This Account Is Not Yet Eligible To Use YouTube - How To Fix

This Account Is Not Yet Eligible To Use YouTube

youtube-account-not-eligibleHey what's up Fit Dad Chris here! Trying to add more info on the site about marketing etc… since I do a lot of it!

Here is an issue I ran into recently.

So you signed up for Google G Suite account so you could use your own domain in gmail. Awesome right? It is awesome and I have about 4 different g suite accounts for different businesses and I love using it!

One issue I ran into recently on a new G Suite account I set up was trying to access YouTube.  I am logged into my gsuite, but when I go to sign into YouTube I get ” This account is not yet eligible to use YouTube. <<< Why not??

So it turns out when you sign up for G Suite you might be in a trial period and that does not give you access to YouTube. I have no idea why! In my case it was a money issue. I came across a few posts that mentioned you needed to have spent $30 in G Suite before YouTube was eligible.  Of course a free gmail account gets you instant YOUTUBE access! ARGHHHHH

I hopped on with Chat Support and they were helpful. I prepaid my $30, but they said it could take up to 24 hours so… I shall now wait!

UPDATE: I waited and the next day I was good to go with youtube! Be patient…

Just a pain because I had blocked out a chunk of time today to get the videos I created up so I could use them on the new site!

Well I hope this helps someone… basically pay the $30 and wait a day…. duh! Very dumb Google… very dumb!

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  • Nikki says:

    WOW! You forked out $30 just to get access to YouTube? They saw you coming. I would never give Google $30 to access YouTube. I’ll use my free account to access YouTube.

  • Chris says:

    Just did this and its almost been two days and still waiting! argggg from another Chris. Just went on support and they told me I may have to wait 30 days! ahah wtf in 2018? google? waah?

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