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Watt Bike

Watt-bikeWatt Bike

There are a few pieces of equipment at the home gym or the professional gym that can work several parts of your body effectively. One such tool is the Watt Bike. This tool is so effective as a workout and training machine, it has been endorsed by the British Cycling Association. It gives such a realistic ride that professional and Olympic athletes choose to use it for their training purposes.

The Watt Bike has devices that monitor the riders speed, distance and endurance, but it also measures the power output, cadence of the peddling and the heart rate of the rider as they perform all of those functions. The exercise bike has a closed front wheel to simulate actual wind resistance if you were actually out on the road riding. The seat provides a comfortable spot to workout and train for long sessions or just short ones.

  • The bike is also used to keep warm on the sidelines when you play another sport and are sidelined for a while or are waiting to get back in to the game. It provides enough resistance to keep the muscles warm and agile as they wait for the call to go in the game or to perform.



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