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Beachbody Affiliate Program

So you have some internet marketing skills and you want to be a Beachbody Affiliate? Awesome. If you found this page then you know I might know a few things about affiliate marketing as well.

Basically Beachbody does not have a “typical affiliate program“, but what they do offer is much, much better.

Most affiliate programs will give you a commission of a product and that is it. Say you are selling “widgets”, your site is ranking great, you are making 2-3 sales a day. Nice right! Well you are making sales for the company you are an affiliate for. So after the sale that customer goes bye, bye and is now part of that company as a customer.

The great thing about Beachbody is you keep the customer and make %25 of whatever they buy and whatever they continue to buy.

Also selling the Beachbody On Demand system is a “NO-BRAINER” these days! Who isn't working out online at this moment in time!

Example of Beachbody Affiliates

  • Say you have a page on your site about P90X or Insanity. Somebody comes to the site and decides to buy the product. First off you make $30 from the sale and now you can see the customer in your Beachbody backend. All their information. You can email them even call them if you want. Now if they buy anything else in the future you get the commission! How awesome is that. On top of that, one of the best sellers is Shakeology which is a consumable so people buy it monthly. You also make $30 from that, so you can see if you build up Shakeology customers it can really add up. Also in most of the workouts they are always promoting Shakeology and other products as well so it truly is a win win.
  • So now instead of just getting a commission from a sale, you are getting a commission, a customer, and the ability to get future commissions from that customer.

Building a Team

  • So not only can you make commissions from the sale of Beachbody products, but you can also take advantage of the MLM “Mulit Level Marketing” aspect of the company. No Beachbody is not a Scam or some Pyramid scheme. Not at all. This aspect of the company allows you to build a team below you that will build itself and grow exponentially allowing you to make money from volume of your team. I go into more details here about how all that works
  • Do you see the power in this? Remember those customers that now belong to you? Well when they start using the products and seeing how awesome they are, they will want to tell others about them so you can see if they want to become a coach and build your team. So every customer is a potential coach that can grow the team.
  • FREE CUSTOMERS – When you become an Emerald rank, Beachbody gives you free customers. So far since March 2013 I have gotten 90 free customers. Pretty awesome. Basically Beachbody is spending over $100 million a year in advertising, infomercials etc… which you have probably seen. When somebody buys from TV those, the customers are handed off to coaches of the Emerald rank. You don't get the commission, but you get them as a customer and if they purchase anything else the commission is yours. Pretty awesome… and… if you become emerald and make success clubs you will get Shakeology HD “Home Direct” leads which are people who have purchased shakeology and will get it every month and you will get a 25% commission from that! Awesome!

Change Your Affiliate Mindset

  • I have been in affiliate marketing for almost 8 years and wish I had started with something like this from the very start. I think about all the sales I have made and sure the money was good, but I lost all the potential for future growth by not keeping the customers. As of now after about 6 months of being a coach I have just over 350 customers in my system. That is 350 people I can email, call, and get in touch with to promote specials and other Beachbody opportunities.
  • My business and income is growing every month and it will continue to do so as long as I keep working at it. Change your 1 sale and gone mindset and give this a chance.

My Promise To You

  • Listen there is a reason why when you searched Beachbody Affiliate Program you found me. I have pretty good knowledge when it comes to this stuff and I want to be surrounded by like minded people that know about internet marketing as well. There is a lot of potential online and off for Beachbody sales so lets talk and make this happen! Use the contact form here or give me a ring at 973-981-4208 to talk. I can show you the best way to sign up and save a few $$ as well or you can click the link below to get started.


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That is me “Chris” in the Intro “Yes I am a real person ;-)”


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  • Is it possible to be a Beach Body Coach even if I don’t live in the US? I’m from Dubai, UAE. Finished Insanity last May and now doing it again along with Chalean Extreme. LOVE Beach Body workout videos!

    • FitDadChris says:

      Awesome congrats on finishing the workouts! You rule! Right now it is only available in the US and Canada, but who knows what the future holds. I will contact you if things change.

  • Teodora says:

    I have the same question. I’m from Europe and I intend to promote online. Me and my husband love Shaun T. 🙂 Please answer.

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    I’d love to be a coach but I live in Australia.

  • Hi how are you?
    Could you help me to start an affiliation with Beachbody?
    Is it possible considering that I live in Ireland Europe?

  • Clare says:

    Also looking to join and I am in Ireland. Please let me know if it reaches here. Thanks, Clare

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