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Phewww…. is all I can say after starting up the FF30X workout from the Fit Father Project! It all started with an email from Dr. Anthony! Love this guy! Full of energy, motivation, and just an overall great guy!

You see here at FitDadChris.com I get 1,000’s of people to the site a day which is awesome! I love it, I love listening to peoples stories, their journey’s and helping out where I can.

The crazy thing is when I get emails from lots of different people promoting their products and trying to get me to try this and try that etc… It is not all bad don’t get me wrong. It is just that a lot of times people reach out and they are just trying to get me to push a product without really trying it or some other shady reason.

Anyways… when Dr. Anthony first reached out to me I saw the email come in, I skimmed over it then moved on. A day or so later I went back to that email to give it another look and took a look at his website and what he had going on. I liked what I was seeing! It even had a live chat support thingy. I love to mess with those because usually it is some paid 3rd party service that has no clue and basically just takes your question and emails it to the owner to get the real answer.


This Is The Quality Of The Program! Amazing Support System

So I hit up the chat to see what trouble I could stir up! LOL 😉 To my surprise it was actually Dr. Anthony! We ended up hopping on a skype chat for about 20 minutes and he gave me access to the FF30X workout program so I could give it a go!

So as of 12/16/2017 I am just finishing up my first week of it and it is really awesome. Just like most workouts out there if you do the work you will get the results!

ff30x-reviewThe thing I love about the FF30X program is that it is a 30 day program. Short, sweet and to the point! It takes you through a set of workouts including the RX8 workout and let me tell you!! Wow! Actually I won’t tell you, just look at the picture here of me and the sweat on the mat!

If you do end of giving the program a shot I will tell you this…. If you have access to Kettlebells then use them, but you can do them with dumbbells.

So the first day I did this workout I brought along my buddy Corey “age 28” & Keith “age 24” and of course myself Chris “age 38…ouch!” The gym had 4 18lb Kettlebells so they grabbed those… I was left with a set of 26lb kettlebells! Oh man! All I can say is that was heavy! I had to switch to 20lb dumbbells at one point, then Corey dropped out half way in so I stole his 18 pounders lol. Keith finished the whole pyramid set and I made it about 3/4’s

It was brutal, but it was great. It hit every muscle fiber in my body, and I sure felt it right then and of course the next few days!

Like I said the workout is short and sweet! It is not rocket science. Dr. Anthony has you doing the same basic routine which all you have to do is follow.

He follows up with you via emails and will respond to any questions you have. You can see in the above dashboard picture how things are set up. Dr. Anthony definitely over delivers on this one.

He tosses in a ton of bonuses too, which I honestly skimmed over, but I think I will go over more when the kids are all home for Christmas break and there is some down time. He has a real cool one that talks about supplements and a guide on natural testosterone boosting which is something us older guys could always use 😉

Anyways I wanted to push this out there since a few people were asking me about it. I am going to focus on finishing up the next 3 weeks and report back as I go through it all.

I want to say thanks to Dr. Anthony for reaching out and let me give his program a spin! Oh… Corey hates you lol and Keith says bring it on!


Dripping After My First FF30X Session

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