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Rogue Rings

rogue-ringsRogue Rings

When you own a gym and want to cover true cross fit training for your athletes, than a pair of rings in the gym is what you need. Rogue Fitness makes a pair of rings that can be hung at any level by straps that can provide strength training like never before to certain athletes. It will also allow gymnasts to actually train on an area of their sport that is very important.

Rogue Rings are made from steel and reinforced with a zinc coating. The steel tube is welded by hand ensuring the shape and design of the piece will be uniform and smooth. The rings are attached to a tree, swing set already in the backyard or mounted from the ceiling in a gym. The straps have a buckle system which can be used to raise or lower the height, depending on what training activity you plan to do with them.

  • The rings are made in the USA. They weight seven pounds and have a 1.25 inch diameter tube. They have a lifetime warranty against breaking and the straps have a one year warranty. The rings have a matte finish to allow for a better grip by the user.


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