Inov8 Bare XF 210 Silver Blue Minimal Shoes

Inov8 Minimal Shoes

inov8-210-blueInov8 Bare XF 210 Silver Blue Minimal Shoes

Have you been running for your training and discovered a popular new item to run in? Less is now more when it comes to running shoes and comfort for your feet. The Inov8 Bare XF 210 shoe is one of the most popular and highest rated shoe on the market for runners. This shoe comes in a silver and blue design with some black highlights at the back. The shoe has some style to look great, but the composition and the materials are what make it superior.

  • This minimal shoe has a 3 mm sole with a zero drop. What does that mean? It means your feet will be protected while running, even though the shoes are lightweight and you feel like you are running barefoot. Minimal shoes are also great for cross-training and weightlifting when you want to have shoes on that don’t get in the way or weigh you down. The soles are reinforced and provide support for the heels while remaining soft on the upper parts. Reinforced stitching also makes the shoes durable for climbing ropes and walls.
  • The shoes were made in the USA and Rogue Fitness offers free shipping on them when you order through the website.



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