MiR Women's Weighted Vests - Not All Vests Are Created Equal

MiR Women’s Weighted Vests

mir-womens-weighted-vestMiR Women's Weighted Vests

Do you want to add a little more intensity to your training or a workout? How about adding a weighted vest to what you do each and every day? Not only will it increase your cardio, but your stamina and your endurance will increase with use. The MiR Women's Weighted Vest is a perfect design for the female body and can hold between ten and fifty pounds of weight evenly across the chest.

The weighted vest has adjustable shoulder straps and shoulder straps so you can make it as snug to your body as you like, depending on the type of workout you are doing. When you want to run, walk, do aerobics or kickboxing, the added weight will increase the intensity of the workout. Take out weight for less resistance or add in all of the weights to have a tough workout you will remember.

  • Openings are cut out in the front making it comfortable against the chest. Made from nylon that will breathe, it is comfortable to wear without adding unintentional pain to the workout by rubbing or chafing. The weight vest is a perfect way to get your body in shape faster with the added weights.


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