Rogue Monster Bands - Rubber Bands? Really?

Rogue Monster Bands

rogue-monster-bandsRogue Monster Bands

DO you want to add a bit more intensity to your workout but not as much as a weighted vest would entail? Then a Rogue Monster band would be an excellent choice for some more umpf to your training. These bands will provide resistance for many types of training you can do. Each band is 41 inches long and will come in different widths, depending on what training you are doing.

The bands come with recommendations for what type of training they work best with, but you can choose to mix and match bands that work well for you. Some of the other training programs that benefit from resistance bands include stretching, aerobics, weightlifting, powerlifting, jumping, speed training, rehabilitation, flexibility and conditioning. Resistance bands are great for both men and women and will show improvement after just a few uses.

  • Bands can be purchased singly or in pairs. Buy the color of band for the training or cross training program you want to experience. Not every color of band will work for a training program you are trying, so consult with a Rogue Fitness professional if you have questions on which size and color of band will work the best for you and your program.

You can get bands like this here which are cheaper than Rogue. Click Here!

The rogue bands are better quality in my opinion, but to be honest I have all different types and they really server the same purpose, so if you can save a few bucks why not!


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