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Basic FAQ For New Coaches

Have you recently joined the Beachbody Coaching Program? If you are new to the program, you probably have a lot of questions that need to be answered. This little FAQ was written to help new coaches understand how the system works when you press that signup button.

Anyone who joins the program starts it as an Inactive member. There is no need to panic; it is an automated system that will be updated later. However, if you purchased a starter kit during your signup process, then you appear as Active as soon as the system updates itself. The Beachbody system updates itself nearly every Wednesday night. This is a weekly check up to see if the coaches were able to sell at least 50 personal volume points (PV). The system detects all your points in the last 35 or so days. Each product is assigned PV points and you can look at them through the Coach’s office or on the Beachbody online store page when you are logged in as a member.

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What are PVs?

  • Personal Volume points are points that represent the money you have to pay. Each point is equal to a dollar. So for example, if you are buying anything that is priced at $30, you will have spent 30 PVs. Similarly if someone you recommend buys through your account, you earn the PVs for the money they spend. Anything sold through your account or your links or banners through your website will bring you points. You can also buy yourself to add points and later on collect money from your friends or family who purchased the products.
  • Whenever you reach 50 PV during the start, the system will automatically update your status as Active. If you outperformed, you will also earn a coach status which is described in another article. Just keep in mind that the system updates only on Wednesday, so do not panic if you sold a lot and still see yourself as an inactive member.

What is being inactive means for you?

You are still a coach even with an inactive member status. But this also means that you are not performing well in the program. If you fail to sell a number of products or programs in a given time, your status will go inactive. Being inactive does not mean that you will be kicked out of the program or won’t be able to make any commission. Being inactive really actually means that you are not performing too well in convincing people to get a new lifestyle.

Inactivity isn’t important if you just hopped on the train to get 25% discount from all Beachbody products. But if you hope to make extra cash through the coaching system, then you absolutely have to worry about being inactive. The best way to boost your business is to start with smaller products from Beachbody which are really easy to sell. From there on you can bring people to other products such as the P90X.

How important is being Active?

  • Being active is very important if you hope to make extra money through obtaining higher ranks in the system. When you reach new ranks, only then you can make more money and become a diamond coach. There are many coach ranks within the system that benefit you a lot every time a team member sells something. For more information on ranks, read our article on Beachbody Coach ranks. Make sure that you remember to make at least 50 PV in 35 days when you gain a coach status. If you do not make that much, you will automatically be dropped from the emerald or diamond rank. This doesn’t kill your business but is still a drawback in the earnings. This is why it is suggested to keep a team of coaches rather than work alone in this business. After all the more people you have the easier it will be to make more PVs and stay in your rank.
  • Achieving higher ranks isn’t as tough as most people put it up. In fact becoming an emerald coach is easier than you think. Sometimes becoming an emerald coach takes no more than a few weeks. As soon as you start reaching new ranks you will see yourself making mounds of cash and your business will flourish. When you have made enough, you will be allowed to join the Customer Lead Program, which puts customers your way nearly every day. These customers come from the wild, but when they purchase from Beachbody, they are automatically assigned to you as potential returning customers. From there on you keep them updated and whenever they decide to buy again, you will earn rewards.

So becoming an emerald really puts you in the limelight as it makes you become eligible for the customer lead program. You also start earning team cycle bonus which keeps expanding with more people that join your team.

How to qualify for a Customer Lead Program?

There are certain things that should be met before you become eligible for the customer lead program:

  1. You must have at least Emerald Rank
  2. You must have a bio and a before/after picture of yourself on your profile page.
  3. You have to be a club member of Beachbody. This is to ensure that you have enough knowledge about all that Beachbody has to offer.

What happens to my team if my recruits are only there for the discount?

  • It is quite understandable that a lot of people are not interested in online marketing. That is why Beachbody has given them a great option to become a coach and still reap benefits. Once someone signs up to be a coach, he/she immediately starts availing 25% discounts on numerous products from Beachbody. If they wish, they can endorse products by Beachbody and make commission on sales.
  • Even during my first few months as a coach, I only joined to use discounts. After I achieved results from using numerous products from Beachbody, I was approached by many of my friends and family who showed interest in what I had done to achieve such a transformation. I managed to grab their attention naturally, pulling them towards Beachbody and realizing that it was quite easy to grab the attention of people when you could show them results. So even if your friend or family member joined in your team just to avail discounts, it may turn into your favor in the future when they realize that endorsing Beachbody products is a natural process as they move towards their transformation.

Is having your immediate family joining the program beneficial for you?

  • Yes! Having at least two immediate family members in your team can be quite beneficial for you and for them. If you allow your spouse or children to join your team, they will be the ones who will benefit the greatest from the hard work you pull. It works a bit like this; the first two people you add in your team become the core founding members of your coaching team. The people you or they add will become the part of your and their organization, giving you massive bonuses.

The first two people you add must become emerald coaches to avail benefits from your hard work. If they are at least emerald, they will cash on the team efforts that you helped construct. Even if they do not endorse or work for your team as you would expect them to, you are still at a benefit. As long as they help you build a team, you will gradually get bonuses. It definitely doesn’t put you in a bad spot for having someone who doesn’t work like you want them to. But if they do start taking interest, which comes naturally from using the products, you will have an opportunity to double your passive income.

What are the major benefits of having active family members in your coach team?

  1. If you add in two family members, you become emerald. Getting support from your family is easy. This makes becoming an emerald coach extremely easy.
  2. If your family members also become emerald, you are just a few steps away from being Diamond coach. From there on you can also help them get the diamond status to massively boost your team cash-ins.
  3. Having a family member as a coach on your team benefits you in a way because you can always send the sales you make to their account. This gives them points to remain active in the business. As long as they are active, you will keep making money from team cycles. So if you are getting at least 50 PVs each month easily, you should be sharing your sales with the family members to significantly boost your team effort and earnings.
  4. You can help your spouse or family member remain active and reach emerald rank. Once you have two emerald ranks under you, you and your family members will be given a chance to qualify for Customer Lead Program. You will keep getting the team bonuses plus a check every month to cash in for two accounts collecting members through the Customer Lead Program. Getting these two people to sign up for Customer Lead Program means that you will have an endless supply of customers to deal with each month.

What is the best way to endorse Beachbody products and programs?

  • Being a coach for Beachbody has made me realize that there really isn’t any effort needed as long as you put in effort to transform yourself. If you manage transform your body that changed your life forever, people around will you be curious and inspired. This all comes naturally and you can easily convince people to get a product or program that you yourself has tested and gained results from. You can also provide them helpful information and guidance to reach their own goals. From there on they will inspire their friends and family and the process goes on. The best bit is that as long as they are on your team, you keep getting benefits from your team efforts.

Beachbody coaching program is an extremely effective way of producing massive passive income. I have even seen people who have given up their regular jobs to pursue a career as a Beachbody coach. The entire business model is so natural that you can’t lose with it as long as you can inspire others. The best feeling of being a coach in the end is that you are holding yourself responsible for changing the lives of others. So you not only get cash in the end, but also the great feeling that you contributed in fixing up someone else’s life.

If you have already changed your life through the help of any Beachbody product or program, you should not hesitate to join the Beachbody coach program.

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  • nancy says:

    is there a form i need to fill out to run my husband’s account?

  • Elle says:

    How do you know if you get credit for customer orders? Does it tell you when they bought something and what they buy or just that they bought something. Could you send me a picture of what I need to look for? If it doesn’t invade anyone’s privacy?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Yeah you basically log into the coach admin and you can view orders, customer names, what they ordered when and all that fun stuff. Pretty straight forward.

  • DayDay Robinson says:

    If someone orders from will I become thier coach? How does that work?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Correct, if you are a coach and somebody orders via your link they are now your customer and you are their coach.

      • Julie says:

        Hi Chris,
        I have been reading the questions and your wonderful answers. To make sure I understand, if a customer buys from my shop (let’s say a friend I referred), I will become their coach even though I am not Emerald ?

        • FitDadChris says:

          Hey yes correct… you would be their coach and they would be your customer. anything they purchase you will get a commission off of. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Sheela says:

    I am a new coach, how many people have to be under me to start coaching random people who buy a beach body product and get assigned to me as their coach?

  • Lindsay says:

    So, my main question before signing up to be a coach is:
    Can random people get assigned to you to be their coach? I’m considering just becoming a coach for the discount at first…

    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey Lindsay yup that is how it works, but you have to have a few things in place like being an Emerald coach.

      Def worth it for the discounts if you are using the product! I have been using shakeology daily for almost 4 years now and it is a no brainer to be a coach for that discount alone!

  • Brooke says:

    So do you get commission for the new coaches you sign up?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Yes you get a commission when they first sign up, but after that you build volume which turns into money if you read more about that above. You will always earn money from your own customers.

  • Jessica says:

    Hi! I don’t have anyone under me. Do I have to stay Active every month or can I just get the shakeology when ever I need it? Cause I don’t drink it everyday cause of the pomegranate I’m allergic to it. But I can still drink it. I no its werid but anyways it takes me like two months to finish one bag. Can I jst go Active When I get the shakeology. And skip Months that I don’t need it?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Yeah I mean you still get the discount so if you are really just there for that then it is worth it. You just need to see how often you really want to buy it and do the month to make sure it makes sense.

  • Jessica says:

    So I do not have to stay Active? I have no one under me its jst me. So I can get my shakeology. Every so many months then?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey Jessica it really would not matter if you are active or not, but the cheapest way to get SHakeology is to get it on auto ship, but if you are not drinking it all the time it could add up in your closet.

      If you mean active as in paying your monthly fee, then yes in order to get the discount you need to stay active as a beachbody coach.

      Your best bet is really figuring out the month and see how often you buy it and what the costs with the coach fees and discounts are versus just buying it not being a coach.

      Hope that makes sense lol

  • Zarina says:

    Hi Chris,
    I don’t seem to understand one thing. Does promoting beachbody products mean physically selling them to people?
    I built a new website recently, and I plan to earn through affiliate programs, but solely through the posts and banners promoting beachbody. I love its products and I was thinking of having affiliate links which won’t require me to personally contact people or deliver the products to them (on the video of Shakeology page I saw the coaches receiving beachbody products, how they talk on the phone and distribute in person). So I am a bit confused here.

    Would you clarify this moment for me, please?


    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey there you really could do both, it just all depends. If you want to just sell product then yeah you can just link to the products, but if you want to build your team then you will need to speak with people and help them get started.

  • Caroline says:

    I have 3 people who are HD under me. If I discontinue my own HD, does this stop my commission?

    • Caroline says:

      Just to add, I only want to get it about every three months. So should I just keep customizing my shakeology order this way and keep the HD?

  • Pamela says:

    I am considering becoming a coach and was curious about the compensation/commssion structure. As a coach I receive a 25% discount on any product that I purchase. Does this negate any commission or is there a 25% commission paid as well. I have read both on different sites. Thanks.

    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey Pamela would love to have you on the team.

      So if something is $100 and you wanted to buy it, then you get $25 off so it costs you $75

      If someone were to buy a $100 product through you it costs them $100, but you earn the 25% so you make the $25

      Does that explain it better? You won’t earn a commission on your own discount.

      You can also earn commission on volume as well via team cycle bonus which I talk about above.
      Let me know if that helps and lets make something happen 😉

  • Dawn Juneau says:

    in reading the coaching information, they talk about after 30 days you pay a monthly fee of $15.95 that is automatically billed to your credit card. Doesn’t this negate the 25% savings?

    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey Dawn depends what you are buying. If you are going to buy shakeology every month which most coaches do, then yes you save money even with the monthly coaching fee. Even if I was not coaching to build a business it would still be smart for me to be a coach with that fee because I buy shakeology every month. I save money that way, but I always promote the business.

      Also even if you just signed up for the shakeology discount, it always gives you the opportunity when someone asks about it you can just send them your link and if they buy you earn %25 off of what they buy. Pretty good deal either way.
      Make sense?

      • Shannon says:

        What if I wanted to become a coach to benefit from the discounts but I was not interested in the shakeology, but interested in the other products like the performance line etc. would it be worth it?

  • Susana says:

    If I go inactive, and I sign someone else up as a discount coach, do I earn PV from that, or are they the only ones to get PV? Do they HAVE to be only a customer to earn the PV?

    • FitDadChris says:

      You will get PV when they sign up but after that it will be team volume… if you are in active you won’t be able to carry over team volume or cycle on the volume either. Yes as a customer you will earn customer PV

  • Alicia Jackson says:

    This info is great! Do you not make commission off coaches, then? I may have missed that, but wanted some clarification.

    • FitDadChris says:

      Hey Alicia. You earn volume off of coaches. That volume basically converts into $$$
      You will get a %25 commission from your customers, but growing a team and building volume is really the way to grow the business. A mix of both of course is the best! Let me know if you need any more info.

  • Ariel says:

    im a coach and i feel like all the sites are missing a piece of info that i guess isnt there or i am missing myself… customers are asking me what counts as commission sales. Can they sell supplements and just programs, can they sell just shakeo and still make commission etc. all i see EVERYWHERE is, retail sales, challenge packs and shakeo.

  • Lisa Bolster says:

    Hi I was thinking about being a coach for the discountsame to start off… My question is what is the start up price to sign up to be a beach body coach?

    • FitDadChris says:

      hey Lisa so it’s $39.95 to start up, but that fee is waived if you get a challenge pack which I always recommend since you get a workout as well. Otherwise you are just wasting the $39 if you are signing up for the discount. Just my opinion.

      Let me know how else I can help!

  • christina says:

    Do you have to have a certain amount of PV to get paid your commissions? I recently got 85$ in commissions, but it is showing a 0$ check due to me for this coming pay check. I now have my monthly order in, but at the time it was not and now i’m worried I messed up my paycheck.. or should I contact support?

  • Sunri7937 says:

    Is there a way to see if a customer that bought from you went to another coach and bought products and have them as a coach??

  • Ivette says:

    How many PV’s do we need to receive our first check?

    • Selennah Colon says:

      You only need 50 PV to be active-this does not affect your check. As long as you’re active and helping others try the product you will receive commission. It does take about 2-3 weeks. So the more consistent you are the less likely you are to see gaps between checks

  • Kelly says:

    Hello. If I am getting my Shakeology HD every month then I think that means I receive PV even if it’s my own order. Does this PV balance accumulate month after month to something other than to meet the requirement to be active? That is, what I can do with the accumulated PVs from my monthly Shakeology orders if I am only a discount coach? Thanks!

    • Selennah Colon says:

      Hey kelly, your PV does not roll over to keep you active. You have to actively purchase the products each month so as long as you have 50 PV you’re good.what does rollover is team cycle bonus, which active working coaches usually focus on

  • Andrew says:

    I need to know ASAP. Can you still earn commission as a coach on all products. If you aren’t on a monthly auto ship of shakeology?

  • DANIELLE says:

    If I become a discount coach but one month I don’t buy any product, do I still owe the coaching fee of $15.95? I’m in it solely for the discount at this time.

  • Jenn says:

    Hey there…

    So, to be clear — in order for me (as a coach) to reach Emerald, I’d need to have 2 ACTIVE coaches under me? So I can’t just sign up two family members and leave them inactive … they’d have to be ACTIVE in order for me to remain an Emerald?

    Thanks so much for this. 🙂

  • Diane says:

    If I was to become emerald by having a coach on each leg, then after a few months one of those coaches decided they no longer wanted to be a coach, how does that effect my emerald status?

    • Selennah Colon says:

      Yes if that coach becomes inactive you would no longer be emerald, however the goal is to continue building your legs and not relying on the coaches under you but on yourself. Because if you have other coaches under you you can maintain emerald because you still have another coach

  • >