Is SEO Dead? Short term YES! - Why Do I Say That?

Is SEO Dead?


Long Term ANSWER: Not really

Listen if you are here reading this then you are probably facing a few issues:

  1. SEO is taking way too long…
  2. Old techniques aren't working…
  3. Quality links & PBN links are hard to find…
  4. Potential clients have been burned way too many times to give you a shot at their SEO
  5. Everyone is a GURU now and new shiny objects are being tossed in your direction every day!

I KNOW! I have been there! I own and operate… where I talk about my fitness adventures, but I started writing more about my internet marketing adventures in the past few months! Why? Because a lot of dads ask me how I started the blog and how I make money from it…. and are interested in doing the same!

I am not sure how long you have been doing SEO, but I have been doing it since 2006 and man has there been some ebbs and flows. I would say in 2012 before Google decided to change everything I was pulling in an easy 20k a month on affiliate sites! It was insane! It was amazing! It came crashing down hard!! LOL… did that happen to you? Let me know in the comments! I love sharing old SEO war stories!

Anyways… I still have a 9-5 and that is a good thing! Just because I don't make millions a month on SEO/Online marketing does not mean I don't know what I am doing!

I make over 6 figures a year on client/affiliate sites, and still maintain a high paying 9-5 with full benefits and a lot of down time! Why would I leave!??

Heck back in 2006 my main goal with making money online was to cover my $185 a month Dodge Neon car payment! Yes… I drove a Dodge Neon.. c'mon it was the SXT model!

What is your main goal with making money online? Go ahead think about it…

With that said… I see so many people who feel like unless they are making tens of thousands a month online it isn't worth trying. To that I say NO WAY!

Think about this… what would an extra $500, $1000, or $150o extra a month do for you right now? That is LIFE CHANGING for some people!

Think about it like this… let's use $1,000 a month for easy math. Could you walk into your boss's office today and ask for a $12,000 a year raise? YES you could, but that chances of getting it are slim to none!

Now… think about this… let's say you land a new client to help with their online marketing and you charge them a $1,000 a month retainer. Bamm you just gave yourself a $12,000 a year raise… now repeat that  4 or 5 more times and you are good to go! Rinse … repeat… grow!

You might say… easier said than done and this is where I have my opinion of SEO being dead for the short term!

I am not sure of where you are in your online journey… maybe you are brand new to all of this or have been doing SEO for years with some successes, but are not quite where you want to be. Maybe you have spent lots of money on programs, tools, etc… but still have nothing to show for it.  I will give you some solutions below, but first lets take a look at the old way vs the new way of doing things…

Look At This CHART Below….


So you have the Old Process “Traditional SEO” & the new Process “Small Landing Page Lead Gen Sites

In it's simplest form answer me this question if you are pitching your services to a client.

What would they say yes to:

Traditional SEO Pitch

OK Mr. Potential Client…. we are going to set up SEO on your site! Here is what needs to happen:

  1. We need to look over your entire site and do all the Online SEO tweaks
  2. We need to add new content that targets your keywords
  3. We need to link up all your social media accounts to your site and post to social media
  4. We need to go out and get relevant links from others sites to link to you
  5. We need to.. make videos, press releases, articles…. the list goes on and on…
  6. Oh and it is going to take at least 3-4 months to see significant results
  7. Also you are going to be paying us $X,XXX a month the whole time!


Small Landing Page Lead Gen Sites

OK Mr. Potential Client… we are going to have a quick onboarding call and have leads coming in to your in 2-3 business days. Here is what needs to happen

  1. On-boarding call to get all your info
  2. We create targeted landing page with an offer and direct paid traffic to it
  3. You get the leads coming in 2 – 3 business days sometimes sooner
  4. We can do a simple $200-300 trial for 7-10 days to test it out.

So what do you think? What would they say yes too?

If you are following the second option is so much easier and faster! They only need to commit a small amount of time to a phone call and a very small amount of money for the trial to get results in a few business days! That is amazing correct?

So where does that leave traditional SEO?

It leaves it exactly where you want it! Right there waiting for you to upsell a month or two into dealing with your new client you just landed because you were able to show them immediate results.

Think about it… instead of doing all the “traditional seo” stuff and taking months to get them results you are able to show them results in days for a fraction of the cost and time!

That allows the client to see you can deliver… it lets them give you money so you have broken the barrier of actually getting paid… now you can be running that simple campaign for them for  ad spend/ retainer fee and now… a few months down the road you can say… “Hey you know we should be running organic SEO to your site!”

That is where you are able to upsell the traditional SEO…

  • You have gained their TRUST
  • You have shown them results
  • You are getting them an ROI on their money

Why would they not want to do more work with you?

The answer is… THEY WILL want to do more work with you… so now this potential client you got in the door with a $200-300 trial could potentially become and $2500-$3,000+ a month client

I hope you see the magic in this!

If this got you excited then the next thing you are saying to yourself is… “yeah this is all awesome, but how the heck do you do it?” How do I get these clients to these simple lead gen pages and get them traffic to convert into leads? It is a good question and one I have an answer for.

Back in October I came across the Local Marketing Vault… did my research took a call and hopped in ready to go!

I was nervous sure… it was a lot of $$$, but when I looked at my Facebook Ad Accounts & Google Adwords account and looked at my life time spend of about $9,000 combined over the last 6 years, I wondered where was the return on that!?

Over the years I had always came back to adwords and FB ads and would go and throw something together… toss $300-400 at it… FAIL… then wait another few months and try it again… thinking this time it would be different!

But, why would it?

I wasn't learning how to run ads or where to send them to and what to offer them! In reality I was just putting together some crappy ad and pointing them somewhere I would hope they would buy something and I would make a commission or get a lead!

Step in LMV “Local Marketing Vault”

That is the beauty of LMV! They have it all laid out for you. All you need to do is follow the training and stick to what they tell you. It was life changing for me! When I ran a campaign they actually worked! Here is a sample of what you get in the vault

  • Complete client getting training! Don't worry they train you in multiple ways to get clients
  • Facebook Ads Training! Finally learn what they heck you are doing in FB Ads!
  • PPC Mastery training! Finally get a grip on adwords and not feel completely lost!
  • 3 tiers of Full campaigns you basically plug and play… You can target, lawyers, dentists, real estate agents, loan offices, plumbers, roofers, electricians, financial planners, wedding photographers and dozens more
  • Also even if your niche is not in the vault they teach you how to go after it!
  • You also get access to the best private Facebook group I have ever been part of! The knowledge there is amazing!

They put it out there pretty plainly for you…

Be the “Bridge” to Local Businesses using their Proven “Done-For-You” Processes.

Anytime anyone asks me about how they can make money online or my SEO buddies ask me what I am doing these days this is where I guide them!

The Local Marketing Vault puts it all out there for you and the best part is we have weekly group calls where they go over questions members have, new campaigns created, and other new awesome stuff! This program does not sleep. It is far from what I signed up for in October. It has gotten better and better!

I Won The Contest Back In February! Watch Me Onstage!
I Also Show You Leads I Am Generating

You want to learn more??

Listen I am super passionate about this stuff! I have been doing it a long time. If you want to hop on a call and learn more just message me on Facebook: or use the contact form on the site to drop me a message or just leave a comment!

I hope to see you inside the vault!


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