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Les Mills Combat Review

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ATTENTION: This workout is not longer available. πŸ™ I know it really stinks. Long story short… Les Mills was bought out by Reebok and the contract they had with Beachbody which created the workout is no longer. You can still find it on AMAZON, and this review is still fun to read… I think πŸ˜‰

One cool thing is the NEW MMA Style workout called Core De Force: You can check out my new review here http://fitdadchris.com/core-de-force-workout/ If you were looking to do Les Mills Combat this is going to make it happen!

My Review

Well my copy of Les Mills Combat came in the mail today! Watch the video below to see what it comes with. Be sure to follow along with the Les Mills Combat Workout Calendars as well to get the best workout.

Words of Wisdom from Dan

  • Who is Dan? Dan Cohen is one of the trainers. Here are some great points he makes during the workouts.
  1. At the end of Combat 30; Tomorrow you might feel.. SORE. You know what that is??? CHANGE. That is so true we are pushing and changing our bodies and that is a good thing.
  2. During HIT POWER; You bought this workout to work hard. You knew it would be a challenge so now do the work. Again anything good in life is not easy. You have to work hard. You bought the workout so make the most of it!

ATTENTION: Les Mills Combat is no longer available. Check out my new review of Core De Force the MMA style workout to replace it: http://fitdadchris.com/core-de-force-workout/

First things first – Watch the BASIC Training

  • I was hesitant to watch the basic training DVD, but I was glad I did. Just like with Asylum 2 I was glad I watched the training DVD as well. They show you all the moves you will be doing and all the little tips & tricks so you do the moves right and don’t hurt yourself.

OK watch the video then look below for more…

I wasn’t sure I would have time to get a workout in, but since it was staring me right in the face I decided to do the Combat 30 workout which was also 30 minutes which I really like.

ATTENTION: Les Mills Combat is no longer available. Check out my new review of Core De Force the MMA style workout to replace it: http://fitdadchris.com/core-de-force-workout/

Combat 30 “First done 12/12/2012”

Length : 30 Minutes

  • Let me just say I may just have a new favorite workout. You have read my insanity workout review at http://fitdadchris.com/insanity-workout-review/ and that is one of my favorites, but lets see how Les Mills Combat shapes up over the next few months.
  • Combat 30 was fun and fast paced. I decided to play with the music on. It was good because it really got you pumped up, but it was hard to here Dan and Rachael, so for the first time you might want to not play the music to follow along better. I really had no issues following along. Couple hiccups to get back in the groove, but it was all good.
  • I don’t think there was an actual water break during the whole thing lol. I was punching and kicking and more importantly dripping sweat. I know I am going to be so sore tomorrow since I can feel it already in my legs. If you do not throw kicks on a regular basis you are going to be sore.
  • About being SORE – I love what they say at the end of the workout. Basically they are like tomorrow you might be hurting etc…. but you know what that is??? CHANGE!!

I like the fact that they acknowledge that. This workout is not some quick fix to lose weight and never do anything again. It is a catalyst to get you moving and in shape so you can stay in shape and CHANGE your life.

HIT POWER “First Done 12/13/2012”

Length : 32 Minutes

  • Just when I thought I was in shape!! Talk about burn… my legs were burning good today. The HIT Power workout was awesome. It was 32 minutes long which I love and I was dripping sweat like it was my job. They hit you from all angles and I really liked the press moves with this. You will need dumbbells for this. Well you can do it without, but I say get some dumbbells.
  • I love how they talk about Hi Intensity Interval Training is where it is at. You workout out hard and fast and it pays off throughout the day by burning calories continuously. I love that because like most people time is scarce these days so to get in and get a workout like that in 30 minutes is priceless to me!
  • This is only the second day of me doing the workouts, but if the rest deliver like this I am going to be a Les Mills Combat devotee!

les-mills-combat-reviewsCombat 45 “First Done 12/14/2012”

Length : 45 Minutes

  • Well as the name stats Combat 45 is a 45 minute workout unlike the first 2 which were only about 32 minutes. Now this was an intense workout and by the end my shoulders were burning! It was a lot of fun and I will be honest it took a few times to get some of the combinations down.
  • The great thing is that with every move they start off slow and show you what to do then they speed it up and you go full bore. There was a good mix up of punches, kicks, and knees i this workout. I was dripping with sweat through about 70% of Combat 45.
  • These workouts are turning out to be really really fun and awesome.

How I am feeling after 3 days of Les Mills Combat?

  • So I started the workout in the middle of the week and finished up day 3 with Combat 45. If you read the site you will know I was about 2 1/2 weeks into Insanity Asylum 2, so I have been feeling pretty good. Well after 3 days of Les Mills my legs are super sore and I can feel my whole core working. Having the few weeks of Asylum under my belt definitely had me ready a bit more for this workout, but again I am still sore even though I was in somewhat shape.
  • Core Work – I can see that this workout is a real core builder. With all the kicks, punches, and twists you are constantly working the core and ripping up those abs. I can feel it big time!

I will start up again this Monday December 17 so stayed tuned for more. I will prob start up from the beginning again I am not sure. Maybe I will just stay in the order I have been going. Stayed tuned to find out πŸ˜‰

HIT: PLYO “First Done 12/17/2012”

Length : 30 Minutes

  • Burn baby burn… that is how my legs felt today. If you have read above you will know I started this workout mid week so I decided instead of starting at Combat 30 again I would keep going. Monday is always a tough workout day for me so it was no wonder my legs were on fire! After about 5 minutes I was getting looser and the burn was going away.
  • HIT Plyo is really really fun, you are constantly moving and Rachel is switching up the cycles of moves your are doing as you go so it does not get boring. Get ready for a good amount of jumping, squatting, and lunging. You will also being doing a decent amount of, push up/plank type work as well. So CHELSEA down in the comment area this is one that may work on your wrists a bit.
  • Overall I had a great workout and really felt my core working again. I am really loving the core strength aspect of this workout.
  • Oh yeah you will be doing Burpees in this workout as well πŸ˜‰

COMBAT 60 “First Done 12/27/2012”

  • Well I finally was able to get in the Combat 60 workout! After coming off Christmas and a lot of eating, I was not sure what workout to do yesterday. As I put in Combat 30 I said screw it lets just give Combat 60 a shot! I was glad I did, but sore today!
  • Combat 60 is actually about 55 minutes long and you really push yourself in this one. I have to say that for some reason I was having more trouble then usually getting the combinations of moves down this round. Not sure if I was just out of it since I have not worked out since last week or they were just a bit more tricky. Either way I pushed through and made it happen.
  • There is a lot of combinations of kicks and punches in Combat 60 and it was a lot of fun. As I have said before my flexibility really sucks. I feel like I can barely get my side kicks and round houses up. I think I am going to look into some stretching programs or even yoga “which I don’t really like” to see if I can loosen up a bit. I am sure after doing Les Mills Combat for a few more weeks I will loosen up, but as of now I still feel pretty tight and restricted with my kicks.
  • At the end they put you through some push up moves and you get some ab work in so overall this was a great workout and my shirt was soaked. Great way to burn off those Christmas calories πŸ˜‰

Stayed tuned for more about each workout as I do them.

Different Les Mills Combat Packages

I have been getting a lot of questions about the different packages and was only linking to the basic one. Here are the links to the Supreme & Ultimate Combat Packages.

  • LES MILLS COMBAT with Bonus Workout CLICK HERE <<Does not come with Gloves…
  • LES MILLS COMBAT Supreme Warrior Package CLICK HERE <<Comes with the Gloves…
  • LES MILLS COMBAT Ultimate Warrior Package CLICK HERE <<Comes with the Gloves…

Les Mills Combat Calendars

OK I scanned in the workout calendars for you. I know I like to have them printed out so I can write on them etc… There are 3 different Les Mills Combat workout schedules. The Warrior, the Supreme Warrior, and the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid workout. It looks like the big differences are in the Warrior you get 2 rest days a week and only 1 rest day in the others. Also it looks like the Supreme Warrior has a few more Combat 60 workouts then Combat 30 and in the Ultimate there are more Combat 60 then 30 in the Supreme. Either one is going to get you going! Click on the link below to get the Les Mills Combat Calendar.


Here is a pretty cool video of the Les Mills Combat Workout in action. If this does not get you pumped up I don’t know what will.


Oh man I am pumped!!

That just gave me the chills! Those accents are going to keep me going lol. It actually looks really intense. Good thing I have been doing asylum 2 which I can feel myself being faster and stronger already. This is going to be great!

ATTENTION: Les Mills Combat is no longer available. Check out my new review of Core De Force the MMA style workout to replace it: http://fitdadchris.com/core-de-force-workout/

Β Update 1/16/2013

Just wanted to drop an update on this workout. Hind sight I wish I bought the warrior package for the more workouts which I may still. My flexibility is really starting to improve and my kicks are feel much better. One other thing I have been noticing is that as I become more comfortable with the moves I am really able to get a better workout because I almost start throwing punches and kicks like a real fighter. I really start to get into it. Still loving this workout. If you feel a bit clumsy at first with some of the moves, just stick with it and you will be a pro in no time!

ATTENTION: Les Mills Combat is no longer available. Check out my new review of Core De Force the MMA style workout to replace it: http://fitdadchris.com/core-de-force-workout/



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