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Rogue Strength Wraps

rogue-strength-wrapsRogue Strength Wraps

Do you like to have added help when you are lifting weights or doing a heavy workout? The Rogue Strength Wraps might be the product that helps you feel more confident during a training session and get through without having an injury or reinjuring your wrists. Rogue Strength Wraps are used to protect the wrists in a convenient method that doesn’t waste time or product like traditional wrapping does.

  • The Rogue Strength Wraps can be reused, over and over again. Regular taping requires rolls and rolls of tape, where if it isn’t done right, it has to be taken off, thrown away and done again. It can waste a lot of time and tape if you don’t have someone who knows how to do it perfectly, each and every time. The Rogue Strength Wraps take away the guesswork and hassle because is they aren’t tight enough the first time, simply undo them and readjust quickly and easily, No more unwinding of yards of tape to start over.
  • The wraps can be used for powerlifting, Olympic lifting and any other type of lifting event that involves heavy use if the wrists. Each wrap is three inches wide and 35 inches long.


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