UX3 Nutrition Shake Review

perfect meal formulaIt has been a pretty crazy few months I have to say!! I never thought that 3rd kid would cause so much chaos! 😉 It is all good though. I would not change it for anything.

With training for the NJ Spartan Beast in April, building my business, 3 boys, yada yada yad you can see why it has been nuts, but I have come to realize that is just what it is.

So with all that said I am lucky enough to have the best wife in the world who helped me get out to San Diego for the 2015 Traffic & Conversion summit! Love you honey! What a great trip… learned a ton… met great people… and now I have to implement it all!

ux3 ingredientsOK so… isn’t this post about a Protein Shake??

…. getting there

I had the great pleasure to hear and meet John Rowley an all around great guy and expert in the fitness industry with an even great story!

This is how I found out about his UX3 Nutrition Shake.

Long story short… I was able to check out a sample and order a few bags so you are going to have to wait a few weeks for a full review!

Take a peak at the ingredients label for now….

As far as the taste I only tried it with water and it was pretty darn good! Like I said give m a few weeks to get my order and I will go a bit deeper into the review.

I really only use a few protein shakes and I do like to find new ones to mix things up a bit. Most on the market have horrible ingredients so I stay away.  So again always nice to actually find a new one, that tastes good, has good ingredients, and I can say I actually met and spoke with the creator!

Until then… stick around for some more info on my UX3 Protein review.


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