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Powdered Peanut Butter

Naked PB Peanut Butter PowderOh my goodness! For the longest time I have wanted to try powered peanut butter, but it was one of those things I just never got around to. Now trust me! I eat my fair share of peanut butter! In fact I eat peanut butter pretty much everyday! I use them in my shakes when I make them which usually entails me scooping a bit extra to eat straight 😉 and maybe a scoop or two at other times.

Not the worst thing in the world right? I also eat organic peanut butter. The only thing is in it is PB. No extra sugars oils etc…..

In fact…. side story here. When I got my vitamix blender I really wanted to try and make my own peanut butter since that monster of a blender can actually blend peanuts into butter! Pretty awesome! So I knew we had a glass jar of peanuts in the cabinet and I gave it a go! It made amazing, creamy peanut butter! So I am thinking cool, straight butter from real peanuts. Then I looked at the ingredients on the bottle and holy moly, the amount of “extra stuff” in there was insane! Not natural at all.

OK back to the powdered stuff! I was lucky enough to get a Ginormous tub of Naked PB from Naked Nutrition who has an awesome protein shake recipe here on our site….

Ha so the first thing I did was take a spoonful of the powdered and gobble it down! Don't do that… well unless you have a glass of milk handy lol. It is yummy, but straight spoon of powder to the mouth is pretty tough!

I have been using it in my morning Shakeology shake, and my nightly protein snack. It is really really good!! Even my kids like it! I have 3 boys under 6. I first snuck it in there milk and they said “Dad whoa what is this? It's yummy!” my 3 year old said, “me LOVE it!” lol… kids gotta love em.

So here is why I think this is a great product.

Naked Powder PB IngredientsWhat is so special about powdered pb?

  1. I did not realize it, but since the peanuts are pressed a good amount of the oils and fat are removed to give you more protein per serving. <<< I like this because I might over indulge in my peanut-butter obsession so by using this in my shakes I am lowering the fat intake and actually increasing the protein!
  2. Not all PB powders, but the Naked Nutrition one is made from??? well you guessed it… PEANUTS and only PEANUTS!
  3. 50 calories ,  1.5 grams fat, 6 grams of protein per serving. Serving = 2 Tbsp
  4. When you look at regular peanut butter “depends on brand” you are looking at about 210 calories, 16 grams fat, and 6-8 grams protein. Pretty significant difference in calories & fat!

So again there is nothing wrong with Peanut Butter whatsoever, but if you have been looking to cut back on your reg PB Fix then trying powdered PB is worth a shot!

Naked PB has 76 servings for around $22 a tub

Depending on what brand of reg PB you get you might be looking at around $5-7 “also depends if organic” etc… and about 12-14 servings… so in the long run you can save a few bucks with a big tub of powdered PB.

So that is my 2 cents on powdered PB. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

You can learn more about the Naked brand here https://nkdnutrition.com/products/powdered-peanut-butter

Stay tuned for reviews on there protein powders as well. I grabbed a sweet sample box and need to drink em up!

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