Need A Quality Kettlebell? Rogue Kilo Bells... Enough Said!

Rogue Kilo Bells

rogue-kilo-bellsRogue Kilo Bells

Are you looking to have quality made kettlebells right from the good ol’ USA? The Rogue kilo bells are made in the US and have superior ratings for quality and excellence. The fabrication makes them one solid piece that was crafted to feel comfortable in any grip. Kettlebells won’t slip from the hands because of their design, even when hands get sweaty or gloves are used without grips on them.

  • The kettlebells come in nine different weights and have different sized handles made for ease of use when holding. The 4 kg has a 1.2 inch handle diameter, the 8 kg has a 1.3 inch handle diameter, the 12 kg has a 1.4 inch diameter handle and the 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg and 40 kg kettlebells all have a 1.5 inch handle diameter. The handles are all easy to grip with a brushed with a matte black finish so they are non-slip and solid when grasped. Handles are angled so they are natural feeling in the hands and comfortable for use with multiple reps.
  • When pairs of kettlebells are purchased or multiple sets are ordered, free shipping is included in the price.


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