying active helps you maintain your youthful glow and appearance which will improve your inner and mental health. You'll be more confident in yourself and you won't have to end up as a 40+ guy with a dadbod.


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