Is The Beachbody Coach Program A Pyramid Scheme? Of Course Not!

Is The Beachbody Coach Program A Pyramid Scheme?

pyramidWhen I first heard about Beachbody coach program from a close friend I instantly labeled it a pyramid scheme. It is true that the business model that Beachbody promotes sounds like a typical pyramid scheme when you first hear it. I don’t blame anyone for thinking like that when I tell them about being a Beachbody coach. Even after a year of my involvement in this business, a lot of friends have often labeled the Beachbody coach program a pyramid scheme. Today I am going to try and explain why being a Beachbody coach is not joining a pyramid scheme.

My Quick Story

  • Before I begin on the core differences, I’d like to share my story with you, the story that made me a Beachbody coach. When I first tried out Power 90 back in 2001, a popular workout program by Beachbody, I instantly became a fan of the company. This is because I saw a lot of difference in my physique after regularly following the program. Fast forward to 2009 I gave the Insanity Workout a try. This is when I came to know about Beachbody coach program. Initially, I was only going to join the program so that I could save the 25% discount that comes with it. But the thought of acting like a sales person was always there until I finally started reading about the program in detail.

A Different Opportunity

  • During my research I figured out that Beachbody coaching program is an entirely different opportunity. It isn’t a pyramid scheme because unlike those schemes, the team you create can always surpass you in earnings. In a typical pyramid scheme, people under the top tier guy/gal always stay under their income limit. As far as Beachbody coach program is concerned, you always have the chance to make more money than the one who got you in the business. The core concept of the business is to get people in it and help them change their lives not just financially, but also physically. In normal pyramid schemes, you simply get someone in so that you get extra commission from the sales they make. In Beachbody coach program, the catch is similar but it depends a lot on the people under you. If these people are not helpful to others, they can’t possibly make any profit; hence you also do not get anything. Basically it is not about getting people, it is about finding motivated people who want to work hard, get results, and help others do the same!

Whats Gonna Work? TEAMWORK!

  • One thing I love about being a Beachbody coach is the teamwork that is involved. Without  involving yourself with your team, you cannot hope to succeed. The entire business revolves around the team you forge and how everyone in that team performs. This structure has carefully been designed by Beachbody so that it does not become a typical pyramid scheme. On top of that, if you have ever tried something from Beachbody, you will be happy to talk about their products. I personally love Beachbody because I have been using their products and programs for years now. So I love spreading the word and help people change their lives forever.

Work Hard… Learn Skills… Succeed…

  • There are tons of examples from different Beachbody  teams where coaches who joined four years later under their key sponsor are making more money. This is how this business works; if you work hard and train others you get the best bonuses out of the team. But if you or your team fails to work together, it will be a lot hard to succeed. I have actually never come across and organization that promotes health this way. The Beachbody coach program is all about hard work and changing lives for others. Think about it this way: the more fit you are, the more effort you put in, the more money you make. This is no quick fix or get rich quick. Like anything good in life you need to work to get it!

Changing Lives… Feeling Good… Earning Money…

  • Being a Beachbody coach is a gratifying experience. You not only get 25% off from most of the products offered at Beachbody, but you also get the chance to work with other people to help change lives. If you are successful, you massively boost your income. Imagine earning as much as a lawyer or a doctor or even an engineer. The good thing about being a Beachbody coach is that you get to choose your working hours and how you want to work it. Something that gives you freedom is quite rare these days.

Why Would I Not Share This Opportunity?

  • The only reason I push people to join the program is because I strongly believe in the stuff that Beachbody, as a company, puts out. The company works with some of the best trainers in the United States to come up with very effective exercising programs and supplements. I mean if you look closely, who hasn’t heard of P90X or the Insanity workout? I strongly believe in the products and programs and that is the only reason I joined the Beachbody coach program. I have experienced these programs and supplements and they have helped me change my life. Now I am helping others change their lives and making sure that once they reach their goals, they help their friends and family so we can have a country that is free from serious health problems like Obesity.

So finally, if you encounter someone who calls this program a pyramid scheme, make sure you educate them and tell them that you don’t support illegal businesses. Beachbody coach is clearly not a pyramid scheme, but due to its resemblance, a lot of people believe it to be one. Tell them the truth next time you hear them say this!


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