Weight Loss For Men Over 40 (The Last Guide You'll Need!)

Weight Loss For Men Over 40 (The Last Guide You’ll Need!)

Weight loss for men over 40

(5 Step Guide That Works)


As a busy father of three beautiful kids and a husband to the most gorgeous woman in the world, staying fit and healthy wasn’t always an easy job, especially as I get older. When you hit the 40's, family and job come first, leaving little time and energy to hit the gym regularly and work out hard.

But you’ll be surprised to hear that it’s not usually ‘time’ and energy that gets in your way when you try to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. The real culprit that is stopping you in your 40's is following all the bad weight loss guides that make up majority of the internet.

Fit Dad Chris

Hey, Chris Azzari here! I run FitDadChris.com and have been helping men over 40 get healthy and stay healthy! Trust me I need you guys just as much to keep me moving! I promise if you follow this 5 step method you will be able to lose those stubborn pounds and keep them off! Keep reading…

The real problem ‘why’ you’re not losing weight

LET ME BE UP FRONT: I know you have probably read tons of confusing health and fitness websites that provide nothing but fad diets and crash course plans! BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

Stop reading all that junk designed for teens and dudes in their 20's and take 10-15 minutes to read this now! If you don't have the time then bookmark this page and come back! You don't want to miss any of this!

I fell victim to many of these fad diets! I've learned from experience and other men over 40 that these 5 steps work!

As a man over 40, I promise that if you spend the next 10-15 minutes reading this guide, your perception of losing weight at your age will completely change. This 5 step process will help you see the big picture that many of the dubious weight loss sites on the internet never tell you.

The 5 key points that’ll change your life forever

ChecklistThese men, just like you, were following random stuff found on the internet that made their life miserable. But with the 5 steps below I am about to reveal, it helped them changed their life and by losing weight and keeping it off.

  1. Setting up your mindset and optimizing your sleep cycle
  2. Finding and following a sustainable weight loss diet
  3. Finding a daily physical activity to do instead of exercise
  4. Boosting your metabolism through exercises that are time efficient
  5. How to implement the 5 point strategy and setting your action steps

These points may sound simple, but the key of this 5 step guide is to actually start at the very bottom of the pyramid and progress your way to the top which means ditching exercise and dieting in the start.

In order for me to make it as simple as possible, first you must work on the foundations of losing weight which starts by optimizing your sleep cycle and setting your mindset before moving on to the action steps. With this in mind, let’s begin with the first step.

Step # 1 – Never start your weight loss journey with a diet and exercise plan

  • You may be surprised to hear this, but starting out directly with a diet and exercise plan will actually keep you from losing weight. Although diet and exercise are both extremely important for losing weight, they are not the foundations of this plan.

Instead of starting directly through a diet plan, you need to first optimize your sleep cycle to promote weight loss and set up your mindset to achieve success. If you do not have the proper mindset or a goal in mind, you will stop trying along the way.

A Poor sleeping cycle makes your body store fat even if you are following a good diet and exercise plan

Even the best diet in the world can’t help you if your sleep isn’t in order.

sleep is important to weight lossWithout proper sleep, your body is unable to regulate all the hormones that are responsible for helping you lose weight in the first place. So if you intend to consistently lose weight, your body must have a balanced level of weight loss hormones which are only be achievable through proper sleep.

By optimizing your sleep, you help your body maintain the balance of following weight loss hormones:

Insulinwhen you are asleep, insulin is at its lowest levels which automatically enable your metabolism to burn fat. Insulin is one of the primary food and fat storage hormone and it plays a major role in controlling your weight. With proper sleep, you can keep it under control and gear it towards burning fat instead of storing it.

Growth hormonesduring sleep, the body releases tons of growth hormones that are responsible for burning fat, building muscle and repairing tissue. With enough sleep, you make sure your brain is releasing a lot of growth hormones into your system which ultimately aids your weight loss.

Cortisolstress plays a major role in controlling how much fat your body stores. With less stress, you lose more weight. Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone. With enough sleep, your body and mind relaxes and reduces the release of this hormone.

In simple words, imagine how your weight loss journey would end up if all of these crucial hormones are not kept in check. You most likely won’t see many changes in your body especially when your hormones are already going crazy in your 40s.

The ideal sleep consists of at least 6-7 hours minimum of undisturbed sleep. So turn off your smartphones, set a relaxing room temperature and sleep away.

Setting up your mind to face the challenges ahead

Part 2 of step # 1 is to change the way you think about weight loss. Let me be honest with you, weight loss is a huge goal and it should be taken seriously. In order to succeed, you need to make sure you are ready to give up all the bad eating patterns and any habits that put your mind in stress.

Keep in mind that losing weight will take a bit of effort. If you don’t change your mind to accept the challenges and sacrifices that come with losing weight, you will never be able to make any progress. In order to change your mindset to lose weight effectively, you need to find your ‘why’.

Ask yourself a question, WHY are you losing weight? Who are you doing it for? You have to find ‘your why’ before you start any kind of weight loss journey if you really want to progress through our little plan.


Why I Choose To Stay Healthy!

For me, my ‘Why’ has always been the promise I made to my family to always stay fit and healthy so I can live longer and be beside my family when they need me. Your ultimate ‘why’ could be hiding deep inside you. It could be related to your family, it could be about any health related issue, or it could simply be looking good for a loved one.

No matter who or what it is, you need to discover your ‘why’ and turn it into your motivation to lose weight and stay healthy. You’ll be shocked how much effective and easy everything becomes when you find a reason. So sit down and think of what your ultimate reason is to lose weight. When you have found that reason, you can move up the pyramid and start with the second step of this guide.

Step # 2 – Give up on crash diets and follow a sustainable weight loss plan

You really don’t need to follow a hardcore diet plan that restricts your calories and asks you to religiously keep a check on what you’re eating to lose weight. The key is to start with a sustainable weight loss meal plan that is simple yet effective.

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The fun part is that you already know what’s good for you and what’s not. The real problem is getting that good stuff in your body in a consistent and undisturbed way. So instead of following a tough meal plan that wrecks you apart, start by ditching that burger for salmon and add veggies to your meal instead of white bread and rice. Try to find the sweet spot that works for you.

Discover how you can eat healthy food in an enjoyable manner. Don’t fret on the calories and keep consuming the good stuff consistently. It’s as simple as that. Simply read more about what you are eating on the internet to find out if it falls in the healthy food category or not. Once you have developed a daily meal plan “>>or use this one<<” that is healthy and easily follow , you can move to the next step.

Step #4 – Find a daily physical activity instead of exercising

You’d be shocked to hear that formal exercise is the least important part of any this weight loss guide. Many people easily make the mistake of following a tough exercise routine that they can’t follow easily. This usually results in failing half way through the plan.

The key is to find a physical activity that works for you. What if I tell you walking 30 minutes daily with your dog is enough to help you lose weight? You heard that correct, you do not need to hit the gym and workout like a machine in order to lose weight. Remember the more you push yourself, the more you’ll get stressed out. The more you stress out, the less you lose weight.

So instead of finding the perfect formal exercise that consists of weight lifting and/or cardio, why not find a physical activity that you can enjoy doing every day? Here’s the drill, in order to make your body shed some weight, you must perform at least 30-45 minutes of active movement. Now this movement could be anything as I have already discussed above.

If you fail to move about 30-45 minutes a day, your brain will force you to find and eat calorie rich foods which will spark weight gain. If formal exercise in the gym and cardio isn’t your thing, you can still make yourself move about for 30-45 minutes.

Some Ideas:

  1. Park your car farther away so you can walk a bit more
  2. Ditch the elevator/escalator for the stairs
  3. Take the dog for a walk instead of letting them run the yard
  4. Get out and play with the kids or even wrestle them
  5. If you are at the computer a lot take a 5-10 minute stand up and move around break every hour.

It isn’t tough to find something that helps you keep moving. Just remember that your main aim is to fit in at least 30-45 minutes of movement in order to keep your brain from forcing you to eat calorie dense food and sabotage your weight loss plan.

When you have finally mastered the first four steps of this guide, you can now move to the final step.

Step # 5 – Pushing your weight loss plan to its limit by exercising

After you have perfected the 4 most important steps of this guide, you can finally add some sort of formal exercise to maximize your weight loss. Remember that you will probably need a couple of weeks or more depending on your threshold to reach step number 5.

The two types of exercises that I recommend doing is either ‘Fat burning interval cardio’ or ‘strength training’. Depending on your schedule, your temperament and your personal preferences, both of these are just as effective.

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If you are short on time and want to make the best out of your workout, go for high intensity interval cardio which is very effective for anyone short on time. If you are someone who has a bit of time on their hand and want to actually shape their body to look its best, go to a gym and start lifting some weights. Strength training can help you build muscle that will help you keep weight off for a very long time compared to other exercises.

I don’t have to be a weight loss guru to tell you that if you follow these 5 steps, you’ll be losing weight easily and effectively. Just remember, exercise comes in the end. First work on your nutrition and mindset and you’ll be on your way to lose weight the easiest possible way.

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