Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching | Rankings Explained

Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching

So basically in Beachbody there are 19 official rankings you can have. Every 7 days ranks and commissions are tallied up since weekly “active” status and rankings will determine the different bonuses.¬† Every Wednesday night at 12AM Eastern the system updates… I love Thursday mornings ūüėČ You can be “Active” or “Inactive” at any rank level. Basically active means you have at least 50 Personal Volume (PV) points within a bonus period (which is every 35 days). Every coach has 2 legs… A right leg and a left leg. The statuses and your bonus will be determined on what is happening in your different legs.


Beachbody Coach Rank Chart

Active Status at Beachbody

Having an active status at Beachbody means that one is maintaining a minimum of 50 personal volume points within every bonus period that is every 35 days. There are two legs for every coach including right and left leg. The status and bonus received by every coach is determined by what goes on in both the legs.

Upon joining the Beachbody coaching program, you become a coach. Becoming a coach allows you to earn 25% commission on the orders that are placed by the customers, while 15% commission is available on club member orders.

Different Coaching Ranks At Beachbody

You can also read about each individual rank here:

There are different coaching statuses at Beachbody including Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.


Emerald Coach

Emerald Coach Rank

One becomes an Emerald coach status if they have two personally sponsored coaches (one in each leg, that are active of course). Personally sponsored coaches are different from usual coaches that are added under you by your upline coaches. After this point, you qualify for the customer lead program as well as earn the team cycle bonus that is equal to $15 to $19 x 40 times every day.

Income of all Emerald coaches in 2012: (Low $14 Average $3,353 High $261,621)


Ruby Coach

Ruby Coach Rank

At Beachbody, one becomes Ruby Rank after two of your personally sponsored coaches gain the Emerald status. After becoming a Ruby coach, you will be able to make greater bonuses (a bigger bonus cycle will await you ; estimated $19 to $22) and you can now cycle up to 75 times a day. Moreover, you will also be able to earn 5 percent of weekly team cycle bonus amounts that are earned by the personally sponsored active Beachbody coaches under you.


Diamond Coach

Diamond Coach Rank

Aside from the Emerald and Ruby status, there is also another status that you can become as a coach at Beachbody called Diamond. You can gain the diamond coach status if you have 6 added personally sponsored coaches (with an active status). The amount of money coaches with a diamond status earn is more than that of Emerald and Ruby. Diamond coaches make  between $22 to $25 in each team cycle bonus whereas the frequency of the cycles also widens for Diamond coaches (150 times a day). Moreover, as a Diamond coach, you will be able to earn 10 percent matching check bonus. There are different levels in Diamond coaches, from 1 star, 2 star, 3 star; all the way up to 15 star and more.

Diamond Ranks At Beachbody

  • As mentioned earlier, there are different Diamond level ranks at Beachbody, which I will be discussing below.

2 Star Diamond

  • A 2 star or Double Star Diamond Coach should have at least 2 personally sponsored Diamond coaches (1 in each leg). Individuals with this rank become eligible to qualify and participate in the 1/2percent diamond bonus pool every quarter.

5 Star Diamond

  • A person with 5 star diamond rank will have 5 personally sponsored Diamond coaches under his name.¬† An added¬†1/2percent is added as quarterly diamond bonus in your account if you have the 5 star diamond status.

10 Start Diamond

  • You must have 10 personally sponsored Diamond coaches. An added¬†1/2percent is added as quarterly diamond bonus in your account if you have the 10 star diamond status.

15 Star Diamond

  • This is the highest rank of diamond coaches available at Beachbody. In order to gain this status, you will have to have 15 personally sponsored Diamond coaches under your name. Once you reach the status, you get 1/2 percent as quarterly diamond bonus. Reaching the 15 star diamond status is a great achievement.

Listen if this all sounds confusing it is because it probably is to you. I know it was for me at first, but I got on numerous phone calls with my coach and he helped me figure it out. I want to help you figure it out. I am doing this business because it is working! Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions. My team is growing and learning everyday and I want you on the team!

With Beachbody On Demand it is so simple to sell the Beachbody program these days!



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