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PiYo Chalene Johnson Reviews

If you have ever done a workout by Chalene Johnson then you know you are in for a great one!

OK IT IS HERE! PiYO Is Available.

With workouts like Chalene Extreme & Turbo Fire under her belt results are sure to come if you follow her.


Not only in her workouts, but in life. She is a great life coach and motivational speaker who is changing lives physically and mentally!

Her new workout PiYo which means Pilates & Yoga is here and I was able to start some of it last week!

My First Taste Of PiYo

  • I was not planning on doing the workout until August, but with the box open I had to give it a try. Since it was a long July 4th holiday weekend my wife and I decided to do the Upper & Lower the same day.

Quick Note: There Is A Modifier!

  • In the workouts there is one person who does a modified version of the exercises… “shh… my wife watched her a lot” ;-)… That is totally fine and gladly welcomed. There is nothing worse than trying to perform and exercise and not being able to do it. The modifier helps you work your way up to the full move!

Define: Upper Body “20 Minutes”

  • I have honestly never really done a workout with Chalene Johson and I loved her energy! For me the workout was not that tough…. now hear me out! A year ago it would have really whooped me, but since I have gotten some Yoga under my belt over the last year I felt better doing the moves. I got a workout that is for sure! My wife on the other hand had some struggles with using her core and the stability. She enjoyed it a lot and was dripping! It was short to the point and felt like a solid workout was had… but remember which jumped into lower body after this lol. Chalene loves those Tricep pushups! Ha!

Define: Lower Body “25 Minutes”

  • Again pretty much the same as above. I felt way more comfortable, but still worked me. My wife was def struggling again, but really enjoyed the flow and the moves. At 25 minutes it goes quick, but you are getting a very thorough workout.


  • Phew… that was a fun one! I was doing moves I have never done before and my core was crying… in a good way though!
  • I was actually surprised at how well I was able to keep up, but there was a few times I had to just drop and sit down especially with those piyo planks!
  • Looking to get a strong and tight core? This is the workout for you!

Results & Feedback Of Pi-Yo So Far?

  • Well as I said we have only done the 2 workouts so far and I prob will not start doing them more consistently till August. I will say this! These workouts for my training right now are the perfect supplement. Just enough to loosen me up, help my core/balance, and just give me that extra flexibility that I lack. I will update as I go.
  • As for my wife she loves it because she can feel it working and after having 3 kids… youngest being “6 months” she really wanted something to work her core and this definitely covers that! Not to mention the workouts range from 20 minutes to 454 minutes so she can fit them in.


So What Is In PiYo?

  • PiYo is stretch, strength, and flexibility all rolled into one!
  • This is for people who just feel like Yoga and Pilates is not the right fit for them.
  • It is for people who want more flexibility training, but want to get more out of it.
  • You are going to get the cardio, you are going to get the strength, but as you do it you are getting far more flexible.

Here is Chalene doing her thing! I am looking forward to this one!

PiYO Challenge Pack Is Available.


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  • Dee says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the balanced review of Piyo – most of the reviews I’ve read out there are either beachbody or quite frankly sexist and insulting and say nothing about the programme itself….so again thank you for giving not only yours but your missus perspective 😊😊

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