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I know for me being in a routine is very important. When I travel, or am out and about my fitness routine can definately struggle. I admire famous people that are on the go constantly and make the time to take care of their health! David Banner is one of those guys!

David Banner is an American rapper born on April 11th, 1974. Along with being a rapper, Banner is also a record producer and has also appeared in select acting roles. Banner, who was born in Mississippi, after completing his masters, started his career with the rap duo Crooked Lettaz and later on went solo in 2000 to pursue his own career and launch his first album Them Firewater Boyz Volume 1. David has several albums under his record including the Mississippi: The Album, MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water, Certified and The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Banner has also produced some big hits in the past such as T.I’s Rubberband Man, which ranked #30 on the Hot 100. David Banner also appeared and featured on a song about Hurricane Katrina “Seein’ Thangs” among various others.

David Banner Massive Weight Loss

  • David Banner struggled with weight for a very long time. The rapper climbed to 255 lbs on the scale due to his careless eating habits and lack of exercise. The combination of the two had put the rapper in a serious risk after which he decided to finally get it off.
  • Along with being overweight, he has several other health concerns. He was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep apnea. After getting himself checked, the doctor ensured that he is in a serious health risk and needed to shed the extra pounds off.
  • What helped David Banner lose weight was a mix of a healthy diet and fitness regimen. David, who grew up eating processed and unhealthy foods, had to depart from them to shed a massive 40 pounds. According to David, another tough choice was leaving some of his favorite foods such as fried chicken, fried fish, macaroni and cheese to name a few. Consequently, along with eating healthy, David also exercises 4-5 times a week. The exercise regimen, according to David, is what he is addicted to.

Hard To Eat Healthy On The Go?

  • The rapper has also tipped in many interviews that eating healthy is not as difficult as it is perceived to be. It is all about making the right choices and deciding a life of goodness for yourself. Moreover, the rapper also says that just as in the case of unhealthy foods, there are certain foods you like and some you don’t, the same is true in the case of healthy foods- there are some that you will like and some that you will not. Moreover, the record producer and rapper also says that making smart food choices will also help you go a long way if you are trying to lose weight; for instance, the rapper loves the vegan smart cookie offered at Smoothie King and according to him, there isn’t much difference between a regular cookie and a vegan one taste wise.

Having  A Coach & Support Is A Huge Help!

  • David Banner lost weight with the help of his fitness coach Scott Parker and has since then inspired a lot of rappers including T-Pain to follow suite. He has also been a big inspiration to his other rappers.
    Message We Take From David Banner’s Successful Weight Loss Program
  • David Banner is a huge believer of exercise. The rapper officially had to lose 215 and went on to lose an extra 10, going to 205 pounds. The producer and rapper also says that after eating healthy and exercising (which includes running exercises), he can now lose weight whenever he wants as he knows his body chemistry very well.

The health benefits David Banner got after losing weight and getting fit were immense. David Banner revealed that not only does he look and feel healthy, he no longer has sleep apnea and diabetes. Moreover, while the doctor ruled that the high blood pressure Banner had was more genetic, that has also been brought down to regular levels through exercise and weight loss.


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