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insane-home-fat-loss-200x200I wanted to do a post about this workout awhile back since that is when I actually did it. I did this workout last summer and forgot I had wrote about it in a word doc. I just found it so I figured why not. It is a fast and cheap workout and will get you sweating. Just read the review… I go through each of the workouts and how I felt.

Mike Chang Insane Home Fat Loss Review – “Originally Done July 2012”

OK so I was bored with some of my other workouts. I usually do the Insanity Workout and P90X. Not at the same time… well sometimes, but anyway I was getting bored and wanted something new so I wanted to look at the Insane Home Fat Loss system from Mike Chang… Actually I ended up doing a Insanity/P90X hybrid earlier in Feb 2013 😉

ihfl300x250Mike Chang is this fitness guru who has been seen on YouTube like a gajillion times etc… He also had another product called Six Pack Shortcuts which I have never tried. He is a pretty ripped dude, but don't be fooled he did not get that way from the Insane Home Fat Loss system. That is not to say it won't get you in great shape, but he was in pretty great shape before the product came out. Just being honest here.

So… with that said here is the deal. I am going to come back and update this page as I do the workout. Today is July 2, 2012 and I just did the Day 2 The Fatal Assassin – Chest/Back/Core. You might ask why I started on Day 2. That is because they have a fit test for day 1 and I did not want to do it. I know i am in decent shape and don't really care about numbers etc.. I know after doing any workout for more then a few weeks I will be in better shape, so I just wanted to get down to business.

Again stay tuned for a review of each workout circuit as I go. I will list them below and add more info as I do them


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Day 1: The Wake-Up Call (Fit Test)

Did not do, but it looks interesting. If you are new to working out/way out of shape I would say give it a shot.

Day 2: The Fatal Assassin: Chest/Back/Core 07/02/2012

OK so here was my first taste of Mike Chang's Insane Home Fat Loss system
First it is just under 17 minutes long which I think is prob a bit to short, but was I dripping sweat at the end of it? YES. Was I struggling on the push ups at the end? YES.

So really in just under 17 minutes I was dripping sweat and pretty tired out. All in all a good workout if you ask me. I mean I am tired, but I feel like it should be a bit longer, but hey if it works its works. This is really awesome to grab a quick kick butt workout.

Now remember I am coming from the Insanity workout end of it where it was about a 45 minute workout and the warm up alone was 9 minutes. I am not as tired or as sweaty as after that, but I do feel like I got a good workout in.

I would say for someone who is just starting out this is going to be a great system. Not only that, but for me right now time is short and the summer is crazy so this is really what the DR ordered since it is short and gave me a decent workout.

Basically here is how the first workout breaks down. You get started and bust out about 2 minutes of warm up with jogging in place, jumping jacks, high knees. You then jump into the circuit which is 3 circuits of the same exercise. You do all for just about 30 seconds then take a 15second break.

UPDATE 7/5 – Well it has been 3 days since I did the first workout and I am still a bit sore. I could not believe how sore I was the day after! With 4th of July I slacked, but will be doing Day 3: Maximum After-Burn: Legs/Core today so I will keep you posted!

Here are the exercises

  1. Prone Cobras
  2. 4 Second Push Ups
  3. Side to Side Push Ups
  4. Bent Over Circles
  5. Burpees with Push Ups “UGH!!!”
  6. 3 Position Towel Rows “eh they are OK”

And.. that's it. Do that for 3 circuits and you are done!

ihfl300x250Conclusion of my first experience?

It is a good quick workout that will get you a pump and get you sweating! If you have been doing nothing this is a great way to get moving. Even if you are in shape like me you are still getting a good workout. Some things I would change… maybe double the warm up time and add some stretching in there. That would prob only add about 5 more minutes and you would still be under 25 minutes. I also wish there was a bit more instruction and you could here his voice better over the music. The moves are not that hard, but sometimes it is nice to just hear what is going on.

Oh another cool thing is Insane Home Fat Loss can be downloaded which is nice since you can throw it onto your ipad, iphone etc…

Stay tuned for more info. It is a holiday week so I am not sure if I can get to these. What am I saying if they are all this short I need to make the time right? 😉

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Day 3: Maximum After-Burn: Legs/Core 07/05/2012

Well sorry it was 3 days later to get to the next workout but I did it today. OK so today was Maximum After Burn and I was definitely burning!! I have to say that doing this workout re-enforces that idea of muscle confusion. I mean I was doing the Insanity Workout on and off over the last two years. That is an intense workout so I was thinking this “Insane Home Fat Loss” won't be that hard. I was wrong. After the first workout I was super sore and still am. Today's workout had me taking breaks and now my ham strings are so tired and tight I hope I can walk tomorrow. I am not complaining… I love it… it means I worked hard!

Here is the break down of today's exercises.

Bust out another 1minute 30 second warm up then right into it for 3 circuits of

  • Double Pump Jumping Squat
  • Jumping Lunges
  • One Legged Toe Touches
  • Jumping Knee Tucks
  • Ski Hops
  • Elbow to Knee Planks
  • Jumping Squats
  • Side Burpees with Push Ups

So overall you are looking at 2o minutes for this workout. The moves are pretty easy, but they should show you the moves right in the beginning. A lot of the people are doing slightly different things lol, but you get the point. I was dripping sweat, my legs are tired and sore. I'd say it was a good workout!

Day 4: The Super Hero: Shoulders/Triceps/Core

OK I am back at it. I wanted to really try and get to the workouts within a week, but I haven't been able to. Anyways today was The Super Hero workout and it was pretty super. The one thing I can say for these quicker workouts is that since I know they are quick I tend to really focus on my form and go all out on the exercises where as with longer workouts I will sometimes slack a bit since I know I have to save my energy for me lol.

Today's workout started with the normal warm up then into this circuit:

  • Close Grip Dynamic Push Ups – Keep those hands close!
  • Pike Push Ups –
  • Spidermans – These really work the stability.
  • Squat with Towel Raised
  • High Knees
  • Front to Side Laterals – I make sure to really squeeze my shoulders/lats
  • Skyscrapers – I don't know why I love doing these
  • Mountain Climbers

Again it was only 20 minutes and as I type this I still have sweating dripping off my head. Like I have been saying I love the quickness of these workouts, but if you were really looking for a 30-40 minute workout you could always do a few extra warm up circuits or one more exercise circuit. You could probably even do 2 Routines on the same day, just need to figure out which ones match up better together. Stay tuned for reviews of the rest of the insane home fat loss workout.

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Day 5: The Fat Destroyer: Abs/Core/Cardio July 16, 2012

Well I started my Monday off with The Fat Destroyer or as they spell it on the video Distroyer lol. Not sure if they meant to do that. Anyways… This was a bit longer, about 25 minutes. I was dripping after this one and really liked the combination of workouts.

Again I liked the quickness of the workout and the sweat it brings. This had a few more ab exercises which I liked. I am sure I will be a bit sore tomorrow.

Here is the circuit of exercises.

  • Jumping Knee Tucks
  • Towel Sit Ups
  • Burpees “Did I mention I hate burpees”
  • Yoga Plank Glute Raise ” I really liked these… squeeze yer butt!”
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sixpack Wipes
  • Side to Side Jumps
  • High Knees
  • Air Jacks “These are cool and I was surprised at how well I did them.”
  • Toe Touching Crunches

There ya have it another killer workout from Mike Chang and Insane Home Fat Loss.
I hope to do the rest over the next few days so stay tuned!

ihfl300x250Day 6: Upper Body Blaster: Chest/Back/Delts July 1

Well I always love getting some upper body in. There were a lot of push up type moves which always suck when doing for the first time. I did like the variations and there were moves that I have never actually done before. My abs are sore from Day5 so that didn't help, but overall another great workout.

Here is what Day 6 Holds

  • Alternating Pushup
  • Standing Towel Pullup “You really gotta flex as you do it”
  • In & Out Push Ups “these were very interesting”
  • Bent over Towel Front Raises “Squeeze!”
  • Half Burpee Push Ups “another I have never done, very cool”
  • Floor Swimmers “be careful if you have neck issues”
  • Towel Snatches “these actually work…squeeze”
  • Prayers “pray to your God you get through it 😉

Overall a great little workout that really had me sweating.

Day 7: The Knock Out: Legs/Core July 18

I love and hate working out legs. We all know the burn that you can get when really working your legs, but that is truly how we get stronger and burn more fat by using the bigger muscle groups. Today's workout had some really cool exercises and I wanted to quit into the 3rd circuit but I pushed through.

Here is how Day 7 went

  • In Place Sprints
  • Back Lunges “lunges are always killer but make sure of form”
  • Hopping Squats with Towel Raised “there was no towel involved lol”
  • Ground Shuffles “didn't really like these”
  • Donkey Kicks With Squat “better then a donkey punch! ;-)”
  • Kangaroos
  • Alt Mountain Climbers “had to make sure I didn't swing my knees to far”
  • Military Squat with Knees “I like these a lot, just don't pull on neck”

Well I have manage to do a workout the last 3 days in a row. I feel really sore, my abs are really sore from Monday. I like feeling sore though, it shows I am working hard and it shows that all you really need is a 20 minute workout.

Only 2 more workouts and I am day. I have to say I am a bit nervous for this Kamikaze workout, but I love working my delts and triceps so I can't wait. Stay tuned for tomorrows review.

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Day 8: The Kamikaze: Delts/Triceps/Core July 19

Kamikaze time lol. Well I am still sore from the workouts this week which is a good thing. My hamstrings were very sore this morning from yesterdays “The KNock OUt ” workout. I was curious what Mike had in store for us today with the Delts/Triceps/Core workout.

Here is how it went

  • Close Grip Pushups
  • Dive Bombers “I remember these from P90X”
  • Floor Dips “I did not realize how sore my triceps already were”
  • Standing Pike Pushups “was a but confused if I was supposed to ststraighten up or not”
  • Hydraulics “these were interesting. Hurt my forearms :-(“
  • Towel Upright Rows “Squeeze!!!”
  • KickBacks “Holy cow my triceps were sore!”
  • Prayers Up Above “Pray for that Six Pack!”

There ya have it another Insane Home Fat Loss workout over and again I am pretty beat up from it. I have to say this series of workouts is pretty intense. I have been sore all week and have been dripping sweat from each workout. Not to mention I am getting these done on my lunch break! Stayed tuned for tomorrow I will finish the last workout of insane home fat loss by Mike Chang.

Stay tuned for the rest of my review of Insane Home Fat Loss

Day 9: Cores Galore – 07/20/2012

OK I finished the last workout of Insane Home Fat Loss and I feel good! Great core workout here!

I will go into more detail in my final conclusion of the whole workout, but here is what went down in day 9.

  • Towel Chops “believe it or not they felt good!”
  • X Rolls “They were actually hard to do, but I can see how they will help!”
  • Floor Runners “never did with the arms moving. Great burn”
  • Half Burpees “Go wide legged to get a real midsection burn”
  • High Knees?? think there was a naming error lol. Didn't like this move
  • Rainbows – interesting
  • The Karate Kid “Give em the crane danny!”

Again great little core workout. Lots of using muscles you never normally use.

Overall Conclusion of Insane Home Fat Loss by Mike Chang

I hope you enjoyed my review of Insane Home Fat Loss. I was really excited to do the workouts and let other people know about them. With so many scams out there it is hard to find something good. For $67 this program was well worth it. 20 minutes a day and you are dripping with sweat? Cannot beat that. The production was not Hollywood, but hey I was able to follow the workouts and get some great exercise in and that is what counts. It took me over two weeks to finish all the workouts because of schedule, but If you get in a schedule with this workout I think it can do a few things for you. If you are already in shape it will keep you going and if you are beginner it is just long enough and challenging enough to give you a great foundation to move onto something else.

Today I actually went back to Insanity because I have more time at lunch and I was amazed at how I jumped right back into it. Now I know this is because Insane Home Fat Loss was really helping me stay strong and tight. Again if you read over my posts you will see I was real sore during these workouts since I was working out new ways and really getting a pump. That is the true key to a good workout. Make sure you are changing it up, challenging yourself as you do it and feeling sore from it.

Hope you got something out of this. If you have any questions just ask below.

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