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First a quote from Les Brown

  • “We live in a world where we are told more about our limitations than our potential”

I find this so true when I talk to people today. All I hear is negativity and excuses 90% of the time. When I finally talk to someone who wants change in their life and is willing to work for it, that is a breath of fresh air!

I see people succeeding in huge ways everyday! I'm not letting the President, the job market, the economy and negative thinking get in my way.

OK rant over… now onto why Team Beachbody is a great opportunity for anyone in shape or outta shape!

Back in 2007 Beachbody decided to create a direct selling opportunity instead of selling their products the traditional way in retail stores. Although still fairly new this home based business opportunity has already paid out millions in commissions and this is only the beginning!


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The great thing about this is you do not need to be a fitness expert or a personal trainer and getting started is so easy it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Once you are signed up you will recieve and business kit, 3 Training DVD's, step by step training/marketing materials, and 3 of your very own websites.

As a Beachbody Coach you also save 25% on all products, many people just join for the discount.

Here Are A Few Highlights Of Being A Coach

  • Super Low Start Up Cost
  • No Inventory to buy
  • No dealing with billing, shipping, or customer service. Beachbody handles this
  • My Favorite… Unlimited Earning Potential

The Benefits of Joining My Team!

  • Access to not only me, but other coaches who have experience and the desire to help you go farther in this business.
  • Direct access to me day in day out. I love to talk and brainstorm and make things happen!
  • Once you join I will give you the tools to make things happen. My goal is to help you reach Emerald status as fast as you can. Expect some work up front for sure!
  • If you would like I can help you set up a blog just like this one and get traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I have every interested in seeing my team succeed! I will do everything I can to help grow their business.


Why I Do This!

Beachbody = Results City!

I have been a user of Beachbody products since 2001 before coaching was around. Because of Insanity and P90X I am at 35 in the best shape of my life! I want to help others achieve those same goals and feel good mentally & monetarily.

Beachbody Pays The Bills

Think about it for a moment… what kind of money would it take to change your life? The fact is when I started all I wanted to do was cover a $300 a month car payment. I have since then multiplied that. Most people just need a little extra cash to give them some breathing room and Beachbody can help.


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Save Money By Signing Up With A Challenge Pack

The $39.95 sign up fee is waived when you sign up with a Challenge Pack. I highly suggest signing up with a challenge pack. Not only do you get a workout/shakeology at a discounted price they waive the $39.95 fee. As a Beachbody Coach, a big part of this is being a product of the product so you should be using a workout or drinking shakeology.  If you are not willing to start a workout or give Shakeology a try for a few months, then this business is probably not for you. From experience I can tell you that there are no successful coaches that are not actively doing one of the workouts or drinking Shakeology themselves.

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**Important Note:

If you already have a Team Beachbody account, and were assigned a Coach, you will automatically be placed with that Coach during your Beachbody Coach sign up process. If you don’t want to be placed with whoever your assigned Coach is, and want to join my fast growing team, just follow the steps in the screenshot image below. Be sure to enter in the Coach ID# 138818





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