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1 Click Upsells For WooCommerce With WooCurve

woocurve reviewOK so why is there a review for some 1 click upsell woocommerce plugin on a fitness site! Well that is pretty simple! If you read my blog then you know I am into a lot of things besides fitness and one of those is internet marketing. I have been doing it a long… long… time! Since 2004 actually.. maybe 2005, lol.

I wanted to do this quick review on WooCurve because I hope it will save whoever is searching for an after checkout woocommerce upsell plugin not only time, but e HUGE headache! I spent the last year going back and forth searching for a real woocommerce upsell plugin that worked after the checkout and actually had legit support!

Basics.. What Is An Upsell?

  • If you do not know what an UPSELL is then listen up. Basically you ever go on a website and buy something? Whether it is a physical product like a new blender or a digital product like an ebook? Sure you have…. I will bet that after you purchased it, you might have been offered a one time deal or option to buy something extra right? Yeah… so…. that is an UPSELL! There are also DOWNSELLS, but don't worry about that for now. They can be really great for you and the company… Here is the issue with them from a sales/tech side of things.

They can be really hard to implement the way they are supposed to be implemented. Most shopping carts out there have the “typical upsell” which is usually some box or popup that says… hey do you want to add this to your order yada yada… which is good, but it is not the real way to use an UpSell. Let's get sneaky here for a second. OK not sneaky.. well sort of sneaky.

With the “typical upsell” of just saying “Hey add this to your cart or you might like this blah blah blah, that does work, but you have yet to get the customer to put in their Credit Card info and hit the buy button, so they are slowly adding up the cost in their head and seeing it on the screen. So those types of upsells don't really convert.

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  • O.K. so you just paid for that new $200 blender! It is gonna be awesome! You put in your shipping info, your CC info and hit the BUY button! Ah the dopamine release… feels great! I bought something… ah…. What better time to sell you something else! You already entered your CC info… the dopamine is rushing… this is where the “REAL UPSELL” happens. This is where you need to offer an extra set of blades for the blender, and extra container… whatever it is, this is where you sell it. WHY? Well all they have to do is click the button that says YES add this to my order and it is a done deal! Super easy….. the pain of getting the customer to take out the credit card, enter the info and buy is over with… now you are just making it even easier! Ah.. sale well done.

Do You Feel Dirty After Reading That?

  • LOL I hope not! I just wanted to give you an insight of how real upsells work. Now if you are on this page the chances are you know all about how upsells work and you want to know if WooCurve really works and all that fun stuff right? RIGHT!

The Problem With “REAL” UpSelling

  • There are a few problems with up-selling like this. Most carts make it impossible! Trust me I know…. I have tried like all of them!! The ones that do make it work can be really expensive and you probably need to add a few other 3rd party plugins to put it all together.
  • Or… even worse you need a programmer to help piece it together and if they get hit by a bus or something changes you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!

It boggled my mind how there was nothing like this for woocommerce. There were a few out there, but they were really really tweaky and I did not trust running them with my clients business.  I even paid for products like CLICKFUNNELS, SAMCART, I even use infusionsoft. They are all great,but really really expensive! The great thing about WooCommmerce is that it is FREE and there are so many plugins out there to make it do a lot of awesomethings, so it is about time a REAL UPSELL plugin for WooCommerce is available.

I have never written a review on the blog about my internet marketing before and the reason I am doing it now is because I literally searched so many sites and forums and I saw the same questions everywhere looking for an upsell plugin like WooCurves. I felt like I was close so many times in finding what I needed, but alas they all felt short!

Watch WooCurve In Action Click Here - Scroll To 2nd Video

WooCurves In Action?

So right now I have a client that sells a few products. We used to use WooCommerce, then we switched to another big name cart for a few various reasons. Since DAY 1 I have mentioned UpSells and how important they are in the “REAL UPSELL” way I've mentioned a few times here 😉 When we were on WooCommerce I had tried a few “offer” plugins, but they were super buggy and more trouble!

So we are currently moving the store back to WooCommerce and are using WooCurve on the dev site and it works MAGICALLY! 2 years and I have been PREACHING UPSELLS and hopefully in the next few weeks we will get it live and test it out!

Now getting it to convert really comes down to your product and your upsell offer. If it is a crappy product then you probably won't convert! The solution is here though! If you are looking for a true one click upsell after the checkout option in WooCommerce then WooCurves is what you want!

I will post back in about 4-6 weeks with some stats and maybe a tutorial, but honestly just click here and watch Chris go over some best practices.

…And PLEASE if you do use this I would love to hear some feedback below. If you got this far reading this then I know you were in my shoes trying to find a solution, so I would love to hear your thoughts. Even if its just to say… ahh…. finally a woocommerce upsell plugin that works!!

Watch WooCurve In Action Click Here - Scroll To 2nd Video





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  • Hanlon says:

    WooCurve is really awesome. I had to dig in and really figure out how I wanted to run my upsells and create a better upsell, but Chris and his team are awesome. The product works great, but they have some awesome ideas for your business to implement. Thanks for the review!

    • FitDadChris says:

      Glad you like it! Yeah Chris and the team at WooCurve are not only awesome with the product support, but they have some great ideas to implement and try. Many customers are seeing huge increases in sales! Good stuff!

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