Training Update 8 - 2012

Training Update 8 – 2012

After-T25From The ARCHIVES 8/2012: This is an old post from the very early days of when I started! I use it for reference of what I was doing right and more so WRONG, but also as motivation to see how far I have come. I will try to add in updates as I go over these, but I hope you might get something out of them!

Well it has been a pretty hectic few weeks since I posted …. actually about 20 days to be exact.


I am really happy with my training. I have basically done the Insanity Workout Monday – Friday and have been running. I have also started doing as many pull ups as I can which you can read about here


I have been running as well which has been my weakest link since I hate running and it is hard to find the time. Below are my recent runs.

Total I have ran 6.56 miles which I have to increase. That is a total of all my runs not 1 run lol. I know I know…

7/22/2012 – 1.03 Miles “11:56 Minute Mile”

7/26/2012 – 1.01 Miles “12:46 Minute Mile… My son was in yard with me… etc…. long story ”

8/8/2012 – 2.01 Miles “9:02 Minute Mile… with stroller… not bad getting better”

8/12/2012 – 2.39 Miles “8:56 Minute Mile… broke 9 minute mark!”

I know I need to be more consistent with the running. Also the race is going to be at a ski resort so I am assuming it is going to be up hill here and there so I need to really train hills. My run yesterday was basically around my block and it was a good run, just about 2 1/2 miles and it had very long grades of up hills and down hills. I am really feeling it today as my quads are real sore. I would really like to be able to get at least 2 laps of that in before the race and feel good about it. My goal is to run at least 3 times a week until the race. I am still not sure how to taper off the last week, but will figure it out soon enough.

Adding Weights

Since my legs were sore and I wanted to start getting some weights in the mix I did P90X Shoulders & Arms today. I forgot what an awesome workout it is! I basically did the 9 minute Insanity Warmup then jumped right into P90X. I missed Tony! Was good to get a little taste of Tony Horton. He cracks me up!

Going Forward

So looking at the calendar I really only have 4 weeks left before the race and like I said that last week I am still not sure how to taper off training so my body is ready to go. I am going to try and add in at least 2 days of P90X in the mix with the other 3 of Insanity. I will try to run on the P90X days at night if possible and definitely get a good weekend run in. Next week the 22 – 26 we are heading out for a little vacation so that will be a real test of staying in line. I am actually looking forward to it since 1 I will have more time to train and I will have access to a full gym and the beach for running. I want to try and lift a bit heavy and do some squats since I really do not have access to that right now. Also I think some beach running will really help.


I am feeling good! Diet has been pretty good during the week and the weekends are better then normal ones. To be honest I am not looking to get ripped or ready for some photo shoot. I am training hard for a race and want my body to have what it needs so yeah I am eating %75 clean and I can feel it. It also shows. I have been getting some compliments… oh you look like you lost weight… have you been working out etc… Well that is where I am at. If you have any tips on tapering off training or prepping for a race like this please let me know below.


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