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Beachbody Coaching for College Students

Instead of leaving your dorm room Friday night to go work at the “FILL IN CRAPPY COLLEGE JOB HERE” you can take advantage of the college life and become a Beachbody Coach!

college-coachingThink about it… how many people do you interact with during the day? Take advantage of the following situations;

  • People in your dorm room
  • People in your major
  • Fraternity or Sorority
  • Intramural Sports
  • Are you an RA?
  • Your music department
  • the list goes on and on…

There are so many people for you to interact with and reach out too. You could be making more money from this with the right work ethic and time as you might when you graduate!

Gaining Weight? Lack of Energy? No Motivation? Getting Sick ALL the TIME!

If you have had issues in college with gaining weight, lack of energy, motivation and getting sick all the time then Beachbody can help.

You can focus on doing the workouts i.e. P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and using the supplements like Shakeology to get in the best shape of your life and boost your immune system. Another great thing will happen as well! You know what that is? People will ask you how you did it, then you can sell product and make a %25 commission!

Here are 10 great reasons why as a college student you could rock this and be making some real money!

  1. Part Time Income:– Listen I know how it was in college. I had a job delivering pizzas. I would work Fri night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. I was lucky to make $150 and I spent a lot of time doing it. If I could show you a way to make real money would you listen? If I could show you how to make money on your own and not beg mom and dad every month would you listen? How much money would you have to make a month to be interested in this opportunity?
  2. Experience in the REAL world: As a college student you are looking for that real world experience or that internship to get you moving. Why not start your own business while in college… that would look fantastic on your resume and the fact that there is potential for very good income is even more intriguing.
  3. Your Environment: Listen I don't know about you, but I had a lot of down time in college. Granted I probably should have studied a bit more, but think about how much time you or your friends spend online doing, social media, gaming, or even watching movies. There really are no excuses not to excel in this business. Turn that downtime into learning time and growing your business.
  4. Fraternity/Sorority: If you are in either then just think about the possibilities? I remember when spring break would start rolling around when we were all hitting the gym, trying to eat clean and lose those extra pounds to look good at our destination of choice. I could only imagine if I had P90X or Insanity to get me ready and a group of buddies to do it with. For the sororities what if you could show your sisters how to eat better, use Shakeology and not only drop 10-15lbs, but maintain that weight. Keeping the weight off during college can be tough. There are also awesome cleansing programs available that women love.
  5. Business Stability: Every year there are new freshmen coming in that will be willing to look at what you have to offer and listen! You have the chance to build your down line year after year.
  6. Extensive Customer Base: With all the school breaks, summer breaks etc… it is a great time to promote your business with family and friends. Nothing better then introducing the opportunity when people ask you.. so what's new?
  7. Huge National Growth: Think about all your friends you will see over breaks that go to different schools and how they can promote via their campus. Think about all your friends on Facebook that can promote as well. This will exponentially grow for you.
  8. Computer Skeelz: You guys are so good on the computer you could prob do the majority of IT work in companies if you had to figure it out. The fact that you can blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and everything else is a huge asset to grow your business.
  9. Materialistic: The idea of a new car or impressing their peers, at this point in their life (their WHY), is as important as any other reason to which people begin in MLM.
  10. Team Sports:With Beachbody promoting health and fitness you can really appeal to team mates or students involved in athletics. If you were to get a team on board it could help with their fundraisers as well. The possibilities are unlimited.

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