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My Review Of Yancy Camp

YancyWell if you have been around here for awhile you know that I love me a good old obstacle race! Of course I am no “elite racer”, but for a 37 year old father of 3 I feel I do pretty well!

ALSO: I updated this info down below as of 3/22/2016 so scroll down to get straight to the point!

Another UPDATE: Right now Yancy is offering the first month of YANCY CAMP FREE. Why wouldn't you sign up! Click Here!

I am now training for the Tri State Spartan Beast in April at Mt Creek. I did my first beast last year https://fitdadchris.com/tri-state-spartan-beast-results-2015/ Pretty awesome!

I also did a post on training for a 5k Obstacle Race which did get some good feedback…. https://fitdadchris.com/5k-obstacle-race-training/

Speaking of training, my buddy Mike who I met at last years Spartan Beast “always good peeps at races” told me about Yancy Camp.  At first I thought it was some sort of camp you went to lol, but then found out it was an actually dude! Yancy! I guess you could go physically and meet up with Yancy, but who has time for that 😉

So anyways I signed up today for the training program attached to Glen Racs: Click here and select Glen…

I always tell people that having a plan is essential to getting better at anything. So that is part of the reason I signed up for the program.  I literally just signed up for it today 1/21/2016 so I have not done the training, but of course looking it over I am sure gonna get a bit beat up, but in a good way 😉

I am going to update this over the next few weeks as I do the workouts, but in a nutshell:

What Is Yancy Camp?

  • OCR “Obstacle Course Racing” training for all fitness levels
  • Weekly updated workouts! 3 workouts being performed by the athlete you chose. For me that would be Glen
    • Yancy trains all these athletes so you are getting that workout!
  • Insight to how their training will change for different events.

How Does It Work?

  • yancy-camp-glen

    Click On Image For Larger View

    You login click on your athlete and the workouts are there. Check the image to the right. I had to blur out the workouts, but that is the basics of it!




That is the overall idea of it! I am looking forward to getting into it. Just from looking over the workouts I can tell these are going to make a huge difference in my performance.

There are times I think I know what I am doing or think I have a good grasp on what  I need then I see this and I am like oh man, this is gonna be tough, but I know what the end results will be!

  • For $29 a month you are not going to find this type of training anywhere else, not to mention it is being updated constantly.

Oh and Yancy is awesome. I messaged him on Facebook, he got back to me and I even had a 20 minute call with him today! That is pretty good customer service!


Stay tuned for more….

Elevate Your Obstacle Racing – Sign Up For Yancy Camp Today – Click Here!

Update 3/22/2016

  • So after finally setting up a plan to actually follow the workouts I have to say this… I KNOW NO WHY THIS ATHLETES THAT YANCY TRAINS DO SO WELL!!
  • These workouts are killer and to be honest I have yet to do one all the way through, but with that said I am feel like I have so much more in the tank so to speak already.
    • Why haven't I finished one all the way? Truth is these are longgg workouts. I am up at 5AM to get my workouts in, so a lot of times I just simply run out of time, but sometimes I wonder if I truly would get through them!

A turning point?

  • I really do feel that putting these workouts into the mix is going to be a turning point for me. I feel like I will be in the best shape I have ever been in for a race.
    • Part of the reason is my workouts never went this long and to truly perform in a long race, well you need to train longer as well as incorporate what Yancy does in the workouts.
    • I am really curious to see how I do this year at the Tri State Spartan Beast! Stay tuned

My Advice To You:

  • If you have been looking for something to give you an edge with your races then this is for you.
  • If you get bored and want something new then this is for you. Yancy releases about 3 new workouts every week that these OCR athletes are doing
  • If you have not done workouts like this, then take it easy. I wanted to jump right in and start busting them out like they are layed out, but I had to listen to my buddy. If you are really sore, don't risk injury, start with maybe 2 of these a week or even 1 depending where your fitness level is.
    • If you can only get through half the workout, then that is fine. Just know that if you stick with them you are going to see big improvements.
  • Yancy also has a lot of bonus workouts in there and tips to help give you an edge. Little things like…. running with a hand gripper and performing reps in each hand while you run, since grip strength is so important it makes total sense. The next race you are at and you have to go from running to monkey bars you will thank him 😉

Feel free to ask any questions below and I will try my best to answer them. Also know that Yancy is pretty available on Facebook and has given me amazing info and insight when I ask for it.

If you like this post and found it helpful I would appreciate it hugely that you sign up via THIS LINK HERE and join the Yancy Camp family!



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  • Yang Culp says:

    Thanks a ton for the review. Hope you’re enjoying Glenn’s plan. He just had a great race in Vegas coming in 2nd behind Cody. Looking forward to hearing from you about your progress.

    • FitDadChris says:

      Ah nice! I will have to check the results. Glad to hear. Yes really being tested with these workouts. I can see why these athletes following them do some well.

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