How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

Watch this video to understand what is actually in Shakeology. That helps you understand the price of Shakeology.

When it comes to Shakeology there are a few common questions I get asked all the time.

Shakeology Price

  • How much does Shakeology cost or what is the price of Shakeology?
  • Are there any discounts or coupons available?
  • Can I get a free sample of Shakeology?

The Cost

  • Shakeology costs $129.95 for a 30 serving bag or 24 packets. You get 6 more servings with a bag so go for the bag! If you need to take with you put a scoop in a sandwich bag, that is what I do.

  • You can save the most money by becoming a Beachbody coach.  You will have a one time $39 sign up fee, but after that you will save 25% on all Beachbody products including Shakeology which makes Shakeology cost you $99.60.. Not a bad deal!

Free Samples

  • I used to give out free samples, but it cost me a lot of money. If you really want to change your eating/lifestyle then become monetarily vested.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee as well, plus you can buy a sampler pack for only $19.95 which is a great way to sample some flavors and not put out a lot of money at first. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLER

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If you do not want to be a coach the biggest savings come from ordering on Home Direct Auto Ship. This will basically auto bill you and send out your shakes every month on auto pilot and by doing this you save on shipping which is about $10.

If you really want to get serious and become a coach you could buy a challenge pack which will actually waive the $39.95 set up fee and allow you to become a coach, get shakeology and get a Beach Body workout of your choice to get you going.


37 thoughts on “How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

  • Does the shake work with no exercise? I have 2 knees that are shot. Am scheduled to see a surgeon. Just walking is painful. I need to lose, but can’t exercise.

  • Can I have shakeology without exercise? Would it make me gain wight if I drink this without a workout?I wanna drink them at night since I have the worst cravings

  • So I’m looking into this shakeolgy and I’m a bit confused so if I become a coach I pay 40$ to start do I still have to pay the 97$ for the shakes ??

    • Yes signing up to be a coach is a one time fee, then after that you pay $15.95 for your coach fees, but you get 25% off anything you buy and make 25% off whatever you sell. You still save money even with the coach fees if you are getting shakeology on autoship. To be honest the best bet is to sign up as a coach with a challenge pack. This will cost a bit more up front, but it waves the coach sign up fee and you will get a workout and shakeology at a discount as well.

  • Do my shakeology tends to
    Last me 45/-60 days as I don’t have it on weekends often and alternate Some other shakes here and there. Would it still be more cost effective to sign up as a coach. What about the 10% off coach

  • I like how you broke down the coach vs customer cost!! I was just trying to decide on this…
    The above comments were mind boggling!
    Robbing a bank or pristitution to pay for a healthy meal really? I was a single mom for many years and totally understand living paycheck to paycheck and worked 100 hrs a week literally for 3yrs and was incredibly unhealthy ~ the bottom line is we all spend money on food. Unhealthy food is cheap ~ sad but true!
    To purchase the ingredients to get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are in shakeology and take the time to go home and juice all of it and keep them fresh without going bad in my refrigerator when we only have farmers market once a week in our rural town is just not an option. Besides shakeology is convenient, they did the research and took the work out of it…it’s amazing and very well priced for quality nutrition. My dr just cleared me for it and said she wished all her patients would use it daily ~ doesn’t get much better than that!

  • Just started the hip hop abs and love it, the shakes look a amazing, I’m in the uk so the price worked out at £108, but my monthly budget is £150 and that’s including all household stuff as well for two of us living here. I understand there is a lot in it but not many people would be able to afford it with how things are for people. It’s a real shame.

    • No… all depends what your goals are and what you are using it for.

      If you are using it for a meal then you are not getting as many calories/nutrients so prob not a good idea, but if you wanted a quick snack or before bed etc.. its prob good.

  • Hello.
    My mom actually drinks Herbalife which includes tea and the shake. How is shakeology different and is it better. Also would I be able to drink this as breakfast while doing p90x3? Thx

    • I drink it for breakfast everyday! Have been for 3 years. I add 1 banana and a scoop of pb.

      To be honest there is a lot of differences you really just need to look at both ingredient labels and see if it matters to you

  • I think I can get whey protein shakes way cheaper. At old fashion foods or gmc in Canada. Just saying. I don’t spend money on myself, I am an at home mom. So their is only one income. I do want the piyo challenge just don’t want to pay anymore for the shakeology $129 or even $99 dollars is still too much. When I can get it for $50. That is what I call saving in my pocket. Just saying.

    • Anne I know what you are saying, but the only difference is that Shakeology is not just a protein drink. There are so many more nutrients, anti oxidants, super foods etc… vs a normal protein shake that has protein and some amino acids, not to mention 95% of protein drinks out there have artificial ingredients.

      You need to take a deep look at what Shakeology is and why it costs what it does. Also look at is as a meal replacement for one of your meals during the day and you will most likely save money.

      More info here

    • Yes there is, but if you are planning on sticking with Shakeology you will save more money even with the monthly coach fee. So with the coach discount Shakeology costs you $99.60 and if you add in the $16 monthly coach fee it comes to $115.60 vs the regular $129… See saving you money all the time 😉

  • My wife just became a beachbody coach but this is sort of confusing. If I go to coaches name here) and click Shop, the Shakeology is $97 on home auto direct, even without signing up as a discount coach. Isn’t this the same price?

  • I really want to be able to follow the program but I am having a hard time digesting the price for these 30 day shakes… I am a low-middle class women who works 55+ hours each week to make ends meet at home. I cant afford to be spending this amount of money on shakes even if it means that I have to work out longer. If the shake was more affordable I would be buying packs and packs of it, in the long run, making the company more money… Thats just how I feel.

    • I hear ya! I guess at the end of the day you have to look at what you are spending on snack/meals during the day. Most people I talk to about this actually end of saving money when they really look at what they are spending. My cousin would spend anywhere from $10-15 for lunch during the week so “$50-75” weekly…. “$200-300” monthly and it was usually an unhealthy lunch which left her feeling tired and un-motivated afterwards. She switched to having Shakeology which comes to ~$4 a shake maybe more if you add banana or pb. SO….. lets say $25 a week “$100” monthly and she was feeling great. So right there you are saving anywhere from $100-200 a month by switch and you are feeling great. Sorry for the long post.. I just think a lot of people look at the full purchase price and don’t break it down to see what they are really spending on their meals. Hope that helped.

      • Chris, what I think you don’t get is that there are people telling you they simply don’t have the cash for Shakeology. You keep explaining them why it costs so much and analyzing the price. What you don’t explain to them is what exactly you expect them to do in order to come up with the cash: rob a bank? Go into prostitution? Get in debt perhaps, which is what has been plaguing this country? Yes, there are tricks to buy more Shakeology and save money in the long run, but there will still be a steep price to pay, and no way to come up with the money.

        Last, but not least, all the rationalization about the price of Shakeology is totally bogus, and any intelligent person can see that. Incidentally, while my doctor tells me that P90X is a good program, he doesn’t think that Shakeology is worth the cost, nor that it offers that much more than a protein shake.

        People, better get your information from real doctors and not those who are unqualified.

        • Sara umm… I think I did explain actually lol. If you read the reply above it talks about looking at what you are spending your money on now and figuring it out. Sure some people don’t have it, so don’t buy it. I mean not much I can do there…

          As far as doctors… well they are not nutritionists and most doctors I know are not in the best shape anyways, but again this is why you research and figure out what is right for you.

          I have been drinking this for jeesh over 3 years and I love it, so for me it works and is worth it.

          Oh yea and p90x does rock!

  • This is great information, thank you for sharing it. I was looking at my current Coaches website and I don’t see any info with the Challenge Packs about it also making you a Coach. Are you able to direct me to where I might see that information? I am interested in becoming a Coach but would like a Challenge Pack as well. Thanks!

    • Hey thanks for reading it! If you are interested in becoming a coach a challenge pack is the best deal since they waive the $39 sign up fee and you get a great jump start with a workout and shakeology to start off your business. So if you go here and fill out the info to be a coach the next page will offer the challenge packs and the waived sign up fee. Just make sure you see my name as your coach… Christopher Azzari

        • Yes there is, but if you are planning on sticking with Shakeology you will save more money even with the monthly coach fee. So with the coach discount Shakeology costs you $99.60 and if you add in the $16 monthly coach fee it comes to $115.60 vs the regular $129… See saving you money all the time 😉

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