21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review - Father & Mother Of 4 Go For It!

21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review

Insanely detailed review of the 21 day flat belly fix

Being a father of four adorable and super hyper-active kids, my top most priority is to keep myself in shape – after all, how am I supposed to keep up with my kids if I have a 42-inch belly hanging in front of me and barely able to catch my breath.

Being fit is important. It is more than just longevity and well being, it helps you stay active and do 10x more things every day thanks to better energy levels, and consistent positive mood. As a professional working two jobs (one full time, and one part-time on the internet) I have to stay fit to be able to manage this much work.

And as someone who has been working out regularly and following a healthy lifestyle from my college days, I am aware of how quickly following a single set of routine dieting and working out becomes monotonous and boring. This is why it is important to keep changing your workout routine and diet plans.

Changing your diet plan and workout not only helps you break through plateaus, but it also helps you stay motivated because you’re doing something new every few months. I am a firm believer in changing my workout and diet routines after every two or three months. It has always worked for me and I’m sure it will work for anyone out there. This is the only way you can keep up with a healthy lifestyle.



I am constantly in search of new workout and diet routines on the internet and I love trying out new stuff as soon as I find them. About three months ago, I came across this brand new online weight loss and diet program known as ‘The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix’. As someone who is always on the lookout for new stuff to try, I naturally wanted to give this program a shot because it is compiled by Todd Lamb, a veteran police officer of 17 years, and a retired SWAT team leader, a SWAT and Canine Dog Handler with military experience.

With someone that hardcore as the author of this program, I just knew I had to give this program a shot because I knew that the author being someone from the military background, I was bound to find tips and techniques the military and police use to keep themselves fit – and boy these people are some of the fittest you’ll come across.

But before I joined the 21 day flat belly fix, I still needed to know what I was getting into. So, just like anyone else, I turned to Google for help and started looking for reviews of the program. Unfortunately, I only came across promotional articles disguised as a review of the program. The thing about promotional reviews is that they are always biased and never actually tell you the real picture of anything.<<< these people never even try the frikkin workout!!

Disappointed, I set out to try the 21-day flat belly fix anyway.

But you don’t have to do the same as I did. I have now tried and tested the 21-day flat belly fix for at least 90 days and I present to you my insanely detailed review of the program. I have compiled this review in such a way that it should give you a ‘very good’ idea of what you can expect out of it. You’ll find valuable and unbiased information, my thoughts, and experiences, as well as my two cents on whether the program is worth joining or not.

So without further ado, I present you my “Insanely Detailed Review of the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review” – Trust me, you will not have to read any other review after you have finished this!

OH Before I get started… listen this is a long review…. the program also comes with a lot of info… so block off about 30-45 minutes of time to just read over it all and get an understanding of why and how it works before you just get all over the place and distracted! TRUST ME I have been there 😉

Summarized Overview of the 21 Day Flat Belly Fix Program

21-day-flat-belly-fix-7-minute-protocolAs the name suggests, the program aims to help you blast away belly fat in as little as 21 days, regardless of your current position on the scale. The name does sound a bit gimmicky at first, but the information you get inside the program is backed with research and science.

On top of that, it is written by a military and police veteran – which means you’ll find plenty of industry secrets that these professionals use to keep themselves fit.

One of the best things about this program is that it does not take an unrealistic approach. I have tried and tested a lot of online fitness programs in the past and most of them require you to pull off moves that only professional athletes and personal trainers can. As a typical person who spends most of his time in front of a computer in the day, and in front of the TV at night, how in the world can you pull-off those moves?

The flat belly fix program has a very easy to follow workout regime. It even has a separate section for obese people. So if you are in a position where you can’t perform even the most basic exercises, you are given a special section in the guide to help you start off. Pretty neat huh?

So the bottom line is, the 21-day flat belly fix focuses on moderately easy exercises and healthy eating with secret recipes. Let’s get into the details now, I hope you are ready because this is going to be quite detailed.

Full Contents of the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix Program

Before you join the program, I feel you deserve to know what exactly you’ll get for the price you pay. From my experience, all I can say is that the flat belly fix program actually gives you more than a lot of other online weight loss programs out there.

In fact, I have joined so many programs where after joining, I had to pay an additional cost to get extra modules of the program. This is not only disappointing but also misleading since many programs don’t tell you this when they ask you to join them.

The flat belly fix program also has stuff you can buy by paying an extra amount of money. But these extra things are totally optional and are there to simply save your time. So here are the full contents of the program you get after paying a flat fee. I’ll talk about the optional purchases a little later in the review.

  • A downloadable 69 page flat belly fix main manual
  • A downloadable flat belly fix smoothie recipes book containing 15 unique recipes
  • A downloadable 12 page 7 minute flat belly protocol guide showing you how to exercise for the program
  • 11 streamable videos of the Flat Belly Protocol guide
  • A core type quiz designed to help you learn how to get flat belly faster
  • Flat Belly Fix MCT Oil (optional purchase of $23.5)
  • Flat belly tea (optional purchase of $57.95)
  • The Flat belly fix book (physical copy of the guide – optional purchase of $37)
  • Flat belly fix online coaching – a blog of sorts where you can learn additional things
  • Flat Belly Fix Cardio Solution – Downloadable and free bonus 12-page guide teaching you about HIIT cardio
  • Flat Belly Yoga – Downloadable and free bonus 50-page guide showing you how to do Yoga for the program
  • Kindle, digital, and audiobook editions of the Flat Belly Fix Program – Free downloads
  • A free downloadable the Flat Belly Fix Recipe collection – 46 unique recipes with nutritional information
  • A dedicated Facebook group with 1,900+ active members

So there you go, this is all the stuff you’ll get when you join the program. I’ll talk about each and every module below. I’ll also go through the optional purchases listed above to help you decide whether you need those or not.

Review of the Flat Belly Fix Main Manual

At its core, the Flat belly fix program is more about sorting out your metabolic system by introducing natural ingredients into your system. The manual talks mostly about how you can change your diet to not only burn fat faster but also make your body utilize stored fat as energy.

The 69 pages guide starts with the author describing why he wrote the method and why he believes it will work for anyone. He provides enough scientific evidence to support his theory and I feel a lot of things mentioned in this manual are very convincing.

You’ll learn how to control your hunger and appetite. This is something a lot of weight loss programs don’t focus on. They tell you to adapt a diet but never actually tell you that you will have trouble with increased hunger as soon as you shift your dieting habits. With this guide, Todd Lamb goes in detail how you can control your hunger while following his approach.

Next up you’ll learn a thing or two about the energy system shift. In simple words, Todd describes how you can make your body switch from using sugar as energy to using stored fat in your body. This is a good 2-3 page read with lots of scientifically backed data.

flat-belly-fix-green-tea-smoothie-recipeIn the next chapter, Todd introduces his secret flat belly mix tea which you can make at home using a set of natural ingredients. Todd gives away the entire recipe for free in this section and tells you exactly how the different ingredients in the tea are going to help you in your fight against belly fat.

After you have learned how to make the tea and its benefits, you will be given an overview of how Turmeric will play a vital role in burning fat. The best thing about this section is that it discusses the benefits of turmeric for both men and women. Since both men and women burn fat differently, it is important to know how to use it according to your gender for best results.

Next up Todd recommends the usage of a few more teas and how they will help you in the long run. The basic idea is to change how your body works, making it burn stored fat for energy instead of using sugar or carbohydrates.

Just a few pages later, you’ll learn more about the benefits of different ingredients used to make the flat belly mix tea. You’ll also learn about Leptin sensitivity and what role it plays in weight loss. This section is very detailed and has a lot of scientifically backed data. At the end of the section, you will learn how to control and master your leptin levels to increase fat burning and keep fat from being stored in your body.

Once you have learned that, the next section talks about Insulin sensitivity and resistance, both of which can be administered using exercise and diet. Todd goes into detail with both methods. You’ll learn how to improve your insulin sensitivity using exercise as well as through dieting.

The next part of the diet goes in detail about Medium Chain Triglycerides which are fatty acids with aliphatic tails of 6-12 carbon atoms. A good part of the diet will depend on these fatty acids so you’ll not only learn about the sources of these fatty acids, but you’ll also learn how they will play an important part in your diet.

In the next section, Todd talks about Lactobacillus L. Reuteri which naturally inhabits the gut of mammals and birds. The bacterium plays a huge role in keeping your gut health in check. And when it comes to having a flat belly, you are going to need an ideal gut environment. This is why you must learn how gut health will play an important role in helping you acquire a flat belly.

Todd describes the benefits of Lactobacillus L. Reuteri for both men and women.

So What About This Protocol??!!

From there on, you will learn about the flat belly fix protocol. This is the section where you will learn how to use everything you learned above in order to get a flat belly in the shortest time possible. It is a pretty straightforward section that explains the different steps you need to take according to the information you have learned so far.

You’ll be told the different type of meals to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Since the guide does not depend on snacking or counting calories, you’ll learn how to eat until you feel full. You’ll be using a lot of recipes that are provided in this program in a separate manual. You’ll also be given the opportunity to eat desserts that can be found in the recipe book provided by the program.

At the end of the guide, you are provided a comprehensive list of food items that you can consume while on the flat belly fix protocol. This list will help you create your own unique recipes, ensuring that you stay true to the diet provided by the author.

If at any time you feel lost, you have a comprehensive Q&A section at the bottom of the guide which answers the most common questions, concerns, and queries of the guide. You also have access to the blog section where more of these questions are answered.

Review of the Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipe Book

  • If you are going to follow the Flat Bally Fix program, then you are definitely going to have to use some of the recipes provided in the smoothie recipe book. The good thing about these smoothies is that they are not loaded with sugar and are quick and easy to make. They are also very delicious. In fact, some of the recipes in this book have become my all time favorite which I still regularly use.

The recipes aim to provide you with meal-replacement smoothies when you are short on time and need a quick fulfilling and fat-burning smoothie. All of the recipes are easy to pull off. All you need to do is throw the ingredients in a blender and you are ready to go.

Here are the 15 smoothie recipes you are going to learn from the book.

1. Green turmeric smoothie
2. Cocoberry turmeric smoothie
3. The fast five smoothie
4. Coffee smoothie
5. Choco-Avo smoothie
6. Choco-Almond smoothie
7. Banana-nut smoothie
8. Cinnamon carrot smoothie
9. Blue-Mango ginger smoothie
10. Cinnamon turmeric smoothie
11. My turmeric chai smoothie
12. Protein butter smoothie
13. Avacado-berry smoothie
14. Choco-cherry smoothie
15. Green tea avo smoothie

At the end of the guide, there is a comprehensive grocery list which lists down every single ingredient you will need to create these smoothies. I find this information very useful because, with this list, I can simply go to a grocery store and pick whatever listed in here knowing that mixing these will make me a fulfilling and healthy smoothie.

Review of the 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol

  • The 7-minute flat belly protocol is essentially a small guide explaining the different exercises you need to do on a daily basis to get the best results out of the program.
  • You are taught a set of different exercises that must be rotated every day. There are at least two to three different exercises listed for every single day.

For example, on Monday, you are given the option of doing asymmetric holds for 30 seconds within 8x repetitions or you can do 3x 15 pelvic tilts for 20 seconds each. If you combine both the exercises, it will take a total of seven minutes, which is recommended by the guide.

The 11 different exercises mentioned in this guide also has a dedicated video that you can find on the website of Flat belly fix. Just hover to the home page and click the ‘videos’ section to find a video of each of the exercise. The exercises are perfectly explained so that anyone can perform them at home.

The good news is that none of the exercises in the guide require you to buy additional gym equipment. All can be performed on a gym mat in your living room or garage.

Review of the Flat Belly Fix Cardio Solution

  • The Flat belly fix cardio solution is a bonus program that works in harmony with the fat belly fix protocol. You are not required to do any of the exercises in this bonus guide but if you want to ramp up things and speed up the results, then you can do these at least 2-4 times per week.
  • There are a variety of sessions in the guide ranging from basic walking intervals to body weight exercise intervals. You are given the choice of choosing whichever exercise you like to complete according to your schedule and physical fitness.

Most of the exercises in this guide are based on interval training. For those of you who are not aware of interval training, these are exercises that utilize the training program called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) which is proven to provide better fat loss results. There are also some LISS style sessions in the guide for those who do not prefer HIIT.

I personally recommend trying out the LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) training for people who are less physically active. So if you are a guy who has a lot of weight, you may find it difficult to keep up with HIIT training. Start with LISS exercises and when you become comfortable, move to the HIIT sessions.

Tod gives you a good comparison of HIIT and LISS. Read this section carefully and then decide for yourself which one suits you better. There is a dedicated section in this guide for overweight people which is a pretty neat feature of this guide since many online programs never take overweight people into account when asking them to do a workout.

There are at least 3 training protocols of HIIT to choose from with one LISS training protocol. So you have plenty of options here to keep things fresh.

Review of the Flat Belly Yoga Guide

  • The flat belly yoga guide is available as bonus material when you join the program. It is intended to be used by people who prefer Yoga over other physical activities. The guide is widely popular with women who are on the program.
  • The flat belly yoga guide includes 70 different yoga poses which can be used as a reference guide. It uses the practice of Hatha Yoga in sequences which are designed to clear your body and mind from stresses that can lead to excess retention of belly fat and inflammation.

The guide also provides you with valuable information about Yoga practices and how this physical activity can benefit you. There are both internal and external health benefits of yoga mentioned in the guide. You will also find more than 10 reasons to do yoga.

Here are the poses that you’ll learn from within the guide:

● Nameste pose
● Tree Pose
● Child Pose
● Chair Pose
● Downward dog pose
● High lunge left and right pose
● The crescent pose
● Standing forward bend pose
● The bridge pose
● Savasana pose
● Laying twist pose (chakrasana)

The guide also explains the science of meditation and teaches you how to practice it. There are many benefits of meditation mentioned within the guide which will further help you in acquiring a flat belly. Later on, you will also learn about the different chakras and how you can utilize them during your meditation.

The guide will teach you 18 types of meditation, including

● Guided imagery meditation
● Mantra meditation
● Mindfulness
● Qi gong
● Taichi
● Transcendental meditation
● Yoga
● Deep breathing
● Body scanning
● Mantra
● Walking meditation
● Reading and reflecting
● Energy focus
● Gazing
● Visualization
● Music
● Positive affirmations
● Movement meditation

The flat belly fix yoga guide is a very detailed piece of information that is a wonderful addition to this program. I especially love the fact that you can use Yoga as a training session to support this program. So if you are not happy with other kinds of physical activity, say for example HIIT cardio exercises, the Yoga will do it for you instead.

There’s just so much information in the guide that I can’t really write here. You’ll just have to check the guide yourself. I hope my short overview of this guide has given you enough reason to believe that this guide is a really good piece of information on its own.

Review of the Flat Belly Fix Recipe Collection

  • In order to make the 21 day flat belly fix program work for you, you are going to need to work with many different recipes that support the program. Fortunately, Tod has included a recipe book which has more than 40 recipes to try.
  • All of the recipes in this book support the program – meaning that you can easily try any of these recipes without disturbing your diet plan required to pull off a flat belly using the program.

All of the 40+ recipes are clearly written with all ingredients and their quantities mentioned. The best thing is that every single recipe also has a nutrition label supporting it. This way you’ll know exactly what you are eating and how it is supporting your weight loss.

I have personally tried some of the recipes in the book and I found them to be quick and easy to make. They’re also pretty delicious given the fact that most healthy recipes don’t have a good taste.

Review of the Flat Belly Fix Online Coaching

  • Here is the real reason I love the flat belly fix program. The online coaching section serves as an exclusive blog that provides you with enough reading material to not only keep you motivated, but also well informed. There are a couple of videos uploaded by Tod, providing you free coaching. He uploads most videos after going through common questions of people on the program.

There are articles like ‘How to stay motivated’, ‘5 dessert recipes’, ‘breakfast meals and smoothie plan’, ‘ how to maintain your weight – metabolic set point’ and more.

On top of all that, you also get access to a secret Facebook group that has more than 1,900 members. Here you can discuss your progress with others and ask them anything about the program that confuses you.

The group is also a great place to find out how much success other people found from the program. The members are friendly and they are always willing to help beginners. So if you are someone who needs support and help on the program, you can always go to this group and start a topic. Veteran members of the program will come to your help immediately.

Should you buy the optional products available on Flat Belly Fix?

As promised earlier, now I’ll talk about the optional products available to buy from the 21 flat belly fix website. The three optional purchases available on the website include the Flat Belly Tea mix, the Flat Belly Fix MCT Oil, and the Flat Belly Fix Book. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

flat belly fix mct oilThe Flat Belly Fix MCT Oil

  • Many of the recipes within the guide, including the secret flat belly tea, will require MCT as a key ingredient. Within the guide, you’ll learn why you have to use MCT within your recipes. If you are going to make the flat belly tea at home, or use many of the recipes written down in the flat belly fix recipe book, then you will definitely need MCT oil.
  • MCT oil can also be found in many departmental stores under different brand names. So it isn’t mandatory to buy it from the flat belly fix website. But I recommend getting it from here because this is a unique mixture which provides you with supporting ingredients that you’ll need for best results.

MCT Oil is a medium-chain triglyceride that has amazing benefits for your energy, health and helps in melting away fat. It will give you energy boosts, will help kick away cravings and will assist fat burn.

Flat Belly Fix website says that they carry the purest form of MCT oil you can find anywhere. I don’t really believe this because you’ll most likely find MCT oil in its purest form from nearly every other departmental store. So it is really up to you if you want to get it from here or from a departmental store near you. At the end of the day, I recommend buying something that fits your budget.

flat-belly-fix-teaThe Flat Belly Tea Mix

  • The Flat Belly Tea is the secret tea that is the most important part of this entire program. You’ll need to drink this tea every single morning to ensure that you are getting the best results from the flat belly fix program.
  • Although Tod has revealed the entire recipe of the tea in his guide, and you can make it at home using different ingredients, you may still find this product very useful. Let me just be honest, the recipe of the tea is not exactly easy to pull off. You are going to have to try several times before you can master it.

So I believe that if you are someone who is not good at cooking, or you do not have the time to cook stuff, or you cannot go to a grocery store to buy the many ingredients needed to cook this tea, then you can simply buy this tea mix.

The tea mix is ready to use and can be added to water and warmed. This will save you a lot of time and effort of going out and hunting for various ingredients. I have personally tried the tea and was happy with what I got. If you want to stay in a limited budget, then I recommend making the tea yourself at home.

Either way, you are going to get many metabolism-boosting benefits from the tea.

The Flat Belly Fix Book

  • This is the physical copy of the 21-day flat belly fix main manual. I am told that many people demanded a physical copy of the manual and Tod delivered. If you don’t enjoy reading the manual on your computer, you should get it.

Personally, I think the $37 price does not justify it since you’ll only get the book with nothing new or different from the online manual. If I were you, I would print the PDF manual that you can download from the website.

Pros and Cons of the Flat Belly Fix Program

As with any other weight loss program, flat belly fix also has many pros and cons. Here’s my take


● A lot of scientifically backed information
● Great for beginners
● Suitable for overweight people
● Tons of extra content
● 2 recipe books
● 3 workout manuals
● Affordable flat fee
● Dedicated and active member community on Facebook
● Choose between Yoga, Bodyweight exercises, or Cardio
● Dedicated sections for overweight people
● Easy to follow
● Dedicated sections for men and women


● Some information requires additional research
● Few of the things in the program may confuse you
● You may have to buy additional products
● Yoga manual does not have videos, yet

My Final Thoughts on Flat Belly Fix Program

  • The flat belly fix program is definitely one of my favorite online weight loss programs. I only started it three months ago but I am very satisfied with the results I have achieved. I’ll be honest, at my age and current weight, I did not really lose 1 lb per day as promised by the program. But I believe that if you are a very overweight person, then this guide will definitely give you a boost when it comes to weight loss.
  • There is a ton of solid information within the guide that can be used with other workout and diet programs. I like the way Tod explains everything in the guide. Everything is backed with scientific data which means the information within the manual is legit.

My only big concern was that I felt a bit forced to buy the additional products on the site. For example, if I want to make the secret flat belly tea, I have to buy the MCT oil from the site because it is one of the key ingredients in not only the tea but in most of the recipes mentioned in the smoothie recipe book and the meal recipe book. If you intend to follow these recipes, you are going to have to buy a lot of this oil which can quickly add up in costs.

Similarly, if I didn’t want to buy the MCT Oil, I couldn’t make the tea at home which means I would have to buy the tea mix from the site if I wanted to fully follow the program. The tea is something that is very important for the entire diet plan to work. So somewhere while you are on the diet, you will have to buy one of these products.

As long as you can look past this flaw of the program, it is without any doubt one of the best weight loss programs out there. I especially recommend this program to newcomers and people who are already overweight.

There are dedicated sections that provide additional information to overweight/obese people. This is something I have never come across with any other online programs. Most of the weight loss programs found on the internet expect overweight people to follow the same workout routine non-overweight people would follow. It is impossible for an overweight person to follow these programs because there are no special segments explaining how people with a lot of weight can adapt the exercise routine. With the 21-day flat belly fix program, whether you are an overweight person or someone looking to shed just a few extra pounds, you’ll find plenty of information helping you out.

And this is it! I hope my detailed review helped you figure out what the flat belly fix program is all about. Now it is up to you to go get it and discover what you can do with it. Good luck!


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