Physiclo Compression Shorts Review - Resistance Tights

Physiclo Compression Shorts Review

trains with physiclo

He Trains With Physiclo

Hey so My Physiclo compression shorts and my wife's compression pants arrived in the mail today! These are not ordinary compression tights. They have added resistance built into them. Very interesting concept. I am sure you know how the Physiclo Compression Shorts work if you ended up here because you are probably looking for an honest review! Well look no further!

If you have been a fan of the site you know I try to do my best to put out thorough reviews and no fluff, so when Frank one of the owners of Physiclo, reached out to me and offered a pair of shorts to try out I said sure, but if I told him if I don't like them I am going to put out my honest feelings on them.

So… Are They Pretty Awesome?

  • Quick Answer = YES! For sure

Go Right To Me Using Them Click Here

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Just wanted to get that out of the way so I can go into a bit more about some common misconceptions I had about them when I was introduced to them and others might have as well.

At first glance when I saw the elastic bands I thought these were like “Bionic Shorts” that would allow me to gain a few inches on my vertical or kick a soccer ball 100 yards, but alas I was mistaken! LOL

I even told Frank about the Spartan Beast I am doing April 30th and how the race might be a good test to try them out at, but Frank cleared that up for me! I didn't realize the overall idea of the resistance was to give you a more intense workout so you get stronger, faster, etc… for game time. Basically taking your training to the next level so when “game time” or in my case “race day” comes I will have an edge. These shorts are going to make you work hard and burn you out quicker, which is going to burn more calories and increase muscle activity.


Be As FAST as Berthold

They give an example on the site of using ankle weights without the bulk. I like to think of Berthold in The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen >>> the guy to the right! …and yes if you know this movie then we are probably cut from the same cloth 😉

Basically Berthold had to walk with those ball and chains on because without them he was super fast! Go ahead click here to watch a clip from the classic movie!

That is what I feel like wearing these compression shorts is like.

OK well I hope I explained a few things that help you better understand the shorts and how they work.

Actually Using The Physiclo Compression Shorts

DAY 1… more days to come

I workout in the morning 90% of the time and by morning I mean like 5AM! So every morning I do about a 20 minute warm up which consists of the following.

  • Run In Place 45 Seconds
  • Jumping Jacks 45 Seconds
  • Knee Circles 45 Seconds
  • Side to Side Steps 45 Seconds
  • Butt Kicks 45 Seconds
  • High Knees 45 Seconds
  • Mummy Kicks 45 Seconds
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • 5 Pull Ups
  • Treadmill Incline 20-40% 5 Minutes
  • 10 Burpees

Might seem like a lot to some, but I have to do it. My body is still like “why are you up right now!” So with that said I pretty much know how I am going to feel in different stages of that warmup from… the I want to go back to bed stage… to the OK I am waking up here.

When you first put on the shorts it s going to feel strange. They are tight! It feels like you are kind of being pulled different ways, which I guess you are, but it feels good. That is just walking in them.

Right from the start I could tell things were different and I was definitely working harder. I had to work hard to move my legs and the first thing I noticed was my hip flexors. The alarms went off real quick there, which is good for me. I have issues with my hip flexors and I believe a lot of it has to do with them being weak or having some sort of strength imbalance. So the fact I was feeling this right from the start was interesting since I really had no idea what to expect!

This was the first time in awhile I was really struggling a bit with getting through my warm up. More or less I had to put forth the extra effort to get my knees to the normal height and to get my feet touching my butt on butt kicks.

What Happen When I Took Them Off?

  • So like I mentioned earlier this was DAY 1. Like anything new I wanted to give it a shot and not go crazy with it. I had a big workout in the line up today, so my goal was to test these out in the warm up then take them off for my workout. When I took them off it definitely felt easier to move and I could tell I was a bit more loose than normal, which is a good thing right? Again my workout was an intense one so I didn't want to push it with the shorts. I went on to do
  • 40 Burpees, 30 V Ups, 20 Pull Ups, 10 Barbell Thrusters, Sprint 1/4 Mile, 10 Barbell Thrusters, 20 Pull Ups, 30 V Ups, 40 Burpees
  • You can see why I wanted to ditch the shorts, but I think… well I know I will be using these for full workouts in the future for sure.

I will keep updating this review as a I do with all my reviews.

How Are They Made?

  • They are solid! Seriously these things are pretty heavy! I will actually weigh them to see, but how else are you going to get all the elastic bands in there etc…. and keep them there.
  • You can see some of the pictures I took below and can tell they are made with LOVE! I will try and get a good video up soon as well.

Conclusion So Far?

  • If you have been looking for something different to try I would say give these a shot for sure! The concept is very cool and like I said I felt a difference and look forward to training in them more.
  • I think the price point is fair. Not cheap. Not super expensive, but I can get you 20% off with this Physiclo Discount Code: Just type FITDAD20 at checkout and bamm saving money already!

If you do buy them with my coupon code or without, but why would you not… please, please, come back and tell me what you think. I could see some people not enjoying how they work, so I always love to hear other reviews about products.

Hope you enjoyed this and stick around for updates.


Here are some pictures of the Physiclo men's compression shorts and woman's pants.

image image image image

Again don't forget to use the FITDAD20 discount code to save 20% on all purchases… Click Here and enter at checkout.


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  • SarahSinselz says:

    Hey Chris very interesting review thanks! How does your wife like them? Is it different with the pants vs the shorts?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey Sarah that is a great question and one I had as well. So basically all the band technology is only in the shorts section of the pants. They are working on adding more options. So to be clear even with the pants the elastic bands are only in the short area. My wife tried them on and she did not feel the most comfortable at first. She was expecting the normal feel of regular compression pants. She is actually doing her first 1/2 marathon this weekend, so she is nervous about trying anything new so she won’t be trying them out until next week, but will keep you posted! Wish her luck this weekend 😉

  • KingKahn says:

    I see you mentioned you use the treadmill during the warm up. How did these feel with the running? Thanks for the info.

    • FitDadChris says:

      Ha hey King! Well to be honest today I cranked it up to 35% incline today so was not really running, but I did like how they felt for sure. I am going to use them in my next easy 5k run, but that will not be until next week. Actually maybe I will do a quick mile in them tomorrow to see and get back to you.

  • Jordan says:

    What do you think of them for just walking? My wife uses a treadmill at work with a pretty slow walk but was interested in these for that, but she is a little worried that it would not be intense enough to activate the bands in the pants. Maybe intense is not the right word…not a large enough range of motion. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • FitDadChris says:

      You def feel them walking or running for sure! Maybe increase the incline a bit, but either way I feel they would be an added benefit to just walking.

      Hope that helps!

  • Lew says:

    Any updates? What are you and your wife using them for now?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Not much updates. I use them more than my wife to be honest. I have been using them a lot for more of my power hiking workouts lately. Getting ready for a big race that has a lot of uphills. Def helping!

  • Kelly says:

    Thank you for the great review! I have an odd question. Are these an under garment or do you also wear a supporter underneath these? Thanks in advance!

    • FitDadChris says:

      Ha I think that was the first thing I asked them when I tried them out LOL! No underwear for most people, but you could try both ways really what is best for you ya know! Keep me posted

  • >