Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

what not to eatWith old age comes many benefits, ranging from a calmer temperament to a greater idea of who you are. It does also come with some negatives.

It’s really hard to stay healthy and lose weight! On average, a man over 40 will burn 300 fewer calories per day compared to when a man in their 20s. Other negatives include falling oestrogen levels, which can cause insulin issues – this makes it difficult for your body to register the amount of sugar in your blood.

Here are some tips on how to lose weight when you’re over 40:


Eat less food

This might seem simple, but there’s a general perception that if you eat a ton of protein with no carbs/fat/sugar, then you’ll lose weight – this isn’t always true! You will need to lower your portion sizes to achieve consistent weight loss. If you were previously eating 2500 calories per day, try to eat 2000.


Aim to lose a couple pounds per week

There’s a ton of extreme weight loss programs out there, but the issue with them is that when you eat regularly again, the pounds will pile on a lot quicker. If you are realistic with your weight loss goals, it lets you plan your meals and exercise routines by simply eating healthily, and smaller portion sizes.

If you aim to lose a small amount each week, it also helps you to get into a routine – which is much better for you long term.


Skip meals that will provide metabolism issues

If you avoid breakfast or dinner, it will tell your bodies system to store calories for energy instead of burning them. Skipping important times of the day for food also increases the likelihood of your blood sugar lowering, this will make you crave sugary carbs.


Lower your carb intake

When balancing your daily diet, you should aim to have a relatively low carb count, this will help fight age-related illnesses, and provide a consistent blood sugar level. Increasing your protein intake is very important, as this will help reverse any metabolism issues, and is all around healthier.


Eat more vegetables & fruit

This should be obvious, high fibre and water fruits are great for filling up your stomach, and don’t contain a ton of calories.


High quality protein

You should aim to eat eggs, chicken, and fish as part of your daily food intake – this will help you reverse any metabolism problems, along with providing the body with great nutrients for weight loss, and the amount of energy your body will keep.


Healthy carbs

You can find healthy carbohydrates in fruits, sweet potato, and whole grains – these are fine to have, in controlled portions – don’t go over the top. If you’re aiming to have a controlled, healthy diet, then a small amount per day is perfect.


Healthy fats

Fats can be good for you if used in small doses – it can add up in calories quickly, so it’s advised to avoid this when possible. Healthy fats include olive oil, avocados, and nuts.



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