Basic FAQ For New Coaches

Have you recently joined the Beachbody Coaching Program? If you are new to the program, you probably have a lot of questions that need to be answered. This little FAQ was written to help new coaches understand how the system works when you press that signup button.

Anyone who joins the program starts it as an Inactive member. There is no need to panic; it is an automated system that will be updated later. However, if you purchased a starter kit during your signup process, then you appear as Active as soon as the system updates itself. The Beachbody system updates itself nearly every Wednesday night. This is a weekly check up to see if the coaches were able to sell at least 50 personal volume points (PV). The system detects all your points in the last 35 or so days. Each product is assigned PV points and you can look at them through the Coach’s office or on the Beachbody online store page when you are logged in as a member.

What are PVs?

  • Personal Volume points are points that represent the money you have to pay. Each point is equal to a dollar. So for example, if you are buying anything that is priced at $30, you will have spent 30 PVs. Similarly if someone you recommend buys through your account, you earn the PVs for the money they spend. Anything sold through your account or your links or banners through your website will bring you points. You can also buy yourself to add points and later on collect money from your friends or family who purchased the products.
  • Whenever you reach 50 PV during the start, the system will automatically update your status as Active. If you outperformed, you will also earn a coach status which is described in another article. Just keep in mind that the system updates only on Wednesday, so do not panic if you sold a lot and still see yourself as an inactive member.

What is being inactive means for you?

You are still a coach even with an inactive member status. But this also means that you are not performing well in the program. If you fail to sell a number of products or programs in a given time, your status will go inactive. Being inactive does not mean that you will be kicked out of the program or won’t be able to make any commission. Being inactive really actually means that you are not performing too well in convincing people to get a new lifestyle.

Inactivity isn’t important if you just hopped on the train to get 25% discount from all Beachbody products. But if you hope to make extra cash through the coaching system, then you absolutely have to worry about being inactive. The best way to boost your business is to start with smaller products from Beachbody which are really easy to sell. From there on you can bring people to other products such as the P90X.

How important is being Active?

  • Being active is very important if you hope to make extra money through obtaining higher ranks in the system. When you reach new ranks, only then you can make more money and become a diamond coach. There are many coach ranks within the system that benefit you a lot every time a team member sells something. For more information on ranks, read our article on Beachbody Coach ranks. Make sure that you remember to make at least 50 PV in 35 days when you gain a coach status. If you do not make that much, you will automatically be dropped from the emerald or diamond rank. This doesn’t kill your business but is still a drawback in the earnings. This is why it is suggested to keep a team of coaches rather than work alone in this business. After all the more people you have the easier it will be to make more PVs and stay in your rank.
  • Achieving higher ranks isn’t as tough as most people put it up. In fact becoming an emerald coach is easier than you think. Sometimes becoming an emerald coach takes no more than a few weeks. As soon as you start reaching new ranks you will see yourself making mounds of cash and your business will flourish. When you have made enough, you will be allowed to join the Customer Lead Program, which puts customers your way nearly every day. These customers come from the wild, but when they purchase from Beachbody, they are automatically assigned to you as potential returning customers. From there on you keep them updated and whenever they decide to buy again, you will earn rewards.

So becoming an emerald really puts you in the limelight as it makes you become eligible for the customer lead program. You also start earning team cycle bonus which keeps expanding with more people that join your team.

How to qualify for a Customer Lead Program?

There are certain things that should be met before you become eligible for the customer lead program:

  1. You must have at least Emerald Rank
  2. You must have a bio and a before/after picture of yourself on your profile page.
  3. You have to be a club member of Beachbody. This is to ensure that you have enough knowledge about all that Beachbody has to offer.

What happens to my team if my recruits are only there for the discount?

  • It is quite understandable that a lot of people are not interested in online marketing. That is why Beachbody has given them a great option to become a coach and still reap benefits. Once someone signs up to be a coach, he/she immediately starts availing 25% discounts on numerous products from Beachbody. If they wish, they can endorse products by Beachbody and make commission on sales.
  • Even during my first few months as a coach, I only joined to use discounts. After I achieved results from using numerous products from Beachbody, I was approached by many of my friends and family who showed interest in what I had done to achieve such a transformation. I managed to grab their attention naturally, pulling them towards Beachbody and realizing that it was quite easy to grab the attention of people when you could show them results. So even if your friend or family member joined in your team just to avail discounts, it may turn into your favor in the future when they realize that endorsing Beachbody products is a natural process as they move towards their transformation.

Is having your immediate family joining the program beneficial for you?

  • Yes! Having at least two immediate family members in your team can be quite beneficial for you and for them. If you allow your spouse or children to join your team, they will be the ones who will benefit the greatest from the hard work you pull. It works a bit like this; the first two people you add in your team become the core founding members of your coaching team. The people you or they add will become the part of your and their organization, giving you massive bonuses.

The first two people you add must become emerald coaches to avail benefits from your hard work. If they are at least emerald, they will cash on the team efforts that you helped construct. Even if they do not endorse or work for your team as you would expect them to, you are still at a benefit. As long as they help you build a team, you will gradually get bonuses. It definitely doesn’t put you in a bad spot for having someone who doesn’t work like you want them to. But if they do start taking interest, which comes naturally from using the products, you will have an opportunity to double your passive income.

What are the major benefits of having active family members in your coach team?

  1. If you add in two family members, you become emerald. Getting support from your family is easy. This makes becoming an emerald coach extremely easy.
  2. If your family members also become emerald, you are just a few steps away from being Diamond coach. From there on you can also help them get the diamond status to massively boost your team cash-ins.
  3. Having a family member as a coach on your team benefits you in a way because you can always send the sales you make to their account. This gives them points to remain active in the business. As long as they are active, you will keep making money from team cycles. So if you are getting at least 50 PVs each month easily, you should be sharing your sales with the family members to significantly boost your team effort and earnings.
  4. You can help your spouse or family member remain active and reach emerald rank. Once you have two emerald ranks under you, you and your family members will be given a chance to qualify for Customer Lead Program. You will keep getting the team bonuses plus a check every month to cash in for two accounts collecting members through the Customer Lead Program. Getting these two people to sign up for Customer Lead Program means that you will have an endless supply of customers to deal with each month.

What is the best way to endorse Beachbody products and programs?

  • Being a coach for Beachbody has made me realize that there really isn’t any effort needed as long as you put in effort to transform yourself. If you manage transform your body that changed your life forever, people around will you be curious and inspired. This all comes naturally and you can easily convince people to get a product or program that you yourself has tested and gained results from. You can also provide them helpful information and guidance to reach their own goals. From there on they will inspire their friends and family and the process goes on. The best bit is that as long as they are on your team, you keep getting benefits from your team efforts.

Beachbody coaching program is an extremely effective way of producing massive passive income. I have even seen people who have given up their regular jobs to pursue a career as a Beachbody coach. The entire business model is so natural that you can’t lose with it as long as you can inspire others. The best feeling of being a coach in the end is that you are holding yourself responsible for changing the lives of others. So you not only get cash in the end, but also the great feeling that you contributed in fixing up someone else’s life.

If you have already changed your life through the help of any Beachbody product or program, you should not hesitate to join the Beachbody coach program.

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Personal Trainers & Beachbody Coaching The Perfect Match

I have been thinking about writing this for awhile now, considering one of our top earners on our team is a Personal Trainer!

You are a personal trainer… you have clients… think about them for a minute and think about when they buy products you suggest or pay enrollment fees at the gym? Where does it go?

Not to you.. it goes to the gyms, the GNC’s, the Vitamin Shops etc….

In a nutshell you can sell Beachbody products and make a 25% commission!


Many personal trainers add Beachbody Coaching to their trainer/instructor business as a way to help more people reach their goals.  It is also a way to make extra money without killing yourself in the gym day in and day out.  Trainers often quickly realize that this coaching opportunity is much more and creates financial freedom to teach and train when you want and how often you want.  What trainer does not want to create their own schedule?? The possibility of making more money with Beachbody coaching vs training is very attainable. You can reach more clients all over the United States, inspire them and make more money without having to get more expensive certifications or carrying any overhead.  Why would you not want to do what you love and make more money with it, while expanding your client base and inspiring people to get in the best shape of their lives?

Nutrition & Training Sessions

  • We all know diet is key and Beachbody is a great way to get your clients nutrition on track! Adding Shakeology to their diets is a great solution to skipping breakfast and/or fast food meals. Many of your clients only do maybe 2 or 3 sessions a week so for the ones that need a bit more you can suggest one of the Beachbody workouts. The more you can offer your clients the longer they will be YOUR  clients! The coaching opportunity is a great companion to what you are already doing and with NO RISK, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Are you:

  • Suggesting clients take protein shakes or meal replacement drinks?
  • Suggesting clients take a multiple vitamin
  • Fish oil
  • Calcium
  • Pre – Workout Drink
  • Post – Workout Drink

You get the point! Unless you are selling your own product or have a deal with your gym or the local nutrition store you are leaving money on the able.

How would you like:

  • No inventory
  • Weekly Checks
  • Monthly Residual Income
  • The ability to build a team doing the same thing

How Much Money Can You Make?

Basically you can make 25% off of any products you sell and the supplements like Shakeology, Energy & Endurance, P90X Results & Recovery are the big sellers and most people buy on Home Direct which means they get it auto shipped every month, which means YOU get paid every month on that order!

Here is a breakdown of what you can make off sales of the popular products. Click Product Name For More Info!

 What You Get When You Sign Up

  • A company that spends $100 million each year infomercials so people know the brand name of Beachbody.
  • 3 professional websites to sell from.
  • FREE Customers??? Yes when a customer purchases a product from infomercials or Beachbody they are assigned to a qualifying coach. That means your client base is being built for you another way. You will earn a commission on any future purchases from that person.

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Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching

So basically in Beachbody there are 19 official rankings you can have. Every 7 days ranks and commissions are tallied up since weekly “active” status and rankings will determine the different bonuses.  Every Wednesday night at 12AM Eastern the system updates… I love Thursday mornings 😉 You can be “Active” or “Inactive” at any rank level. Basically active means you have at least 50 Personal Volume (PV) points within a bonus period (which is every 35 days). Every coach has 2 legs… A right leg and a left leg. The statuses and your bonus will be determined on what is happening in your different legs.


Beachbody Coach Rank Chart

You can download an updated copy of the Coach Compensation Plan here…

Active Status at Beachbody

Having an active status at Beachbody means that one is maintaining a minimum of 50 personal volume points within every bonus period that is every 35 days. There are two legs for every coach including right and left leg. The status and bonus received by every coach is determined by what goes on in both the legs.

Upon joining the Beachbody coaching program, you become a coach. Becoming a coach allows you to earn 25% commission on the orders that are placed by the customers, while 15% commission is available on club member orders.

Income of all active coaches in 2012: (Low $0 Average $3,948 High $1,645,484)

Different Coaching Ranks At Beachbody

You can also read about each individual rank here:

There are different coaching statuses at Beachbody including Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.


Emerald Coach

Emerald Coach Rank

One becomes an Emerald coach status if they have two personally sponsored coaches (one in each leg, that are active of course). Personally sponsored coaches are different from usual coaches that are added under you by your upline coaches. After this point, you qualify for the customer lead program as well as earn the team cycle bonus that is equal to $15 to $19 x 40 times every day.

Income of all Emerald coaches in 2012: (Low $14 Average $3,353 High $261,621)


Ruby Coach

Ruby Coach Rank

At Beachbody, one becomes Ruby Rank after two of your personally sponsored coaches gain the Emerald status. After becoming a Ruby coach, you will be able to make greater bonuses (a bigger bonus cycle will await you ; estimated $19 to $22) and you can now cycle up to 75 times a day. Moreover, you will also be able to earn 5 percent of weekly team cycle bonus amounts that are earned by the personally sponsored active Beachbody coaches under you.

Income of all Ruby coaches in 2012: (Low $1,869 Average $11,011 High $62,840)


Diamond Coach

Diamond Coach Rank

Aside from the Emerald and Ruby status, there is also another status that you can become as a coach at Beachbody called Diamond. You can gain the diamond coach status if you have 6 added personally sponsored coaches (with an active status). The amount of money coaches with a diamond status earn is more than that of Emerald and Ruby. Diamond coaches make  between $22 to $25 in each team cycle bonus whereas the frequency of the cycles also widens for Diamond coaches (150 times a day). Moreover, as a Diamond coach, you will be able to earn 10 percent matching check bonus. There are different levels in Diamond coaches, from 1 star, 2 star, 3 star; all the way up to 15 star and more.

Income of all Diamond coaches in 2012: (Low $212 Average $18,175 High $136,818)

Diamond Ranks At Beachbody

  • As mentioned earlier, there are different Diamond level ranks at Beachbody, which I will be discussing below.

2 Star Diamond

  • A 2 star or Double Star Diamond Coach should have at least 2 personally sponsored Diamond coaches (1 in each leg). Individuals with this rank become eligible to qualify and participate in the 1/2percent diamond bonus pool every quarter.

5 Star Diamond

  • A person with 5 star diamond rank will have 5 personally sponsored Diamond coaches under his name.  An added 1/2percent is added as quarterly diamond bonus in your account if you have the 5 star diamond status.

10 Start Diamond

  • You must have 10 personally sponsored Diamond coaches. An added 1/2percent is added as quarterly diamond bonus in your account if you have the 10 star diamond status.

15 Star Diamond

  • This is the highest rank of diamond coaches available at Beachbody. In order to gain this status, you will have to have 15 personally sponsored Diamond coaches under your name. Once you reach the status, you get 1/2 percent as quarterly diamond bonus. Reaching the 15 star diamond status is a great achievement.

Income of all Star Diamond coaches in 2012: (Low $1,299 Average $90,746 High $1,645,484)

Listen if this all sounds confusing it is because it probably is to you. I know it was for me at first, but I got on numerous phone calls with my coach and he helped me figure it out. I want to help you figure it out. I am doing this business because it is working! Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions. My team is growing and learning everyday and I want you on the team!


Diamond Coach

Watch the video at bottom of page for the quick 1 minute guide to what you need to be a Diamond Coach.

Diamond is the next rank after becoming Ruby in  the Beachbody business.

d-coachHow To Become A Diamond Coach

  • You must have 8 personally sponsored active “50PV”coaches, 4 in each leg.
  • You must have 1 Emerald coach in each leg.
  • Once you do this you will be a Diamond coach and you can now earn $18 on Team Cycle Bonuses.

There are several levels of a Beachbody coach at Beachbody. 15 Star Diamond Beachbody coach is the highest level of a coach. Becoming one is not quite hard but it requires some dedication towards your goals. You must also meet the prerequisite of being a Diamond Coach before becoming a Diamond Star Beachbody coach.

To put it in very simple words, before you can become a Diamond coach, you must have at least 8 active coaches under you, of which at least 2 should hold the Emerald status. If one of your coaches reach the Diamond Beachbody coach status, you become a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach. Similarly, if another one of your coach becomes a Diamond Coach, you get the status of 2 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach. This keeps on going as follows:

1 Star Diamond

  • Coach must be Diamond
  • Must have at least 1 PS Diamond
  • Must have at least 10 PS active coaches under

2 Star Diamond

  • Coach must be diamond
  • Should have at least 1 PS diamond on each leg
  • Should have at least 2 PS Diamonds
  • Must have at least 12 PS active coaches

3 Star Diamond

  • Coach must be diamond
  • Must have at least 1 PS diamond on each leg
  • Must have at least 3 PS diamonds
  • Must have at least 14 PS active coaches

4 Star Diamond

  • Coach must be diamond
  • Must have at least 1 PS diamond on each leg
  • Must have at least 4 PS Diamonds
  • Must have at least 16 PS active coaches including diamonds


Ruby Coach

Watch the video at bottom of page for the quick 1 minute guide to what you need to be a Ruby Coach.

Ruby is the next rank after becoming Emerald in the Beachbody business.

Ruby Coach

Ruby Coach

How To Become A Ruby Coach

  • You must have 4 personally sponsored active coaches “50PV”, 2 in each leg.
  • You must have 1 Emerald coach in each leg.
  • Once  you do this you will now be a Ruby coach and you can now earn $16 from each Team Cycle Bonus.


Questions? Comments? Leave them below or get in touch!


Emerald Coach

emerald coach

emerald coach

Watch the video at bottom of page for the quick 1 minute guide to what you need to be an Emerald Coach.

Basically Emerald Coach is the first rank you will reach in the Beachbody organization and it is a very important one. Not only can you earn money on team cycle volume you can also get FREE customers from Beachbody!

How to Become an Emerald Coach

  • You will need two personally sponsored active coaches “50 PV”. One in your left leg and one in your right leg.
  • Once you do that you are Emerald. You are now able to cycle on team volume and earn $14 per cycle.

Why FREE Customers Are Awesome And How To Qualify

  • Let me tell you that becoming Emerald and being eligble for FREE customers from Beachbody is awesome. Basically Beachbody is spending over $100 million dollars a year on advertising. So when people buy a workout via the infomercials or via the main Beachbody site they are now in need of a coach. Beachbody hands off these customers to eligible Emerald or higher coaches. You can now get in touch with them, give advice on workouts etc…. When they decide to buy another workout, shakeology or other supplements you get the commission. You can also get them to become coaches!
  • In fact today a FREE customer I was given just became a coach. I touched base with him on Facebook and we kept in touch for a few months. He and his wife are having great results with P90X and now Insanity so they decided to become coaches! Awesome!

OK How To Qualify

  1. OK you are now Emerald… Check!
  2. Become a Team Beachbody Club Member ($2.99/week)
  3. Fill out your Team Beachbody Profile with at least a “before” picture

Do those three things and you will now get FREE customers.

OK So How Are Theses Customers Given Out? Do The Higher Ranked Coaches Get More? How Many Free Customers Am I Going To Get?

  • These free customers are given out evenly to all coaches that qualify for the program. It does not matter what rank you are, as long as you are eligible you get the same amount of customers.
  • My wife and I have been eligible for FREE customers since April 1, 2013 that is only a little over 3 months ago and we have 81 FREE customers from the program. Update as of July 2014 we have total 184 FREE customers. Some have even become coaches and bought more products which makes us money!
  • From what I have heard from other coaches is there are usually more given out from December – April since that is New Years resolution time. I just wish I had been eligible for the new year. I am now so we move on.
  • If these numbers seem small you need to look at the big picture and know they will add up. Every time a new product comes out Beachbody is marketing to them as well, and they are being marketed in the videos.

The Big Picture In All Of This

  • What you need to understand is the big picture potential of how this works. Getting free customers is an awesome thing, but what if you built a team of 50 coaches, 100 coaches, or even 1000 coaches, and they are all getting these FREE customers too! The volume that will create is huge!

Check out this post from the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler

Beachbody gave out over 800,000 FREE customers to qualifying coaches in 2012!


Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler Talking About FREE Customers

Questions? Comments? Leave them below. I want you on the team!




Is The Beachbody Coach Program A Pyramid Scheme?

pyramidWhen I first heard about Beachbody coach program from a close friend I instantly labeled it a pyramid scheme. It is true that the business model that Beachbody promotes sounds like a typical pyramid scheme when you first hear it. I don’t blame anyone for thinking like that when I tell them about being a Beachbody coach. Even after a year of my involvement in this business, a lot of friends have often labeled the Beachbody coach program a pyramid scheme. Today I am going to try and explain why being a Beachbody coach is not joining a pyramid scheme.

My Quick Story

  • Before I begin on the core differences, I’d like to share my story with you, the story that made me a Beachbody coach. When I first tried out Power 90 back in 2001, a popular workout program by Beachbody, I instantly became a fan of the company. This is because I saw a lot of difference in my physique after regularly following the program. Fast forward to 2009 I gave the Insanity Workout a try. This is when I came to know about Beachbody coach program. Initially, I was only going to join the program so that I could save the 25% discount that comes with it. But the thought of acting like a sales person was always there until I finally started reading about the program in detail.

A Different Opportunity

  • During my research I figured out that Beachbody coaching program is an entirely different opportunity. It isn’t a pyramid scheme because unlike those schemes, the team you create can always surpass you in earnings. In a typical pyramid scheme, people under the top tier guy/gal always stay under their income limit. As far as Beachbody coach program is concerned, you always have the chance to make more money than the one who got you in the business. The core concept of the business is to get people in it and help them change their lives not just financially, but also physically. In normal pyramid schemes, you simply get someone in so that you get extra commission from the sales they make. In Beachbody coach program, the catch is similar but it depends a lot on the people under you. If these people are not helpful to others, they can’t possibly make any profit; hence you also do not get anything. Basically it is not about getting people, it is about finding motivated people who want to work hard, get results, and help others do the same!

Whats Gonna Work? TEAMWORK!

  • One thing I love about being a Beachbody coach is the teamwork that is involved. Without  involving yourself with your team, you cannot hope to succeed. The entire business revolves around the team you forge and how everyone in that team performs. This structure has carefully been designed by Beachbody so that it does not become a typical pyramid scheme. On top of that, if you have ever tried something from Beachbody, you will be happy to talk about their products. I personally love Beachbody because I have been using their products and programs for years now. So I love spreading the word and help people change their lives forever.

Work Hard… Learn Skills… Succeed…

  • There are tons of examples from different Beachbody  teams where coaches who joined four years later under their key sponsor are making more money. This is how this business works; if you work hard and train others you get the best bonuses out of the team. But if you or your team fails to work together, it will be a lot hard to succeed. I have actually never come across and organization that promotes health this way. The Beachbody coach program is all about hard work and changing lives for others. Think about it this way: the more fit you are, the more effort you put in, the more money you make. This is no quick fix or get rich quick. Like anything good in life you need to work to get it!

Changing Lives… Feeling Good… Earning Money…

  • Being a Beachbody coach is a gratifying experience. You not only get 25% off from most of the products offered at Beachbody, but you also get the chance to work with other people to help change lives. If you are successful, you massively boost your income. Imagine earning as much as a lawyer or a doctor or even an engineer. The good thing about being a Beachbody coach is that you get to choose your working hours and how you want to work it. Something that gives you freedom is quite rare these days.

Why Would I Not Share This Opportunity?

  • The only reason I push people to join the program is because I strongly believe in the stuff that Beachbody, as a company, puts out. The company works with some of the best trainers in the United States to come up with very effective exercising programs and supplements. I mean if you look closely, who hasn’t heard of P90X or the Insanity workout? I strongly believe in the products and programs and that is the only reason I joined the Beachbody coach program. I have experienced these programs and supplements and they have helped me change my life. Now I am helping others change their lives and making sure that once they reach their goals, they help their friends and family so we can have a country that is free from serious health problems like Obesity.

So finally, if you encounter someone who calls this program a pyramid scheme, make sure you educate them and tell them that you don’t support illegal businesses. Beachbody coach is clearly not a pyramid scheme, but due to its resemblance, a lot of people believe it to be one. Tell them the truth next time you hear them say this!

Beachbody Coaches Get Free Customers

Hey FREE is better then cheap right?

I have been in affiliate marketing for a long time and have done pretty well with it over the years. The main thing with traditional affiliate marketing is that you send a visitor from your site somewhere to buy a product. Sure you might make a sale, but you lose the customer forever!

With Beachbody it is different. When someone buys a product via you, then you get that customer in your system. You can call them, email them and market however you want to them. In fact if they decide to buy another workout or supplement down the road you get the commission. You are building a client list that will grow and last and produce for you.

Ok back to the FREE customers….

Sorry I got a bit off track, but it was important to explain what a customer is to you as a Beachbody Coach.

Where do the customers come from?

  • Ever turn on your TV on a weekend morning and see a commercial for P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop abs etc…? Of course you have. This is where the customers come from. Beachbody is spending around $100 million on advertising and giving the customers they get to us! In the last 30 days I have gotten 22 FREE customers!
  • When compared to other home base business opportunities there is nobody doing this. Beachbody is a no brainer!

How do you make money from them?

  • The great thing is these customers have bought a product whether it be P90X, Insanity, they are being marketed to in the videos. Try the recovery drink, try shakeology etc.. when they go and buy anything else you will earn a commission. In the last 30 days I made $200 from 2 free customers who ended up buying and Ultimate Reset and Results & Recovery.

So How Do I Become Eligible?

  • There is a small, but very reasonable catch. To quality for the Beachbody Free Customer program there are a few things you need to do.
  1. Become an Emerald Coach. To become Emerald you need to sponsor 2 active coaches, one in your right leg and one in your left leg.
  2. Be a Club Member
  3. Have a completed Team Beachbody Profile page with at least a “before” photo and bio.

The above requirements are very simple to meet and if you are to take this business to the next level you will need to do this. The hardest part is becoming Emerald, but I will help you get there and I have seen people get there in less then a months time.

In my opinion Beachbody had to come up with some sort of requirements for us to qualify. This is a great incentive to get coaches to sponsor at least 2 people into the business. Without these requirements so many people would sign up to be a coach and expect free customers, but that would just not work. This system is Beachbodys’ way of rewarding coaches who are serious about the business and have taken the next step to become Emerald. If you do not think you can sponsor at least two people into the business, then Beachbody Coaching is probably not for you.

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Become a Beachbody Coach

Are You Ready?

First a quote from Les Brown

  • “We live in a world where we are told more about our limitations than our potential”

I find this so true when I talk to people today. All I hear is negativity and excuses 90% of the time. When I finally talk to someone who wants change in their life and is willing to work for it, that is a breath of fresh air!

I see people succeeding in huge ways everyday! I’m not letting the President, the job market, the economy and negative thinking get in my way.

OK rant over… now onto why Team Beachbody is a great opportunity for anyone in shape or outta shape!

Back in 2007 Beachbody decided to create a direct selling opportunity instead of selling their products the traditional way in retail stores. Although still fairly new this home based business opportunity has already paid out millions in commissions and this is only the beginning!


Click Here to Sign Up!

The great thing about this is you do not need to be a fitness expert or a personal trainer and getting started is so easy it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Once you are signed up you will recieve and business kit, 3 Training DVD’s, step by step training/marketing materials, and 3 of your very own websites.

As a Beachbody Coach you also save 25% on all products, many people just join for the discount.

Here Are A Few Highlights Of Being A Coach

  • Super Low Start Up Cost
  • No Inventory to buy
  • No dealing with billing, shipping, or customer service. Beachbody handles this
  • My Favorite… Unlimited Earning Potential

The Benefits of Joining My Team!

  • Access to not only me, but other coaches who have experience and the desire to help you go farther in this business.
  • Direct access to me day in day out. I love to talk and brainstorm and make things happen!
  • Once you join I will give you the tools to make things happen. My goal is to help you reach Emerald status as fast as you can. Expect some work up front for sure!
  • If you would like I can help you set up a blog just like this one and get traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I have every interested in seeing my team succeed! I will do everything I can to help grow their business.


Why I Do This!

Beachbody = Results City!

I have been a user of Beachbody products since 2001 before coaching was around. Because of Insanity and P90X I am at 35 in the best shape of my life! I want to help others achieve those same goals and feel good mentally & monetarily.

Beachbody Pays The Bills

Think about it for a moment… what kind of money would it take to change your life? The fact is when I started all I wanted to do was cover a $300 a month car payment. I have since then multiplied that. Most people just need a little extra cash to give them some breathing room and Beachbody can help.


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The $39.95 sign up fee is waived when you sign up with a Challenge Pack. I highly suggest signing up with a challenge pack. Not only do you get a workout/shakeology at a discounted price they waive the $39.95 fee. As a Beachbody Coach, a big part of this is being a product of the product so you should be using a workout or drinking shakeology.  If you are not willing to start a workout or give Shakeology a try for a few months, then this business is probably not for you. From experience I can tell you that there are no successful coaches that are not actively doing one of the workouts or drinking Shakeology themselves.

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**Important Note:

If you already have a Team Beachbody account, and were assigned a Coach, you will automatically be placed with that Coach during your Beachbody Coach sign up process. If you don’t want to be placed with whoever your assigned Coach is, and want to join my fast growing team, just follow the steps in the screenshot image below. Be sure to enter in the Coach ID# 138818




How Much Does it Cost to be a Beachbody Coach?


So What Does it Cost?

Cost Of Becoming A Beachbody Coach

Ever wondered what it costs to become a Beachbody coach and what you will  need to do in order to become one. When I started researching this, the information I got was rather scarce. However, after taking the plunge and becoming a coach I finally discovered what exactly needs to be done, and  I thought I’d share the information with you all too.

You can decide between two different types of cost scenarios but choosing between cost scenarios is again up to you as it depends on why you want to be a coach. Do you want to be a coach to save money on products, do you want to make money, or do you want to do both.

I am not hiding anything from you as well. This is your own business so you should expect to have some start up costs. In reality these start up costs are less then a typical dinner out.

The two cost options that I mentioned earlier can be summed up as below:

  • Buying BeachBody Products for the  25% Discount: Choosing this option would cost you $39.95 that will be paid out as sign up fee while another $15.95 will be paid every month following the initial sign up fee. However, there is nothing more to it. No added fees or costs whatsoever. This is the simplest sign up process. After the 1 time $39.95 fee you will pay $15.95 a month to be a coach, but you will save 25% off of all products. Most people who use Shakeology every month will do this because they end up saving about $20 a month. Not a bad deal!


  • Enjoying a 25% Discount & Making Money From Sales: if you want to use a BeachBody program to build a business and also provide products to people, you will have to pay $39.95, the usual sign up fee unless you buy a challenge pack as that would help to waive off the one time fee. You still to pay $15.95 a month. This gets you your websites as well so it is money well spent. Aside from these two, in order to remain active, you will have to buy or sell 50 volume points worth of merchandise “about $55” after every 35 days or refer people merchandise worth the same money.

(However, if you buy the Challenge Pack whilst the coach sign up process is going on, you will not be required to pay the $39.95 as sign up fee. The cost of every challenge pack is between the range of $160 to $305. The price depends on the workouts you choose and the food items you choose to eat).


Understanding The Real Picture

On the Beachbody Coaching’s FAQ page, it will cost $39.95 for anyone to wants to start the Beachbody business. The price includes the Business Service Fees (1st month’s), along with the Coach Business Kit. While I cannot say that this isn’t true, there is more to the real picture than just this.

After you pay $39.95 as activation fee, you are going to pay $15.95 as monthly fee in order to stay in the program and get your official Beacbody sites like these Beachbody Coach Page, Shakeology Page, and your Ultimate Reset Page. This monthly fee is referred to as Business Service Fee by Beachbody. This fee is a monthly service fee which is responsible for supporting your personal web site and online office tools. In order to get bonus payments and commissions, one should pay all business service fees on time.

Upon Joining Beachbody Coaching

  • After you join the coaching program, your account status is inactive. This is due to the fact that your account is new and because you haven’t been able to sell anything as yet. Your status will be changed depending on your personal volume points, denoted by PV. The day you earn 50 PV (which will have to be earned in the last 35 days because you will have to make sales in that time period), your status will automatically be switched to Active. Every item at Beachbody comes with different PV points; the points you earn by selling each item depends on its price. The higher the price of the product, the higher the points you will get upon selling it.
  • For instance, 50 PV points are equal to about $55 worth of an item; meaning that if you sell $55 worth of Beachbody item, you get 50 PV points. The plus point is that the PV points include your purchases as well along with the purchases that are made by the customer, either through Beachbody’s site or affiliate links. Additionally, if you want your status to be changed directly without having to fulfill a certain criterion, you may choose to buy the Challenge pack while the coach signup process is going on as that will help in changing the status directly. Beachbody’s system is updated every Thursday morning, so for example if you buy the Challenge pack on Tuesday, your status will be changed to Active on Thursday.
  • When I was starting out, I was under the impression that I will have to spend $55 every month to stay active but this isn’t true. If you are selling 50 personal volume points worth of products each month, you will not have to purchase anything on your own. Moreover, you will also not have to be active to receive commissions. But this comes with a catch. You can receive commissions even if you are not active but you cannot receive bonuses. There is a big difference between bonuses and commissions. Commissions are earned through customers while bonuses are earned through coaches that you invite to join your team and so on. This might sound a bit complicated but you can join my team and I will explain it all to you in detail.
  • If you plan on becoming successful at Beachbody and have a successful Beachbody business, you will have to choose the products wisely. Of course! But it is not that difficult to maintain your active status and have a good business as Beachbody because there are many tempting products that you can easily sell. Take for example Shakeology. Placing a home direct order for the product will help you earn 90 PV each month. In fact, in my opinion, you should place an order yourself so that you can give others its samples so they like it and then place an order of their own. I have been drinking Shakeology pretty much everyday for the last year.  I have no problems showing and telling other people how awesome it is!
  • I have a lot to keep myself active. For instance, Shakeology’s samples and supply, workout programs, equipment, Ultimate Reset supplements and so much more. The thing I love about this business is that you purchase products that you feel like using and want others to use too. Products that are going to help in improving your life not just physically but also from a monetary point of view.
  • What you can do is that you can also use Beachbody Coaching Business just as you use other affiliate programs. The company gives 25 percent discount on every sale that you refer (exclusive of shipping and handling costs). Whenever you start, you are not expected to build a team right away as you can get started on your own. However in my opinion, having a support team is the right way to increase the overall profit you earn through the coaching program. What I like best about the coaching program is that you are not REQUIRED to do anything. You can do whatever you are comfortable doing; trust me business was never this easy!!

Becoming Successful At Beachbody

  • Say that your motive is not just to sell Beachbody products to earn small commissions. Rather, you have a passion to proceed and make it to the top. What should you do? In my opinion, you should become an Emerald Coach. To become one, you will have to personally sponsor 2 coaches under you.
  • There are several perks of becoming an Emerald Coach. First and foremost, you become eligible to enroll in the Beachbody Customer Lead Program. To sum it up, Beachbody provides you with customers but for this to happen, you have to become a member of Team Beachbody Club for which you will have to pay a fee of $38.87 every 90 days. There are a few other steps, like filling out your Teambeachbody profile, but it is all worth it when you get free customers. Remember that $100 million a year Beachbody spends on advertising? Well all those customers from the infomercials are handed off to Emerald coaches. Pretty sweet right!

Other Costs To Keep In Mind

  • After you establish yourself as a Beachbody Coach, you might want to take a few things into consideration that are going to help you expand your business. These things include setting up your own site, product samples, business cards and more. All these things such as business cards, brochures, t-shirts, promotional DVDs and others can be ordered by visiting an area offered by Beachbody in their online ‘office’. All of these items are available for a price tag (of course). For example, 250 single sided cards can be purchased for $28.99.
  • I personally believe that once you get your bearings, you should invest in these items because at the end of the day, you are looking to market and establish yourself and not the brand and in order to do so, you will have to make an extra effort. When I was deciding what to buy, I got myself the business cards but I thought it was a poor choice because nobody cares about business cards anymore. In the end it actually works out well, because now when I see someone who is in great shape or has potential I hand them a card and say hey check this out! You are getting in great shape, why don’t you make some money from it.
  • I also feel that you should definitely choose to establish your site or blog as that is really going to help you market effectively. Beachbody gives individuals their own store but the only way that ‘store’ will be accessed by others is if it has an online presence. See, the internet platform is massive. There are gazillion of sites and people won’t be redirected to your site on their own. You have to give them a reason to visit your site or blog to learn more about the products. Every business does has its own website or blog especially nowadays and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. Put a site together and make it interactive. I can help you every step of the way with your own site if you choose that path. Hey you found me here right 😉
  • Bear in mind that you should not choose a free platform to host your site such as Blogspot because that won’t help you or your site to stand out. You should have complete authority of whatever goes on your site and the only way of achieving that is by setting up your personal website that runs on your own and personal web hosting service. Choosing a free platform in this case is nothing but suicide. The reason why you are going to set up a site is to market your product and stand out in the market and I see no point in not doing it right from the very start. Again I will help you.

Bottom Line

  • Without making an effort, you will not be able to make the most out Beachbody’s Coaching Program, just as in the case of any other thing in life. You will have to work on it, you will have to spend some money and you will have to make a constant effort if you want this to go a long way.
  • For any business that you might consider  running, you are going to have to work your way to the top. You will have to spend some hours planning, incur costs and additional costs just to make sure it runs successfully and Beachbody is no exception either.

One thing I can guarantee is that once you get the hang of it and you get going in the right direction, you are going to earn a lot of money and isn’t that what we all want?:) but again, nothing will work out if you don’t make a conscious effort so make sure you do.


Finding the best BeachBody Coach For You

fit-chrisIf you are looking for the best Beachbody coach out there, you are probably considering starting a Beachbody business of your own. Finding a good Beachbody coach before starting your own business is a great step to success; however there are specific things you should be looking for in a coach before you sign up with him/her.

In order to find the right coach to sponsor you, you might want to have a checklist of questions to ask them and see where they stand. Here is a list of the most common questions that should be on your list:

  1. Does your sponsor deals in business ethically? Some people like to spam on the internet while marketing for products. It is important that you and your sponsor should have the same business sense. If you do not like spamming or creating scam articles to market products, you may want a sponsor that thinks the same way as you do. You also need to find out if your sponsor markets products online or exclusively offline.
  2. Does your Beachbody coach live in the same city as you? This is important for a lot of people. Beachbody coaches are spread across the world and do not necessarily have to be in the same state to affiliate themselves with the several different products Beachbody produces. If you are uncomfortable with long distance relationships, it is important that your coach should be in the same city or country at least. A local sponsor is a valuable ally especially if you intend to hold seminars or fit club events in your city. Having direct assistance from a Beachbody coach at these events can save you a lot of effort and time.
  3. How well does your sponsor know about Beachbody? It is important to keep in mind that Beachbody has a vast line of products and marketing these products requires knowledge. Your ideal sponsor should be well aware of the different products offered by Beachbody and he/she should also be comfortable at spreading the right information to the public.
  4. Is your sponsor supportive of your ideas? It is important to partner up with a sponsor who can mold his/her ideas with yours. If you have certain ideas that you want to bring in the business but find that your sponsor does not approve them, then you are going to have trouble. So it is important to find a sponsor who can easily work with you and respects your ideas.
  5. Does your sponsor have any achievements or an extra set of skills? This is very important when selecting a sponsor for your business. If your sponsor has tons of achievements and extra skills in the fitness field, you will benefit a lot. Always try to fetch someone with experience in the field to save you the trouble.

Before you finally pick your sponsor, it is imperative that you understand how Beachbody coaching works. Many Beachbody coaches have come and gone. The ones who have stayed have the following traits that make them successful:

  • Training and Support Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team support

If your sponsor sounds like someone who does not have these basic skills, it is advised that you sign up with someone else. With my experience in Team Beachbody, I have learned that these key traits can really make a difference.

In the end you must know that no sponsor will be able to help you build an empire if you yourself are not ready. You and your sponsor will work together towards success and if either one of you lacks skill, it could be a problem if not addressed. You have to sit down and think of a long term plan with Team Beachbody.

Getting the right sponsor and acting with a positive attitude will definitely get you the success you need. So do not hesitate and reach out to me to help answer any questions you might have.

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Beachbody Coaching for College Students

Instead of leaving your dorm room Friday night to go work at the “FILL IN CRAPPY COLLEGE JOB HERE” you can take advantage of the college life and become a Beachbody Coach!

college-coachingThink about it… how many people do you interact with during the day? Take advantage of the following situations;

  • People in your dorm room
  • People in your major
  • Fraternity or Sorority
  • Intramural Sports
  • Are you an RA?
  • Your music department
  • the list goes on and on…

There are so many people for you to interact with and reach out too. You could be making more money from this with the right work ethic and time as you might when you graduate!

Gaining Weight? Lack of Energy? No Motivation? Getting Sick ALL the TIME!

If you have had issues in college with gaining weight, lack of energy, motivation and getting sick all the time then Beachbody can help.

You can focus on doing the workouts i.e. P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and using the supplements like Shakeology to get in the best shape of your life and boost your immune system. Another great thing will happen as well! You know what that is? People will ask you how you did it, then you can sell product and make a %25 commission!

Here are 10 great reasons why as a college student you could rock this and be making some real money!

  1. Part Time Income:– Listen I know how it was in college. I had a job delivering pizzas. I would work Fri night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. I was lucky to make $150 and I spent a lot of time doing it. If I could show you a way to make real money would you listen? If I could show you how to make money on your own and not beg mom and dad every month would you listen? How much money would you have to make a month to be interested in this opportunity?
  2. Experience in the REAL world: As a college student you are looking for that real world experience or that internship to get you moving. Why not start your own business while in college… that would look fantastic on your resume and the fact that there is potential for very good income is even more intriguing.
  3. Your Environment: Listen I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of down time in college. Granted I probably should have studied a bit more, but think about how much time you or your friends spend online doing, social media, gaming, or even watching movies. There really are no excuses not to excel in this business. Turn that downtime into learning time and growing your business.
  4. Fraternity/Sorority: If you are in either then just think about the possibilities? I remember when spring break would start rolling around when we were all hitting the gym, trying to eat clean and lose those extra pounds to look good at our destination of choice. I could only imagine if I had P90X or Insanity to get me ready and a group of buddies to do it with. For the sororities what if you could show your sisters how to eat better, use Shakeology and not only drop 10-15lbs, but maintain that weight. Keeping the weight off during college can be tough. There are also awesome cleansing programs available that women love.
  5. Business Stability: Every year there are new freshmen coming in that will be willing to look at what you have to offer and listen! You have the chance to build your down line year after year.
  6. Extensive Customer Base: With all the school breaks, summer breaks etc… it is a great time to promote your business with family and friends. Nothing better then introducing the opportunity when people ask you.. so what’s new?
  7. Huge National Growth: Think about all your friends you will see over breaks that go to different schools and how they can promote via their campus. Think about all your friends on Facebook that can promote as well. This will exponentially grow for you.
  8. Computer Skeelz: You guys are so good on the computer you could prob do the majority of IT work in companies if you had to figure it out. The fact that you can blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and everything else is a huge asset to grow your business.
  9. Materialistic: The idea of a new car or impressing their peers, at this point in their life (their WHY), is as important as any other reason to which people begin in MLM.
  10. Team Sports:With Beachbody promoting health and fitness you can really appeal to team mates or students involved in athletics. If you were to get a team on board it could help with their fundraisers as well. The possibilities are unlimited.

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