Hoka One One Clifton 3 Review

hokaclifton 3Pretty excited to try out my new Hoka One One Clifton 3 sneakers! I almost bought a pair of the older ones a month or so ago, but since I have a wider foot the owner Joe at the Sneaker Factory told me to wait until the Clifton 3 came out. You can get them here on Amazon now as well as the older models.

So I walked in the store to check and what luck…. the FedEx guy just dropped off the new shipment!

I am going to go for a run in them tomorrow so stay tuned. I was just excited to post this up here.

You here so much feedback with running…. you need zero drop…. you need minimalist… you should go barefooted…. shoes with cushion are so bad for you… shoes with more cushion are the best…. Aghhhhhhh

What’s the deal? Honestly I don’t know and I don’t have time to know all this stuff. You can search the web and read about what 1,000’s of other people have to say or go out and try it yourself. Take some feedback and put it together with what you know about yourself and go from there.

Awhile back I was reading all about minimalist type shoes and got feedback from bigger guys like me that liked them. I am like 6’3″ 220-ish pounds.

I had bought a pair of Altra Instincts 3.5 which I like and still use. I actually like them a lot for just working out to be honest. The zero drop in nice! Now here is the thing I realized about myself lol. My running form probably sucks… I have worked on some things here and there, but at the end of the day I get out and I get a run in and my Altra’s just aren’t what is right for me. Check them out on Amazon here…

I figure at 6’3″ 220-ish pounds, lack of proper running technique a thicker cushioned sneaker is gonna be a better option. That is where these new Hoka Clifton 3’s come in.

Again I haven’t even run in them yet, so give me another day to get that update in here. I just wanted to post a few quick observations and some pictures.

Now I am sure I will get people telling me all these things about too much cushion is bad… it does this.. it does that, but hey I figure when I am on the road these will help ease some of the pounding I put on my body with my crappy running form.

So… who knows…. I won’t until I actually run in them. All I can say is the Clifton 3 is the first pair of sneakers I ever put on that felt perfect instantly!! Size 13’s btw. So stay tuned and feel free to leave feedback below bad or good….

Physiclo Compression Shorts Review

trains with physiclo

He Trains With Physiclo

Hey so My Physiclo compression shorts and my wife’s compression pants arrived in the mail today! These are not ordinary compression tights. They have added resistance built into them. Very interesting concept. I am sure you know how the Physiclo Compression Shorts work if you ended up here because you are probably looking for an honest review! Well look no further!

If you have been a fan of the site you know I try to do my best to put out thorough reviews and no fluff, so when Frank one of the owners of Physiclo, reached out to me and offered a pair of shorts to try out I said sure, but if I told him if I don’t like them I am going to put out my honest feelings on them.

So… Are They Pretty Awesome?

  • Quick Answer = YES! For sure

Go Right To Me Using Them Click Here

JUST IN! Got a Fit Dad Chris exclusive. Use coupon code FITDAD20 at checkout for 20% off! Thanks Frank! Click HERE For That!

Just wanted to get that out of the way so I can go into a bit more about some common misconceptions I had about them when I was introduced to them and others might have as well.

At first glance when I saw the elastic bands I thought these were like “Bionic Shorts” that would allow me to gain a few inches on my vertical or kick a soccer ball 100 yards, but alas I was mistaken! LOL

I even told Frank about the Spartan Beast I am doing April 30th and how the race might be a good test to try them out at, but Frank cleared that up for me! I didn’t realize the overall idea of the resistance was to give you a more intense workout so you get stronger, faster, etc… for game time. Basically taking your training to the next level so when “game time” or in my case “race day” comes I will have an edge. These shorts are going to make you work hard and burn you out quicker, which is going to burn more calories and increase muscle activity.


Be As FAST as Berthold

They give an example on the site of using ankle weights without the bulk. I like to think of Berthold in The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen >>> the guy to the right! …and yes if you know this movie then we are probably cut from the same cloth 😉

Basically Berthold had to walk with those ball and chains on because without them he was super fast! Go ahead click here to watch a clip from the classic movie!

That is what I feel like wearing these compression shorts is like.

OK well I hope I explained a few things that help you better understand the shorts and how they work.

Actually Using The Physiclo Compression Shorts

DAY 1… more days to come

I workout in the morning 90% of the time and by morning I mean like 5AM! So every morning I do about a 20 minute warm up which consists of the following.

  • Run In Place 45 Seconds
  • Jumping Jacks 45 Seconds
  • Knee Circles 45 Seconds
  • Side to Side Steps 45 Seconds
  • Butt Kicks 45 Seconds
  • High Knees 45 Seconds
  • Mummy Kicks 45 Seconds
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 Burpees
  • 5 Pull Ups
  • Treadmill Incline 20-40% 5 Minutes
  • 10 Burpees

Might seem like a lot to some, but I have to do it. My body is still like “why are you up right now!” So with that said I pretty much know how I am going to feel in different stages of that warmup from… the I want to go back to bed stage… to the OK I am waking up here.

When you first put on the shorts it s going to feel strange. They are tight! It feels like you are kind of being pulled different ways, which I guess you are, but it feels good. That is just walking in them.

Right from the start I could tell things were different and I was definitely working harder. I had to work hard to move my legs and the first thing I noticed was my hip flexors. The alarms went off real quick there, which is good for me. I have issues with my hip flexors and I believe a lot of it has to do with them being week or having some sort of strength imbalance. So the fact I was feeling this right from the start was interesting since I really had no idea what to expect!

This was the first time in awhile I was really struggling a bit with getting through my warm up. More or less I had to put forth the extra effort to get my knees to the normal height and to get my feet touching my butt on butt kicks.

What Happen When I Took Them Off?

  • So like I mentioned earlier this was DAY 1. Like anything new I wanted to give it a shot and not go crazy with it. I had a big workout in the line up today, so my goal was to test these out in the warm up then take them off for my workout. When I took them off it definitely felt easier to move and I could tell I was a bit more loose than normal, which is a good thing right? Again my workout was an intense one so I didn’t want to push it with the shorts. I went on to do
  • 40 Burpees, 30 V Ups, 20 Pull Ups, 10 Barbell Thrusters, Sprint 1/4 Mile, 10 Barbell Thrusters, 20 Pull Ups, 30 V Ups, 40 Burpees
  • You can see why I wanted to ditch the shorts, but I think… well I know I will be using these for full workouts in the future for sure.

I will keep updating this review as a I do with all my reviews.

How Are They Made?

  • They are solid! Seriously these things are pretty heavy! I will actually weigh them to see, but how else are you going to get all the elastic bands in there etc…. and keep them there.
  • You can see some of the pictures I took below and can tell they are made with LOVE! I will try and get a good video up soon as well.

Conclusion So Far?

  • If you have been looking for something different to try I would say give these a shot for sure! The concept is very cool and like I said I felt a difference and look forward to training in them more.
  • I think the price point is fair. Not cheap. Not super expensive, but I can get you 20% off with this Physiclo Discount Code: Just type FITDAD20 at checkout and bamm saving money already!

If you do buy them with my coupon code or without, but why would you not… please, please, come back and tell me what you think. I could see some people not enjoying how they work, so I always love to hear other reviews about products.

Hope you enjoyed this and stick around for updates.


Here are some pictures of the Physiclo men’s compression shorts and woman’s pants.

image image image image

Again don’t forget to use the FITDAD20 discount code to save 20% on all purchases… Click Here and enter at checkout.

My Timex Ironman Triathlon Shock Watch Is Not Beeping & A Brief Review

Timex-Shock-Ironman-On-WristHey folks, quick post and video on my Timex Shock watch! I am doing a new review soon on my new Garmin GPS watch so stay tuned. I wanted to do this because I ran into an issue the other night with setting the alarm! I could not get this watch to beep!! I could see the screen flashing, but no beep!

Timex Shock / G-Shock Beeping Fixes

Here was my main issue and fix, but there are some basic ones below!

So awhile back I had the battery changed with a few other watches I own at the jewelers.  After searching online a bit I saw a handful of people saying that the case plat on the back of the watch was on backwards! So I unscrewed that puppy and flipped it around and BINGO!!! BEEP BEEP…. you can see what I mean in the first part of the video.

So a pretty simple fix that I hope will help you save some time.

How to turn the beeping on and off like normal if your back plate is on correctly 😉

  • OK so I know there is the option to turn the chime and the beep on and off… both mine were set to off so that was a good start!
    • I turned them both to on…. Now turning Beep to ON just makes the watch beep every time you press a button, but even that did not solve my problem!
    • Chime when set to on will beep a few times on the hour every hour so if you want to turn the chime off on your timex shock watch then set that to off!
    • To do that basically you are going to have to push on the SET button when you are looking at the time then scroll through the options. “Watch the 3 minute 15 second mark on the video to see that in action

Watch My Quick Video Going Over The Watch

Best and Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552

They Have Arrived!

Hey Fit Dad Chris here and I have been wanting to put this post together for awhile now, so here it is!

First off “Best & Cheap” adjustable dumbbells really don’t belong in the same sentence, but I found myself constantly trying to rationalize spending $$$ or going for the cheapest weight set I could find. As I get older… and “wiser”, I am finding out that spending more money for quality training equipment is really the way to go for the long run.

Now again, it depends on your situation as well and how you are training:

  • Are you going to use these everyday?
  • Only going to use a few times a month or a week?
  • Do you need more than 10lbs, 20lbs, 50lbs +?
  • Will you buy them online or pick them up locally?
  • How are you working out? Old school lifting? Crossfit type WODS? Intense dropping your weights etc…

I only mention those because it will have to come into play when choosing.

I Only Know What I Know

Listen people like my reviews here because I try and be as honest and upfront as I can. I am sure you have seen other sites that have info on every adjustable dumbbell under the sun and the truth is they probably have not even used one of them.

I say I only know what I know because that is the truth. So before I go on and on about why this and why that and different types of I have tried I will just put it out there…

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Are The Bomb!

I will go into more below about other types of these dumb…bells I have tried 😉 and why I like the bowflex the best, but first here is the short of it if you have been looking at getting these Selecttech 552’s. Watch the video to the right as well… basic over view and you can see they are easy enough for my 5 year old to use…. sort of LOL!

  • I wanted to at least try out the bowflex dumbbells for a few weeks before I put out the review. I had tested them at a few stores over the years and always liked them, but never pulled the trigger because of the hefty price tag.
  • So for the last 3 years as far as dumbbells are concerned I had a set of Reebok Speedpac 25lb adjustable’s “more on them below” and a set of 30lb that I grabbed at walmart.
  • I was able to get by with them, but I was never really able to push myself or get stronger because it just wasn’t enough. I was able to get solid workouts in and sure I would get sore, but eventually would get used the weight. You can even read here https://fitdadchris.com/body-beast/ in my Body Beast review all I had were the above and I still got a solid workout in.
  • In fact a ton of people on the site ask me all the time… can I use the Bowflex 552 with P90X, with Body Beast, with P90X2 & P90X3, and the answer is… TOTALLY! I truly think adjustable dumbbells were made for these workouts, because it makes it so easy.
Bowflex SelectTech 552

Out Of The Box!

Are They Too Big & Bulky?

  • That was one issue I was worried about. It seemed like they were pretty big “which they are” and would limit some range of motion in certain exercises. Do they?
    • Yes and no… I was curious whether on doing presses would I be able to get a full extension and yes you can. “Wanted a video to show, but was hard to video and press 2 dumbbells ;-)” anyways yeah I can do a dumbbell bench press and have my arms full extended.  Yeah can’t get that extra squeeze in unless you turn your palms inward. Not a huge deal, and you do get the full extended range if that makes sense…. basically you are able to fully lock out your arms straight with press moves.
    • Now a few moves depending on what type of set up you have might have you rubbing up against your bench with the weights on certain curls as well as bent over flys. Has it been a big issue? No not really. You figure out how to make it work and it works!
  • There are more pros than cons to the size of these things as far as I am concerned.

Other Adjustable Dumbbells I Have Tried

Reebok Speedpac 25lb

  • So as you can see from the video I have used this for a little over 3 years! They served its purpose for me. At the time I really did not have the money to drop on the more expensive ones and the bowflex I think were about $100 more expensive at the time.
  • Either way if all you need is this much weight than these really are perfect!
    • The funny thing is like I mention in the video is I have seen so many other brands that have the same exact design. In fact I don’t even think Reebok makes them like this anymore. So pretty much anyone’s you see with this design are just branded differently. I have probably seen half a dozen in stores that worked exactly the same just different names.


Reebok Speedpac 25lb

Reebok 25Lb Adjustable Dumbbells I Have Used Last 3 Years


  • When I was in college back in… ummmm…. 98 ish 😉 My roommate actually had one of the fist of these. Actually he only had one because that was all he could afford lol.
  • I remember at the time thinking it was an awesome idea, but it was bulk and a bit awkard with the rectangle shaped. I always remember the two top bars hitting my forearm.
  • I stayed away from them because of that, but again that was a long time ago plus the Bowflex had a lot more reviews.
  • The new ones do look a bit cooler, but I dunno the whole rectangle thing wasn’t for me. Check out the latest ones on Amazon and its reviews.

Universal Selectorized

  • I was so close to getting these instead of the 552’s simply because they cost less and they came with a stand! A stand is a pretty sweet bonus in my opinion.
  • My only issue was I have physically tried this out at the local Walmart and they were just really clunky and did not seem as solid! The weight selector dials were clunky and harder to turn too. Now I know listen it is not like I couldn’t do it lol, I just wanted to invest my money into something I would not regret later.
  • I am sure these would work great, in fact you can read a lot of positive reviews on Amazon about them, it is just from the reviews I had read that were about Bowflex 552 vs Universal Selectorized 445 it seemed to me the Bow Flex was the more solid option, plus I had physically used the 552’s before and I did like how they felt better.

OK anyways leave some comments or questions below. I still need to tweak this out a bit so stand by.



Wooden Power Rack

OK first off don’t think that building a wooden power rack is crazy! It really is not and the truth is most people are not going to be doing 500lb+ lifts and this could prob even handle that if it had too.

Truth is I would have loved to buy a Rogue squat stand or power rack, but at $600 it was just not in the cards.

I am also 6’3″ and most things are not built for tall people so I figure I could build something a bit more custom around me and that is just what I did.

I did a lot of research online to see what others had built. Here are some sites that have awesome wood power rack plans and pictures you can get some ideas from. Much more details there then my post, but hey… like I said this will get you thinking… Thanks guys you helped me out a lot! There were countless other sites and google images I looked at as well.


Building The Foundation Of Your Wood Power Cage

Watch The Video

I wanted to use 2 – 2×6’s just to be safe. I have seen others only using 1, but I figured I might as well add some more stability to it. Don’t use the treated wood unless you were doing this outside. It will shrink and twist on you. I built a dock years back with treated and had to actually use a crank rope to get the boards touching each other. After they dried out there was a 1/4 inch gap between them… so moral of story use untreated wood for your rack 😉


Walk Through Of The Wood Power Rack

I have all the receipts at home and the exact pieces I will update below, I just forgot them today and wanted to get this post up and running.

Things I Would Have Done Differently

  • If you notice in the video how I made it a bit too wide so the Olympic barbell did not fit. Hindsight I would have set the 2 2×6’s like they did here,but that would have made it hard to drill holes for the bar supports.
  • Or I may have just made it a bit more narrow. I did want it as wide as possible since I am a bigger guy. Also the pull up bar is a 43″ pipe so I did not want to deal with getting it cut, but like I said in the video I had to take it back and get it cut anyway because it was too wife.
  • So the age old saying…. measure twice, cut once!

What I Used For The Bar Supports.

IMG_0449 IMG_0451


Does This Looks Like Way Too Much Work???

You don’t have to build one, but if money is an issue then this is the way to go. I will get the total, but I do not think I spent over $175 on this and I built it to my specifics for my surroundings. If you have the money and want to buy a real metal power cage then here are a few places to check out.

  • If I had the money I would have bought this Rogue R-4 Power Rack
  • I did a lot of searching on Amazon so take a look there. You can find a lot of brands and if you have prime you can get FREE Shipping. Free shipping is a must on something like this.

Hope this helps you in some way, shape, or form. I would love to hear feedback, and if you have any questions just leave them below. Thanks!

Rogue Rings

rogue-ringsRogue Rings

When you own a gym and want to cover true cross fit training for your athletes, than a pair of rings in the gym is what you need. Rogue Fitness makes a pair of rings that can be hung at any level by straps that can provide strength training like never before to certain athletes. It will also allow gymnasts to actually train on an area of their sport that is very important.

Rogue Rings are made from steel and reinforced with a zinc coating. The steel tube is welded by hand ensuring the shape and design of the piece will be uniform and smooth. The rings are attached to a tree, swing set already in the backyard or mounted from the ceiling in a gym. The straps have a buckle system which can be used to raise or lower the height, depending on what training activity you plan to do with them.

  • The rings are made in the USA. They weight seven pounds and have a 1.25 inch diameter tube. They have a lifetime warranty against breaking and the straps have a one year warranty. The rings have a matte finish to allow for a better grip by the user.

Tactical Sandbags

rogue-tactical-sandbagsTactical Sandbags

Are you or someone you know training for the Strongman competition? Then you will know brute strength is something that every competitor needs to have. Using sandbags to get that strength are necessary on a regular basis. The tactical sandbags offered by Rogue Fitness come in different weights and are made to withstand even the toughest training sessions. Manufactured in the USA, they are checked over for quality to ensure they meet the tough specifications to be carried by the Rogue Fitness site.

  • The sandbags come in four different sizes. There is small, medium, large and extra large. The small bag holds forty five pounds, the medium bag holds eighty pounds and the large bag will hold one hundred and sixty pounds of weight. The extra large bag will hold two hundred and twenty pounds of weight for workouts by only the toughest of men.
  • The bags are made from 1000D Cordura and have a water resistant coating added to each one. They could be washed if they were to get dirty and needed cleaning before the next training session. They were designed in part with former special ops training specialists, so you know these are of the highest quality possible.

Rogue Dog Sled

rogue-dog-sledDog Sled

While it might sound like something you would use in the snow with a team of real dogs, the dog sled in the gym is a valuable piece of equipment. The strongman training requires strength to push heavy loads for a certain distance, so a dogsled that lasts in training is what every home or professional gym needs. The Rogue Dog Sled will perform, last and get training results you desire fast. It is proudly made in the USA with steel and a reinforced design.

  • The Rogue Dog Sled has a smaller surface area, meaning it has less contact with the floor that could provide resistance for you, the pusher. Weights can still be added to the machine in the hundreds of pounds, but it will be easier to push across the floor with pure strength because of its design. The sled measures 24 inches by 40 inches, making it compact and sleep to slide across any floor surface. The sled weighs just over one hundred pounds itself and can hold several pounds of weight within the framework design. Durable materials combined with a sleek design make this a popular model for those who are serious in showing regular improvement with their strength.

Rogue Kilo Bells

rogue-kilo-bellsRogue Kilo Bells

Are you looking to have quality made kettlebells right from the good ol’ USA? The Rogue kilo bells are made in the US and have superior ratings for quality and excellence. The fabrication makes them one solid piece that was crafted to feel comfortable in any grip. Kettlebells won’t slip from the hands because of their design, even when hands get sweaty or gloves are used without grips on them.

  • The kettlebells come in nine different weights and have different sized handles made for ease of use when holding. The 4 kg has a 1.2 inch handle diameter, the 8 kg has a 1.3 inch handle diameter, the 12 kg has a 1.4 inch diameter handle and the 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg and 40 kg kettlebells all have a 1.5 inch handle diameter. The handles are all easy to grip with a brushed with a matte black finish so they are non-slip and solid when grasped. Handles are angled so they are natural feeling in the hands and comfortable for use with multiple reps.
  • When pairs of kettlebells are purchased or multiple sets are ordered, free shipping is included in the price.

Rogue Gym Mats

gym-matsRogue Gym Mats

When you are setting up a gym, one of the first tools you will need is a sturdy floor that will protect both the athlete and the tools they are using on the floor. Rogue Gym Mats are an excellent way to bring cushion and comfort to the floor that will also keep dumbbells and other items that hits it from being damaged. This gym mat comes in a 25 piece bundle, enabling to provide a large area for weights to be used in a commercial setting or even in the home gym. Free shipping in included in the price.

  • The Rogue Gym Mats are four feet by six feet and ¾ of an inch deep. Each square panel weighs 100 pounds, meaning they aren’t for the faint of heart. The color is black and there is a diamond plate pattern on the square, making it look as tough as it really is. The rubber is durable against tears and cuts from dropped weight. It will withstand repeated abuse and not have wear and tear show up for years of heavy use. It has a reinforced design that will work in a gym known for the toughest workouts imaginable.

MiR Women’s Weighted Vests

mir-womens-weighted-vestMiR Women’s Weighted Vests

Do you want to add a little more intensity to your training or a workout? How about adding a weighted vest to what you do each and every day? Not only will it increase your cardio, but your stamina and your endurance will increase with use. The MiR Women’s Weighted Vest is a perfect design for the female body and can hold between ten and fifty pounds of weight evenly across the chest.

The weighted vest has adjustable shoulder straps and shoulder straps so you can make it as snug to your body as you like, depending on the type of workout you are doing. When you want to run, walk, do aerobics or kickboxing, the added weight will increase the intensity of the workout. Take out weight for less resistance or add in all of the weights to have a tough workout you will remember.

  • Openings are cut out in the front making it comfortable against the chest. Made from nylon that will breathe, it is comfortable to wear without adding unintentional pain to the workout by rubbing or chafing. The weight vest is a perfect way to get your body in shape faster with the added weights.

Inov8 Minimal Shoes

inov8-210-blueInov8 Bare XF 210 Silver Blue Minimal Shoes

Have you been running for your training and discovered a popular new item to run in? Less is now more when it comes to running shoes and comfort for your feet. The Inov8 Bare XF 210 shoe is one of the most popular and highest rated shoe on the market for runners. This shoe comes in a silver and blue design with some black highlights at the back. The shoe has some style to look great, but the composition and the materials are what make it superior.

  • This minimal shoe has a 3 mm sole with a zero drop. What does that mean? It means your feet will be protected while running, even though the shoes are lightweight and you feel like you are running barefoot. Minimal shoes are also great for cross-training and weightlifting when you want to have shoes on that don’t get in the way or weigh you down. The soles are reinforced and provide support for the heels while remaining soft on the upper parts. Reinforced stitching also makes the shoes durable for climbing ropes and walls.
  • The shoes were made in the USA and Rogue Fitness offers free shipping on them when you order through the website.