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Fit Father Project Review from a 40+ Busy Dad


Dripping After My First FF30X Session

Update September 2022: Does FF30X Still Work? Do I Still Use It? You might be surprised!

Hey guys! First off here is the deal! Any workout you stick do and follow through with will typical work! There is no “Magic Bullet” out there, but afters years of working out and trying different workouts… here is what I will say…

  • Having a plan is essential… you must have your workouts scheduled! Simple as that
  • Having a support group is essential… accountability is huge and gets you over those lazy unmotivated days!
  • DIET DIET DIET… we all know this, but keeping your diet in check is essential to not gaining weight! Be prepared! Have healthy snacks on hand!

The above info is nothing new, but I will tell you that the Fit Father Project and FF30X workout has you covered on all of them! Simple as that!

YOU just need to put in the work! With that said the rest of this FF30X review goes over what is in the program, how it is structured, and what to expect!

Good luck! I am here if you need me! Leave a comment below!

As a busy father of four kids, I am always on the lookout for workout and diet programs to keep in shape. I have tried and tested quite a few workout plans, diets, and a mix of both methods to stay in great shape.

What I have learned over the past many years is that no single workout program is best for you. I always suggest making a permanent lifestyle change instead of following random 30-day or 40-day weight loss challenges found on the internet.

It is hard to change your lifestyle but believe me, it is the only way you will get long-lasting results in health. But as a beginner, you need to start somewhere. You need some guidance, a beacon that you can follow and consistently stick to it to remain fit for the rest of your life.

This is where Dr. Anthony Balduzzi’s ‘The Fit Father Project’ comes in. It is the ultimate beginner-friendly weight loss guidance you can get today. I came across the FF30X project awhile back which targets men over 40. Since I’m a dad in my 40s, it instantly got my attention and I knew I had to try it out.

The Fit Father project FF30X is unlike anything I have tested in the past (more on this later). It has every important ingredient a good meal and workout plan should have. And I guarantee, if you are a guy over 40, you love what’s included in the plan.

Unlike workout DVDs and meal plans as seen on TV, the Fit Father program is extremely simple to understand and follow. You do not even have to be physically active to achieve reasonable results because the diet plan within the program will help any busy father over 40 stick to a diet that is not only enjoyable and easy to follow, but also very effective in burning fat.

If you like the sound of that, keep on reading. I also love their 5 Core beliefs!


Is FF30X Good for You?

  • Dr. Anthony specifically designed the program for males over 40, but the truth is that this workout can be used by any guy who wants to stay healthy – it just works better if you’re a man over 40. It consists of three main modules – a diet plan, a workout plan, and coaching assistance over email.
  • I know, you must be thinking that these three ingredients make up most of the weight loss plans found on the internet, so what makes the Fit Father Project different? One of the things that set it apart from other workout and diet plans is that it does not require you to go through insanely difficult exercises or a diet that is impossible to follow to see results.

So yes, whether you’re a dad or not, if you are in the 40s, this is the plan that you need to follow to start seeing a change in you.

What is the Fit Father Project?

FF30X-Meal-Plan The Fit Father Project takes into account the age factor of our bodies. As men age, the metabolism and the body itself goes through significant changes. In other words, you can never follow the same advice a 20-year-old guy would follow to achieve results. And following a fad diet at this age is even worse for your body.

Keeping this in mind, Dr. Anthony created the Fit Father Project with a meal and workout plan that works wonders for a 40+ man.

Here are the 6 pillars the program is based on.

  • Easy to understand with a clear action plan. The weight loss program has everything described in as simple words as possible. It will never leave you guessing or figuring things out on your own. Every single thing is super easy to understand.
  • Safe to follow. Unlike DVD workout plans, the FF30x program does not force you to follow a hardcore workout routine that males in the 20s are supposed to follow. After so many years without training, you need to follow a plan that your body can easily handle.
  • Simple. Every single thing in the meal plan is laid out for you. The meals are simple to produce and take about 10 minutes only. A grocery list is also included so you do not have to spend 4-5 hours calculating what you’ll need to pull off the diet.
  • It’s comprehensive. The plan talks in detail on all aspects of health for men over 40 – covering sleep, exercise, food, and lifestyle changes in detail. If a plan does not follow this, it is not going to work for you.
  • It’s sustainable. The Fit Father Project is something you can continue to follow even after the 30 days have passed. It is based on the principals of ‘lifestyle changes’. In simple words, it encourages you to make permanent changes in your life so you can stay fit for the rest of your days.
  • Accountability. Weight loss is something you can’t really keep on doing on your own. At some point, you will need someone who has got your back to keep things on track. The Fit Father Project offers fitness coaching through email. So if you ever get stuck somewhere, just throw an email and you’ll have one of the expert team members personally help you beat that stubborn plateau.

How Effective is FF30x Workout Program?

  • program-libraryFrom the 30 days I followed, I have to say that the Fit Father 30x program is pretty effective. The meal plan is one of my favorites because it is easier to follow than most workout programs out there.
  • The meal and workout plan are designed to help you build muscle and lose weight at the same time. But this is something you will only achieve if you follow both the workout and meal plan properly.
  • I know a friend who followed only the meal plan. Although he lost a lot of weight (30lbs to be precise) by just walking and dieting, he did not really gain any muscle in return. This only proves how effective the meal plan is, and how the complete program can’t work if you don’t stick to all modules.

If you’ve been wanting to lose stubborn belly fat, or just become a little more physically fit, I highly recommend trying this program out. You can start by downloading the free meal and workout plan from the Fit Father Project website.

My advice is to test out the free meal and workout plan to see if things work for you. I know quite a few people who saw changes in their body after trying those plans out, so it’s never a bad idea to give it a shot.


My Original Review After I First Tried The FF30X Workout!



Phewww…. is all I can say after starting up the FF30X workout from the Fit Father Project! It all started with an email from Dr. Anthony! Love this guy! Full of energy, motivation, and just an overall great guy!

You see here at I get 1,000's of people to the site a day which is awesome! I love it, I love listening to peoples stories, their journey's and helping out where I can.

The crazy thing is when I get emails from lots of different people promoting their products and trying to get me to try this and try that etc… It is not all bad don't get me wrong. It is just that a lot of times people reach out and they are just trying to get me to push a product without really trying it or some other shady reason. I tell you more about why the Fit Father Project is legit!

Tired of reading? Just want a program that will tell you exactly what to do:

  • Easy To Use Fit Father Meal Plan
  • Metabolism Boosting FF30X Workout (under 90 min/week)
  • VIP email coaching with Dr. Anthony where he walks you through the program

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Anyways… when Dr. Anthony first reached out to me I saw the email come in, I skimmed over it then moved on. A day or so later I went back to that email to give it another look and took a look at his website and what he had going on. I liked what I was seeing! It even had a live chat support thingy. I love to mess with those because usually it is some paid 3rd party service that has no clue and basically just takes your question and emails it to the owner to get the real answer.


This Is The Quality Of The Program! Amazing Support System

So I hit up the chat to see what trouble I could stir up! LOL 😉 To my surprise it was actually Dr. Anthony! We ended up hopping on a skype chat for about 20 minutes and he gave me access to the FF30X workout program so I could give it a go!

So as of 12/16/2017 I am just finishing up my first week of it and it is really awesome. Just like most workouts out there if you do the work you will get the results!


ff30x-reviewThe thing I love about the FF30X program is that it is a 30 day program. Short, sweet and to the point! It takes you through a set of workouts including the RX8 workout and let me tell you!! Wow! Actually I won't tell you, just look at the picture here of me and the sweat on the mat!

If you do end of giving the program a shot I will tell you this…. If you have access to Kettlebells then use them, but you can do them with dumbbells.

So the first day I did this workout I brought along my buddy Corey “age 28” & Keith “age 24” and of course myself Chris “age 38…ouch!” The gym had 4 18lb Kettlebells so they grabbed those… I was left with a set of 26lb kettlebells! Oh man! All I can say is that was heavy! I had to switch to 20lb dumbbells at one point, then Corey dropped out half way in so I stole his 18 pounders lol. Keith finished the whole pyramid set and I made it about 3/4's

It was brutal, but it was great. It hit every muscle fiber in my body, and I sure felt it right then and of course the next few days!

Like I said the workout is short and sweet! It is not rocket science. Dr. Anthony has you doing the same basic routine which all you have to do is follow.

Tired of reading? Just want a program that will tell you exactly what to do:

  • Easy To Use Fit Father Meal Plan
  • Metabolism Boosting FF30X Workout (under 90 min/week)
  • VIP email coaching with Dr. Anthony where he walks you through the program

>>> Read The FF30X Overview Letter Now & Start Your Transformation! CLICK HERE

Fit Father Project Review

He follows up with you via emails and will respond to any questions you have. You can see in the above dashboard picture how things are set up. Dr. Anthony definitely over delivers on this one.

He tosses in a ton of bonuses too, which I honestly skimmed over, but I think I will go over more when the kids are all home for Christmas break and there is some down time. He has a real cool one that talks about supplements and a guide on natural testosterone boosting which is something us older guys could always use 😉

Anyways I wanted to push this out there since a few people were asking me about it. I am going to focus on finishing up the next 3 weeks and report back as I go through it all.

I want to say thanks to Dr. Anthony for reaching out and let me give his program a spin! Oh… Corey hates you lol and Keith says bring it on!


Dripping After My First FF30X Session

Fit Father Meal Plan Review – FF30X Style

Hear me when I say this! Print out the meal plan!

Take an hour or two to sit down and read it! This is a great meal plan not only because it gives you some simple and yummy meals to make, but because it explains why you need to eat this way.

  • When to eat and why
  • How much to eat and why
  • What to eat and why

Once you start to understand why we eat the way we do it will become a whole lot easier to eat healthier the majority of the time and in the end diet really makes the difference.

Dr. Anthony talks about one of his clients Vijay who just started following the diet plan and was not working out, but just taking 30 minute walks and the guy lost like 55lbs! That is huge!

That goes to show how important the eating factor is, so I urge you to spend a little time going over the FF30X Meal Plan and I guarantee some things will click!

Interested in the program?




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