Norman Reedus Likes To Stay Fit | Diet & His Workout

Norman Reedus Likes To Stay Fit

norman-reedusActor, director and model, Norman Mark Reedus is most famously known for his portrayal of Daryl Dixon in the famous TV show The Walking Dead. In the past, Norman Reedus played various other hit roles such as Murphy McManus in the movie The Boondock Saints and its sequel. Norman Mark Reedus has also worked with top fashion designers as a leading model in several campaigns.

There is no doubt that Norman Mark Reedus is talented. To his admirers, it may seem it just all happens for Norman Reedus. However, this isn’t true at all. Norman Mark Reedus is fit for sure and the actor works extremely hard to get it and maintain it.

How Norman Mark Reedus Does It?

  • Daryl Dixon, who dispatches hosts of zombies with a swift crossbow In The Walking Dead, works hard to maintain his looks.

The Secrets To Norman Mark Reedus Looks

  • For his muscular fit and appeal, Norman Mark Reedus goes out in the woods of Georgia and runs all day long. To top that up, he carries a huge 50 pound crossbow on his shoulders while doing so- the crossbow and the running combined make an exemplary workout. Maybe we call it the “Daryl Dixon” workout.

Even while shooting at nights, Norman punches, stabs and runs to maintain his lean body. Norman has a huge preference for cardio and therefore he also jumps rope and swims a lot. Moreover, while he is shooting, he goes to his trailer and does sit ups, pushups and free weights. According to the actor, he does all this to ‘stay lean and active looking’.

norman-double-bicepsThe Diet

  • Along with running, swimming, jumping and doing strength exercises,  Reedus is very particular about his diet too.
  • Like all muscular and lean men, he eats proteins. Moreover, rather than gulping down meals, he goes for smaller food portions. In the types of foods he eat, Norman has a preference for organic produce and locally raised food items. Moreover, the famous The Walking Dead star has a habit of going grocery shopping and cooking rather than going for foods that are rich in fats such as fried foods and desserts.

While staying away from the bad foods and going for the organic ones is something we have all heard from nearly every diet expert as the key to losing weight and staying fit, it is easier said than done. However, according to Reedus, this can be achieved with simplicity and ease by planning meals in advance.
Moreover, another important thing he does that helps him stay fit is eating less beer, less pasta and less bread. He also has cut Starbucks though he apparently loves it! Norman also has a habit of staying away from sugar.

A busy schedule, a strenuous workout routine and constantly saying ‘no’ to the badness your body wants is not easy and Norman does agree. However, Norman Reedus keeps himself hydrated at all times with water and some kind of Emergen C drink.

And He Is A Nature Person Too

  • Norman Mark Reedus looks way younger than his age- well he does not look 43 for sure! Exercising and eating healthy and clean are the reasons for his good looks but something that adds further to it is the fact that he loves nature. Norman stays out in the clean and green nature in Georgia that keeps him fresh as ever.

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