Rogue Dog Sled - Hush Mush Woof With This Dog Sled!

Rogue Dog Sled

rogue-dog-sledDog Sled

While it might sound like something you would use in the snow with a team of real dogs, the dog sled in the gym is a valuable piece of equipment. The strongman training requires strength to push heavy loads for a certain distance, so a dogsled that lasts in training is what every home or professional gym needs. The Rogue Dog Sled will perform, last and get training results you desire fast. It is proudly made in the USA with steel and a reinforced design.

  • The Rogue Dog Sled has a smaller surface area, meaning it has less contact with the floor that could provide resistance for you, the pusher. Weights can still be added to the machine in the hundreds of pounds, but it will be easier to push across the floor with pure strength because of its design. The sled measures 24 inches by 40 inches, making it compact and sleep to slide across any floor surface. The sled weighs just over one hundred pounds itself and can hold several pounds of weight within the framework design. Durable materials combined with a sleek design make this a popular model for those who are serious in showing regular improvement with their strength.


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