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Hey folks Fit Dad Chris here! Want answers about MaxWorkouts?

Ready? Great! Go…

As most of you know I like to joke and say I have workout ADHD since I have done a lot of different workout programs over the years. In reality it is not that I have ADHD or I get bored with them, it is just the fact that I like to try different things and at this stage in my life with 3 kids under 6 I have no time to get to the gym so all my working out is done at home and I do not mind spending money on new fitness programs.

If you are a regular reader “which I hope you become ;-)”  you have read my workout reviews and know I have a lot of very thorough reviews for specific home workout dvd’s like p90x, insanity, body beast etc… They are all awesome workouts no doubt about it! They have changed my life, but at the end of the day they are just a TOOL in your toolbox and the only  way they work is if you use them!

I do not care what before and after pictures any program out there is showing. How much weight loss someone is saying they achieved… it all comes down to putting in the work! Sure some workouts are definitely structured better than others, but if you are not following through, eating right, and being consistent you will not reach your goals!

So My Max Workouts Review & Feedback


  • Will you get results if you follow it? Sure…
  • Is it priced very low? Sure…
  • Do you get a lot of information? Sure…


  • Can be very confusing…
  • Information OVERLOAD!
  • If you want to see videos of the exercises you need to “UPGRADE” to the “$29” a month Club Membership
  • Support is eh….
  • If you are a beginner you could potentially hurt yourself without the proper instruction, not to say the info is not there you just have to find it.

Again will you get results? Of course, but is it really the best program for you? Of course that really is up to you.

Are You Buying It Because It Is Cheap?

  • As I get older and “wiser” 😉 I am slowly finding out that cheap is not always better. Sure you can get this workout for under $40, but at the end of the day, the time you are going to have to spend going over all the documentation, PDF’s, meal plans “which are lackluster” you could literally spend a few solid days doing it, plus if you wanted more video/info you need to join the $29 a month club membership.
  • There is a reason why a product like “Max Workouts” is “$40” vs a product like T25 is around $120. With Focus T-25 you are getting production quality, actual videos, a nutrition plan… all physical products with video instruction.

I didn’t want this to turn into a Max Workouts Vs. T25, or Vs. P90X

I guess what I am getting at is this

  • Do want to spend time researching the exercises, then looking down on a piece of paper to follow or do you want to just follow along to a professional video?
  • Do want to waste time figuring out the right form on your own, or do you want the guy on the TV screen showing you exactly how you need to be.
  • Do you want to think about all the info in the “123 PAGE” max-workout PDF “yes 123 pages!” or do you just want to put in the DVD and bust your workout in 25 minutes?

Basically if you just want to get a program that will have you in your workout gear and sweating in under 5 minutes then you are going to want something like T25, P90X3, Insanity Max 30, or any other professional done home workout DVD’s. I mention that last 3 because they are only 25-30 minute workouts which is what you are looking for if you were researching to see if Max Workouts was scam or not, and those three will rock your world! Seriously.

Go ahead and read my reviews of those workouts here:

At the end of the day you are going to get what you put into it.

I hope this helps you out! Would love to hear comments or questions below.


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